Sunday, December 27, 2009

Corruption in Civil Court, switch Juarez for Sanchez and charge him

So this idea I have had about forwarding Karen Adkins concerns of Judicial and Prosecutorial Misconduct to the Judicial Council and California State Bar seams to have become a racial issue. Based on some of the replies I get regarding my postings people think I came up with the damaging documents and areas of concerns. I mean it is nice to give me the credit and all but it is Miss Adkins an Officer of the court who deserves the credit. Come to think of it so do the 14 other attorneys who wrote our Santa Barbara District Attorneys office and asked them not to break the law. I mean as little credit that we receive as humans to credit Mexicans with thought who am I to stand in the way. How can we make breaking the law to enforce the law racial when white attorneys are telling us it’s wrong? The most common reply that I receive is I want to let criminals go free. Any one who knows me as a person is aware of my respect for our country and its laws. My son proudly serves in the United States Navy while his brother studies to be your children’s teacher and one hell of a baseball coach. You mean a white person said there were laws being broken during all this oh than I guess it’s ok you go forward. Now I mock the stupidity behind racism and all the asinine replies I get to sharing what is simply buried in the Santa Barbara Court House files.

Now don’t get me wrong I am very capable of coming up with my own thought but I do so in hopes that it is good for all Americans. As a parent white, brown, or black how much thought would be needed to say a parent would want to be present and informed if there child was being interrogated for any circumstance. Do I really need a law degree to come up with that? Ok now pay attention because my next thought just might require a law degree. If a minor is being charged as an adult through out all proceeding at what point are they not considered a minor? There not and until found guilty and sentenced I as a parent will be involved in every step with my child just as if I too had been charged, have you thought about that? You see Karen Adkins a white person felt the law had been broken yet she has done nothing. Cam Sanchez a brown person had his police force under his responsibility antagonize the whole Santa Barbara Gang situation, allowed the rumble to happen and that lead to murder. Now in my next statement I am replacing the names to read Cam Sanchez instead of Juarez and this was taken out of the press.

‘In past Daily Sound stories, Dozer has said just because a person other than Cam Sanchez may have had something to do with Linares’ death, doesn’t make the defendant any less culpable “. Oh oh does that now seam to make sense as to why Mr. Sanchez needs to be investigated for his instructions and the actions taken by those directly under his supervision. If you go to todays Santa Barbara craigslist Court “Corruption” and read about the mob and the author of the post description of what he saw somebody was a sleep at the wheel and than claimed extra patrols were in effect that day. All the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office has to do is release under the California freedom informational act the 911 calls and time frame from that day. I am willing to meet with anyone in any public forum and investigate these issues. In fact Mr. Lynn and J. Dudley are you up for a public forum with me in hopes of getting to the truth. Wow I even hate writing the word truth in conjunction with the D.A.’s name or Cam Sanchez. Let me show you how bright Cam Sanchez is ok. He is under investigation for perjury in a criminal case, even though our City Council wants to leave it alone. So some guy dumber than Sanchez comes up with this great idea for propaganda in the form of a T.V. show. We question innocent people under the care of automatic weapons. We air not once but twice(last week) a police officer bumping a kid in a 7-11 store than going on air to brag about it. Here is my favorite one though. We go to a call for a bar fight we acknowledge on the air we do not have enough for an arrest so what do we do? We say that we are going to violate there civil rights take them to the station, than interrogate them until we find a way to make something stick, sound familiar? No what you do is gather information at the scene, if you than have a strong idea a crime has been committed but further investigation is needed you hand it over to the detectives. Once they gather probable cause they go to the D.A.’s office and a warrant may be sought out. Now I have been eaten once already and I am always scared that by practicing my freedoms as an American it still might happen again. Now the officer involved in the bar fight scenario I consider a fine PERSON but there is something wrong there, sorry Rick.

Now many of my stories have to do with the arrogance in which this misconduct is even being reported in the papers. Well today I gathered over 50 pages of news stories to share with my Judicial complaint. Now if you have been following my concerns with Judge Hill and his Jury problems lets switch Judges. So Superior Court Trial Judge Thomas Anderle says the Santa Barbara Jury which awarded 14 Million dollars for the drowning death of a 4 year old was wrong. “ 14 million dollars in compensatory damages was excessive and said the amount must be lowered to 10 million or the case will be retried’ So than I must ask just like in the Juarez or Hollywood or Frimpong case what were the Jury instructions? Now Judge Anderle in another case called Terrace of Trouble earlier this year also lowered the jury’s award of 2.2 million dollars in an elder care case. What was the jury thinking, maybe the Judges and court need to apply the law to the case being heard before them so as not to have the jury ask; “ how does the law apply to what we just spent 3 months listening to’ when the hit the jury room like in the Hollywood case. Oh wait this only about beating up and punishing beaners there is no real cost to us there. No dummies its about violating Americans god given rights as citizens and the abuse needs to stop. Now I pray the good guys are ok with me being so critical of this corruption but come on 50 stories proven bias and corruption and it gets worse it could have been 1000.
So lets review; white attorneys say the courts are breaking the law and I am only sharing there research. By replacing Sanchez for Juarez it sound like he could and should be charged. Oh and on a personal not 7 strike-able felony charges against me and not one sworn statement by the alleged accuser to charge me, I might be late but I am catching on.

Keep magic in your heart because this one is a little strong.

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