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Is There Election Fraud Being Committed by Some of Our Temporary California Gubernatorial Appointees to the Superior Court Bench?

My name is Lawrence Mendoza and I live in Santa Barbara, California. I was a victim of law enforcement stalking and judicial corruption starting back in late 2005 and all of 2006. Based on my own experiences and research into others it has become apparent that our Santa Barbara Superior Courts often abuse us the public with illegal and unjust judgments and convictions. I feel we must always demand ethical behavior from those who practice and administer the law. So I continually examine and expose inappropriate and often illegal activities by law enforcement, judges and elected officials here in Santa Barbara.
In an attempt to protect myself I created a blog so that I could share my investigative results on it. My blog can be found @
My concern today is that some of our Temporary Gubernatorial Appointees to the California Superior Court have committed election fraud, when they intentionally failed to seek election to their first full term as mandated by our State Constitution. The Constitution states clearly that if a vacant Judicial seat in Superior Court was filled by a temporary gubernatorial appointee in a non-election (odd) year. The appointee must then seek election to their first full term of six years in the following (even) year’s general primary. Now if the temporary judicial vacancy was filled in an (even) election year, the appointee must wait for the next even year’s June general primary or roughly two years.
Over the last six years I have spent countless hours researching issues and events so that I could intelligently share my findings with you. I know that this may seem like a complicated subject matter but honestly after you view the side by side comparisons it is all pretty simple.
Today I will present to you six different examples of when odd year Gubernatorial Appointees sought election to their first full term. By the end of this posting it will be quite obvious that 3 judicial appointees followed the law and three did not. So let’s start with Judges Overton and Bondonno who were both appointed to the Santa Clara Superior Court bench in July of 2005.
First the Appointment Announcement
Posted on Tue Jul 12 2005 22:41:42 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
“Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today announced the appointment of Franklin E. Bondonno and Carol W. Overton to judgeships in the Santa Clara County Superior Court. Filling the vacancy created when former Superior Court Judge William Danser was ousted as a result of his criminal conviction in a ticket-fixing scandal. Both newly appointed Superior Court Judges can seek their first full six year term in the June 2006 primary elections” 

Now let’s review when these two odd year Gubernatorial Appointees (July2005) initially sought election to their first full term. My research shows that Judge Bondonno did indeed seek election in the next even years June Primary of 2006, thus keeping him in complacence with our State Constitution. ( ) 

However, the other 2005 appointee Judge Overton failed to seek election in June 2006 like Judge Bondonno. Instead Judge Overton chooses to wait two additional years finally seeking her first full term in the June 2008 primary. Consequently I think we can all agree that she failed to comply with our Constitution and that is our problem!

Let’s look at one more example an odd year Gubernatorial Appointee and when he ran for his first full term. Richard B. Ulmer Jr. was appointed to the Superior Court of San Francisco by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in June of 2009. Judge Ulmer Jr, Judge Overton and Bondonno were all odd year appointees to the bench. The records show that Judge Ulmer Jr ran for his election in the next even numbered primary which for him was June 2010. So based on these three examples the simple question we have to ask is what was it that allowed Judge Overton to wait an additional two years before she ran for her first full term?

Now my next three examples all come from the Santa Barbara Superior Court and just as in the first three examples all three were appointed in odd numbered years. In August of 2003 Governor Gray Davis appointed both Arthur A. Garcia and George C. Eskin to the Santa Barbara Superior Court bench as temporary judges. Unfortunately my research shows that neither Judge Garcia nor Judge Eskin ran for their first full term in the June 2004 Primary. Instead it appears they both waited an additional two years for the June 2006 primary. As I have already shown their actions as odd year appointees of 2003 dictated that they run in 2004 thus both of them broke the law.

Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Arthur Garcia

Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge George Eskin 

Now for my finale example proving an inconsistency with both Judge Garcia and  Eskin’s actions we get to Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge James Herman, who was first appointed to the bench by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in May 2005 (odd year). Now Judge Herman like Bondanno and Ulmer Jr. did run for his first full term in the next even years Primary of 2006. Once again it seems obvious that some appointees are in compliance with our States Constitution and others are not. By the way Judge Herman’s wife is Denise de Bellefeuille who was also a sitting Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge in 2005.

The Santa Barbara bench is a relatively small one having any where from 19 to 21 seats. In order for Judge Eskin and Judge Garcia to get away with the crime of not seeking election in 2004, I feel it literally required the approvals of Judge Herman his wife Judge de Bellefeuille and the rest of the seating Santa Barbara Superior Court Judges.
 I think we can all agree that we have a very serious problem if judges ignore the States Constitution upon which is a foundation document of California law. Furthermore this lack of adherence to the California Constitution automatically “forfeits their right to the Public's Trust.”  Without doubt the keeping of Public Trust requires a higher standard than that of you or me. This standard dictates that because integrity is indispensable to those positions, anyone whose misconduct undermines that integrity no longer deserves to serve the public or our trust.
-In closing I leave you with these two question;
1-what happens now that I have proven there are some temporary judicial appointees who did in fact fail to seek election when mandated by law and still occupied the bench?
2-and what happens to all the Civil and Criminal cases that these Judges presided over when they illegally retained their seat on the bench?

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“SBCERS History of Economic Assumptions” VS. Actual Pension Fund Performance; covering 20 years 1988 through 2007.

Hey friends I am so excited because CNN i report accepted and published my first submission ( this posting)  to them on their website today!

As many of you already know I have been researching the history of Santa Barbara County’s reported SBCERS Pension Earnings and Values for well over two years now. And as I often do I unintentionally complicate my postings by supplying far too much data for everyone to consume. So after five months and with the help of a friend I think I am ready to wow you all with my representation of my pension findings and will do so by using just two documents and some simple math.

The first document I have for you today is titled “SBCERS History of Economic Assumptions” and covers 1981 through 2009. For my presentation I will be starting in 1988 and ending in 2007 so just 20 years of coverage. Really this document is a basic guideline of performance required to full fill all the pensions’ future obligations. So in an effort to keep things simple I averaged out each category over 20 years and here are the results.

                 SBCERS History of Economic Assumptions
A. The 20 Year Earnings Rate Assumptions Average for the pension was    8.15%
B. The 20 Year CPI Inflation Assumptions Average for the pension was      4.75%
C. The 20 Year Expected Real Rate of Return Average for the pension was 3.40%
Or A - B = C

Call me simple but I am assuming that if the pension met all 3 these assumptions created by our County leader’s then one could also expect that there would be no future pension value shortfalls. Unfortunately for us the Santa Barbara County Pension is currently reported to have a One Billion dollar deficit.

Now the second document I have for your review today has already averaged out the pensions 20 years performance for us. We might call document 1 the before and document 2 the after.

       History of Actual SBCERS Pension Fund Performance
A. The Actual 20 Year Earnings Rate Average for the Pension was             10.10%
B. The Actual 20 Year CPI Inflation Average for the Pension was                3.10%
C. The Actual 20 Year Real Rate of Return Averaged for the Pension was  7.00%
Or A – B = C

People I ask is it just me or did the pension actually exceed in spectacular fashion what our County leader’s had hoped for. Under A the actual 20 Year Earnings exceeded the assumption by almost 20% and under B the actual 20 Year CPI Inflation Average was almost 35% lower than the assumption. It gets better folks because of these two outstanding results our real net return was actually more than double the assumption of 3.40% and came in at a full 7.00%.

Dear Santa Barbara County Residents and County Employees how is it that our SBCERS pension netted more than twice the desired real net return. Had additional funds contributed over the same 20 years because of an alleged UN-funded balance, and is still reported to have a 1 Billion dollar deficit? Now can you all understand why I have been saying for two years now it is mathematically impossible for the SBCERS pension to be anything but fully funded and with a rather large surplus. 

Document 1 “SBCERS History of Economic Assumptions” 1981 through 2009

Document two

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Lawless America…The Movie began as a project, quickly became a mission, and now it is a MOVEMENT.

Journey for Justice - The Experience of Three Young Adults with Lawless America
From Jonathan Kudzmas of Hey Mom! Productions comes a short documentary detailing 3 days spent with Bill Windsor of Lawless America. In order to understand the cause, you most first understand the man…
Added on 10/03/12

Lawless America…The Movie began as a project, quickly became a mission, and now it is a MOVEMENT.

Please take 13 minutes to watch a short documentary about the filming of Lawless America…The Movie produced by the 19-year-olds who served as our film crew in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, and Marty South Dakota --  Please share this video with everyone you have ever known; we can get a lot of publicity if we can make this a popular YouTube video.

The unity, camaraderie, and enthusiasm at most stops is heart-warming and infectious.  We must now take all of this to another level.

We have an opportunity to save America.  We must all pitch in to help.  We have follow-up that we need to do in the states where we have been.  We have preparation to do in the states we are yet to visit.

I know what we need to do to blow this wide open.  I just need all of you who have been or are to be filmed to do some basic things.

One of the things we need to do is a BLITZ of the major media – Nancy Grace, Anderson Cooper, John Stossell, Scott Pelley, and many others.  We need thousands of emails, letters, and faxes. 

We need posts about Lawless America on every group and website that is involved in some aspect of battling corruption.  We must reach EVERYONE as we are outnumbered.  Therefore, we have to build our numbers every way possible.

I need for each of you to send me every name and email address that you can come up with for people who are victims of corruption or who support our cause.  We need a database of at least a million.

PLEASE review every day, and click on every LIKE button.

Please be on the TalkShoe calls to discuss what we can do.

I (we) have been nominated for several honors.  If you can also nominate me (us) for the Fearless Changemaker, it could help us get a lot of publicity --

I (we) have also been nominated for CNN Heroes --

If you can volunteer to help in any way, please email

Please plan to meet me in DC – January 9-10, 2013.  We will deliver the testimony we are filming to every member of Congress.  There will be several special events.  Email to confirm that you will attend.  We need one victim for each member of the U.S. House and Senate.

There’s so much to communicate and little time to type.  I’ll just stop for now and get this headed out.

My friends, we are REALLY accomplishing things, and I have big plans and announcements to share with you soon, including how we will confront all the crooks who have damaged each of us.

I love you guys,


William M. Windsor
Movie Trip Phone: 770-578-1094

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