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Two main contributors,Eric Bjorkland and Kelsey O'Reilly to than hopeful candidate Josh Lynn for Santa Barbara Barbara District Attorney have been arrested. They two along with several others have been accused of being as Major Drug Traffickers!

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Subject: 2 of Josh Lynns main contributors for Santa Barbara County D.A. race arrested as "Major Drug Traffickers" and no media story ?
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How is it the media has failed to recognize two of Josh Lynn's main contributors Eric Bjorkland and Kelsey O'Reilly, in his bid to run for Santa Barbara County District Attorney are arrested as Major Drug Traffickers! No story about how our Santa Barbara District Attorneys office was almost bought by drug dealers? As we let Josh Lynn beat up on our Hispanic Youth day after day during his campaign trail. Law Enforcement owes Our Hispanic, Latino, Mexican and of Course AMERICAN Youth an Apology, I will follow up more as this story unwinds.

The above web link is when I first brought into question if the Josh Lynn Supporters were actually drug dealers. I have reposed my blog from April 25th below the KEYT story for your review. Just like the Josh Lynn story I am miles ahead of anyone else in regards to California Pension fund Fraud! Don't forget the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors allowed a very unethical moove when they allowed Josh Lynn to serve as acting D.a. only to later hand that position to another. The elected officials in Santa Barbara must be held accountable by more than just magic, Investigations must be demanded!

Taken from tonight's KEYT newcast


Sheriff's Bust "Drug Trafficking Organization"
KEYT Anchor
Story Created: Oct 12, 2010 at 3:29 PM PDT
Story Updated: Oct 12, 2010 at 5:33 PM PDT
Santa Barbara- After a year long investigation, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Unit has dismantled what they are calling "a large scale marijuana trafficking organization."

Authorities served search warrants at seven separate locations in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. The following was located and seized at the Santa Barbara and Santa Maria locations:

*over 900 active marijuana plants. (Indoor and outdoor) Outdoor could yield over 4 lbs per plant. Rarely seen in SBSO history.
*over 300 pounds of processed/bagged marijuana for sales.
•over 50 pounds of hash.
•28 five pound containers of hash oil, full hash/hash oil conversion lab (worth several million dollars street value).
•over $125,000.00 cash, a 2010 Porsche Panorama, nine motorcycles seized pursuant to State Asset Forfeiture laws.

Authorities also made several arrests. They say the prime suspect, Erik Bjorklund, was growing marijuana at his residence in the 2900 block of San Marcos Pass Road. Additionally, Bjorklund also had a property in the Tepusquet Road area of Santa Maria where he was growing marijuana with another suspect, Kelsey O’Reilly.

The investigation found that Bjorklund was exploiting Proposition 215 / Senate Bill 420 and selling mass amounts of marijuana throughout Southern California for profit.

Also according to a Sheriff's press release, an additional business partner of Bjorklund’s, Jeffrey Vines of Ojai, was allegedly found to be bottling large quantities of a liquid mixture with alcohol and cannabis for Bjorklund. He was also found to be a high-risk sex offender on active CDCR Parole with GPS monitoring. A large amount of suspected child pornography was located at Jeffrey Vines’ residence in Ojai.

Here is a list of the suspects and the charges, according to the Sheriff's Department.

Erik Bjorklund DOB: 09/02/55 (of Santa Barbara)
35 counts of Money Laundering; and additional charges including sales/transportation of marijuana. Cultivation of Marijuana, as well as Child Endangerment.

Rachel Ziemer DOB: 09/19/86 (of Santa Barbara)
Booked on charges of Sales and Transportation of Marijuana, and Possession of Marijuana for Sales

Jeffrey Vines DOB: 07/24/48 (of Ojai)
Booked on Felony Parole Violation, Cultivate Marijuana, Conspiracy, and Possession of Child Pornography

Christopher Hawkins DOB: 12/14/50 (of Santa Barbara)
Booked on Marijuana Sales,Cultivate Marijuana, and Conspiracy

Kelsey O’Reilly DOB: 08/02/77 (of Santa Barbara)
Booked on Marijuana Sales, Cultivate Marijuana, 15 counts of Money Laundering; and Conspiracy

David Ziemer DOB: 09/18/57 (of Santa Barbara)
Booked on Marijuana Sales, Cultivate Marijuana, and Conspiracy

Kevin Howe DOB: 12/11/69 (of Santa Maria)
Booked on Cultivate Marijuana, and Conspiracy

Alina Stillwell DOB: 02/28/86 (of Santa Maria)
Booked on Cultivate Marijuana, and Conspiracy

Ryan Brown DOB: 09/03/83 (of Santa Maria)
Booked on Cultivate Marijuana, and Conspiracy

below was taken in part from my blog@

This website further states that DA Lynn has received another large donation from Eric Bjorkland and Kelsey O'Reilly.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010
More Accusations shared about Josh Lynn and his Contributors on the Web. Are Drug Dealers Involved with D.A. Candidate Lynn?
This was posted on craigslist Today. People are beginning to be some what vocal and willing to say there are issues in the District Attorneys Office. It might not seam like much but your comments and concerns should be shared on places like Craiglist or as an anonymous comment on my blog. We should be supportive of one another and let others see there are a lot of us. All I am asking is to do exactly what they do. The pick a place to share racist untruthful comments because it does matter. So just think about that please. To everyone I work with how many people did you get to share our concerns with last week? The Group P.A.D.R.E.S. had a press conference and that hit the media Bravo. I have had 4 x the hits on my blog in the past 9 days. I have had a high of 117 that I shared before and yesterday was 100. and in between 50 or sixty a day. I know it's not much but its a start. My postings are rarely about me but about concerns we all seam to share. Start your own blog and link them together. Once you decide to go for it post the secrets you keep that everyone knows to be true. I invite the Frimpongs,Hollywoods, and Monihans, the Armijo's, and countless others who has been a victim to vendetta justice to do so. Please at the very least share your fights anonymously. I know people are working through the courts and the above people are all wiser than I. I have been privileged to private thoughts and documents and I would never violate that trust by sharing anything I was not given your permission to do so.

My stance has never changed we all must be responsible for our actions to society. Larry Mendoza ( American)has problems with how Ricardo Juarez (American)was treated by Judge Hill(American) I also have issues with how David Abraham ( American) was not held accountable to our (American)law. Not my Law, not Josh Lynn's Law. No the Law I speak of has so many defenders, Americans, Mexican/Am Jew/Am Italian/Am German/Am Black/Am and of course Native American have all lost there lives while serving there Country and our way of life.

I have tried not to give Race much attention because I will not allow them to suck me into that type of thought. We are a Bi-Cultural Country by design which was the reason our Fore Fathers set out to always defend and respect freedom in all shapes and form.
I am an American with PROUD MEXICAN HERITAGE and there is nothing wrong with that.Below is the posting I made reference to at the top.

RE: is this guy serious, found this story on the web (SB)

Date: 2010-04-25, 11:25AM PDT

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Sounds pretty serious to me. There are many rumors floating around right now about DA Josh Lynn & his campaign contributors. Rumors can also be facts.

Whats been said so far?

DA Lynn was accused of having held a Medical Marijuana card.

This is an unusual accusation. Who is saying this and why? Is this a case of where there's smoke there's fire? Read on and decide for yourself.

This website reports that DA Lynns biggest contributor is possibly hiding the source of his money and cannot account for his decision to make such a large "loan"

This is also unusual. No matter which side you're on, no one should be buying their way into the DAs office. How does this man benefit and who is he?

This website further states that DA Lynn has received another large donation from Eric Bjorkland and Kelsey O'Reilly.

Kelsey O'Reilly is not listed as an owner on the DBA of Erics Tree Service. Does he work there or own it? A couple of years ago O'Reilly and Bjorkland bought 100 acres of land in Santa Maria where they have a large marijuana grow operation. Did there donation money come from this source and are they paying taxes on this money? Are they buying there way into the DAs office? And why? How do two marijuana growers/dealers benefit from helping a DA?

These are questions that need to be answered.


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Anonymous said...

I don't agree with you on some things, but on this one, SPOT ON. I saw Lynn's debate with Dudley in the summer, and I knew I could never support him. Never. And his answers on marijuana dispensaries were totally weak. Should have known. Too bad you were the only one doing investigative reporting on him. Now he's the dispensaries' advocate lawyer. Stay on it!