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Corruption in Santa Barbara, from the media to criminal Courts. From drug dealers an there friend who ran for District Attorney. Drugs hidden in childrens rooms, Santa Barbara corruption must be addressed!

How is it with all the people that are smarter not a single reply to my posting about Josh Lynn's drug trafficking friends? Worse yet all the comments floating on the Internet down playing the 9 million dollar drug bust even when drugs were found in a child's room. To say nothing of the fact that there has been zero support shown for our Sheriffs hard work to make that bust. Obviously a million dollar drug lab was bought with drug money so I am sure the I.R.S. has been called in right? No cheating Uncle Sam, no no no!

All though not to be out done I have not heard a single comment in support of Cam Sanchez's some what weak victory this past week. It seams a Federal Court Judge some how did not allow the Federal lawsuit of Civil Rights violations against Wayne Scoles and his false arrest on the Mesa stand, Gee what a surprise no conflict of interest there , Federal Judge and Federal lawsuit humm? Not one City or County official much less law enforcement support saying they knew all along Cam Sanchez and his good name would be cleared. An I saw another needless and senseless act of possible Gang Violence that MUST be addressed in the headlines All this week. Yet no front page coverage on the Josh Lynn drug dealing friends, no further pictures of there arraignment, why is that? An by the way I knew the Cam Sanchez Verdict was full of shit from the first excuse given in the article I read. It stated when the female called into 911. The female (whom ever that is?) and her actions where never brought into question nor do I feel they should have been. Best as I recall the real question was why Cam Sanchez himself never called into 911 at all that day. What he did do was to call another S.B.P.D. officer initials J. R. direct phone to phone. Just by chance this same officer arrested me falsely during my obtaining 7 strike-able charges 5 years ago. As it turns out I learned of these abnormal actions by Santa Barbara Police chief cam sanchez through another local law enforcement officer. This officer was very offended by the inappropriate actions taken that day by S.B.P.D. in regards to those involved with Mr. Scoles arrest. Mr. sanchez I would love to hear your 911 call from the day in question as well as all the 911 calls from 03/14/06 and you know why(Richardo Juarez). As far as I am concerned Operation Unemployement to replace our police Chief should be your next big story. I hope that is direct enough for everybody! Oh my name is Larry Mendoza but we all knew that already.
I would think that because of the possible exposure to further lawsuits by Wayne Scoles the City of Santa Barbara might also declare a conflict of interest and ask that the State Attorney General to conclude the investigation City Administrator J. Armstrong initiated 16 months ago against Police Chief cam sanchez. Public money spent with no public disclosure can you say Bell California (north).

SB Police Officer Arrested For Indecent Exposure - Planet Sb — SB police Officer Brian Sawicki arrested for indecent exposureA Santa Barbara police office was arrested Monday afternoon (8/10/09) for indecent exposure at Refugio Beach. Two teenage girls were followed and then allegedly unfortunately observed the man masturbating. Brian Sawick, a 33 year old Santa Barbara Police officer was arrested.

Oh wait 1 year into a misdemeanor case and our District Attorneys office is still dragging there feet? Brian Sawicki was not in court during last weeks proceedings so he must not have felony charges.

An what about the Quaids who posted 50,000 Bail apiece and have yet to be charged by our District Attorneys office. Than I ask is the County responsible for the 10,000 cash paid by the Quaids to bail bondsman?

What about the second case involving Peter Jeschke. This is the one where Judge Ochoa did not follow the Pre- sentencing report recommendations and gave no Jail time. In fact it seems he attempted to not require Mr. Jescke to even register as a SEX OFFENDER. What sticks out about this case was Josh Lynn was acting District Attorney and prosecutor Joyce Dudley was mistreated by both the Court and her own Office,

Local News » Former Coach Found Guilty in Sex-Abuse Case
Former Coach Found Guilty in Sex-Abuse Case
Peter Jeschke faces 10 years in prison for having sex with a player

By Lara Cooper, Noozhawk Staff Writer | Published on 05.12.2009

After hearing weeks of testimony, a Superior Court jury on Tuesday found former Santa Barbara High School tennis coach Peter Jeschke guilty of having sex with a player on his team in 2007.

Jeschke was found guilty on seven counts of sexual misconduct, including unlawful sexual intercourse, oral copulation and sex with a foreign object. He also was found guilty of providing marijuana to a person older than 14 and for possession of marijuana.

Jeschke had faced charges of providing alcohol to minors, but was not found guilty. He also was accused of providing cocaine and ecstasy to the victim, then 16, but a hung jury issued a 7-5 vote.

Deputy attorney Joyce Dudley said Jeschke faces 10 years in prison. He will be sentenced June 24."

The second charge of tampering with a witness was not tried at the same time since of course Mr. Jeschke was never proven to be a current or former Gang member. In fact here we are October of 2010 and they are talking next year before his second case from early 2008 goes to trial. I could beat up this case a whole lot more since his first trial kept getting postponed over an over as well. Mr Jeschke was convicted a full year ago and the second trial has not started, maybe Mr. Mize should switch attorneys.

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Oh and what of that LARGE METH bust we had June 6th of this year, no further press coverage there.
Santa Barbara drug bust! Does crime pay? (Corruption in Santa Barbara)

Date: 2010-06-06, 8:23PM PDT

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Sunday, June 6, 2010
Big Santa Barbara drug bust! Does crime pay? You look at the house and tell me!
Wow a big meth bust in Santa Barbara recently and the Santa Barbara news press missed reporting on one of the story’s. Of the 2 meth bust that occurred I am interested in The second Meth bust that took place at 2078 Las Canoas 93105 home of William Paxson. If you review different stories from various news services names, photos and ages never match in regards to the bust and arrest information. Something like D.A. donations made by Mr. Erik Bjorkland opps that’s really Bjorklund to Mr. Josh Lynn’s campaign fund. There old motorcycle riding buddies and there’s nothing wrong with that.
The information below was taken from Sheriff’s web page in regards to the drug bust and is in the middle of posting.
“William Paxson – 11550(a) H&S – Under the influence of a controlled substance, 11364 H&S – Possession of drug paraphernalia, 11366 H&S – Maintaining a dwelling for drug use/sales. Bail was set at $2,500.”

Really 2500 bail, wow Santa Barbara District Attorneys are really going after the white over 60, living in 2 Million dollar home “Gangsters’ that’s O.G. baby! During my harassment and 5 different illegal arrests I had bail any where from 20,000 to 100,000 for words I never said. Worse than that there is a current rumor that law enforcement caught one of there own in these arrest, can that be true? Take a look at the house yourself!
Below is some more information in regards to the drug bust, I will follow that with some words to the Santa Barbara Sheriff and Police department.
Detectives take down alleged meth ring
By DAILY SOUND STAFF — May 28, 2010
Authorities busted up an alleged methamphetamine ring operating out of a home on Las Canoas Road this week, taking six people into custody on a variety of drug-related charges.
Sheriff’s narcotics detectives launched a three-month investigation after receiving complaints and information from community members about the alleged drug operation. With the help of Santa Barbara police, deputies served a search warrant at the home in the 2000 block of Las Canoas Road on Tuesday.
“Detectives seized operable scales, approximately 2 ounces of methamphetamine, packaging materials, $1,200 in cash and other paraphernalia associated with the sales and use of narcotics,” according to a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department news release. End of Blog Posting.

1 Gang incident and the City of Santa Barbara goes to pieces while Millionaire Drug dealers buy Real Estate and have free reign, that is BULL

Hey we all fell for the Pension fraud cover up why keep blaming Wall Street lets put that mess on Gangs too?
I love our Country and respect the legal system when just. Why does Santa Barbara have such a huge contempt and complete disregard for the Civil Rights and applications of our Lands laws? If any person must pay his debt to society I will gladly sit on a fair and just jury to insure the victims of any crime there due justice. If you break the laws you have a duty to uphold I will attempt to bring charges against you just as any other criminal, regardless if you carry a badge!
P.S. I could have sworn only 39 arrest where recently mentioned in the Santa Barbara Independent follow up to "Gator Roll' not 210 as mentioned in the media last week.

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