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Concerned comments found on the Santa Barbara Craigslist. They question why the soft handling of Erik Bjorklund and Kelsey O'Reilly from arrest to criminal prosecution?

Re: Eric & Kelsey (SB)

Date: 2011-01-31, 9:27AM PST

Someone needs to show up at this hearing and find out what's going on with the corruption in our local government offices. First of all, Kelsey moved out of his house and packed everything he owns into a truck which he suddenly added a camper shell to. This sounds like the actions of someone who is going into hiding. I seriously doubt he will be appearing in court today. Unlike Eric, Kelsey wasnt spending his money wildly. So where did it go? He has it on him and is able to go into hiding for a long long time. Does our local police department or bail bondsmen frown upon someone moving suddenly and not reporting their new address? Is anyone paying attention to the fact that he has had a month long start to go into hiding?

Second, will Josh Lynn be representing his friend Eric? If so, they will claim its pro bono. But you can be sure Josh has a family to feed and Eric also had money hidden. Its pretty likely Eric will be feeding Josh unreported cash and who will know about it????? How do you all feel about the fact that our previous DA is involved in this case? It sure does stink and why doesnt the local media care about this? This is our local scandal that could be a reporting windfall and yet not one "reporter" is talking about it. What else is being hidden from us? Corruption is right.

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Re:Re Eric & Kelsey (Santa Barbara)

Date: 2011-01-31, 10:41AM PST

I too am not sure why law enforcement an the media have acted as they have. Are they afraid that upon the conclusion of a real investigation one of the parties it may indict was previously employed by the D.A's office. The handling of Erik Bjorklund and Kelsey O'Reilly from arrest to criminal prosecution is a microcosm of the illegal back door actions that take place far to often here in Santa Barbara.

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Erik Bjorklund and Kelsey O'Reilly due in Santa Barbara Superior Court. 1/31/11. Trying to understand how one County computer system can give to different results?

 Last week I shared with you that it seemed odd two recent major drug arrest had some how disappeared off the radar. I am of course referring to the drug arrest that had ties to the Santa Barbara D. A’s office ( Josh Lynn ). An the methamphetamine bust that charged William Paxson for maintaining a 1.8 million dollar dwelling for drug use/sales. No follow up story's could be found in any local media what so ever. I even tried to search with Google and nothing beyond the initial arrest information was available. So I took the time to go down the the Santa Barbara  criminal records division and do some public records research and see what information was available.

While I was there I also filled out the required documentation so I may review Peter Jeschke's first case this week After that I looked up Erik Bjorklund and Kelsey O'Reilly and found there court case number 1350611. When I got home I went on the web site for the Santa Barbara Superior Court to search the calendering system, using there the case number. There are 9 total defendants who share this criminal case number. Yet my search on line using the case number produced results for just 1 of them, Rachel Ziemer. I thought how odd that my search would produce results for only 1 of the 9 defendant's. Now if you recall I had already used the first and last names of Erik an Kelsey before and nothing would come up in my search. Here are my results when I searched for calendering information using just the case number.

CASE NUMBER: 1350611 ( 9 defendants share this criminal case number )
CALENDARS UPDATED: 2011-01-26 02:00:32
OFFICERDEPT01/31/2011 - 1:30 pm 1350611 Rachel Ziemer  Preliminary Hearing Jed Beebe SM7 

Not happy with these results an not one to quit I went to another part of our superior courts web site that allows you to search for any fine amounts you might owe. I entered the required information for both Mr. Bjorklund and Mr. O'Reilly and guess what? This search produced Calendering information, showing when both defendants are to next appear in Superior Court. Here is what was found in that search.
The Santa Barbara County Court Case Information System
Case Information
The following is information for the selected Case.
Case Number
Santa Maria
Erik Bjorklund
Next Court Appearance   01/31/2011, 1:30 PM
Santa Maria, Division 7

Case Number   1350611 Court   Santa Maria Name   Kelsey O'Reilly Next Court Appearance   01/31/2011, 1:30 PM
Santa Maria, Division 7 

 Now these results raise a huge red flag for me. How can the same web site for superior court produce two different results even though I input the same criteria? It appears someone is attempting to deny access to public information. The next question you have to ask yourself, is the service of hiding information for sale? Is it available to criminals for say a simple contribution to an election campaign? Which is exactly why we must investigate the relationship between a candidate for District Attorney and two contributors turned defendants. Remember these defendants where arrested with almost Ten million dollars in drugs!

Now wait a minute the hiding of public information in Santa Barbara seems to cross beyond the criminal courts. I had previously reported similar concerns while trying to research public records for real estate. I had pulled real estate information on line from the county’s web page. The next day I went down to the Santa Barbara court house and used there computer system in the lobby. An searching with the same criteria as on line I came up with nothing. So I went back home and double checked my search at the county web site and found the real estate information again.. Than I go back for my second visit to the court house and use the computer s in the lobby and again I came up with nothing. So I decide to fill out the records request any how using the information I had found on line and handed it to the clerks behind the counter, an guess what? The on line results were available on the clerks computer, but the on line results were not available on the public computers in the lobby. Once again you have one informational system producing two different results and the computers are only 30 feet from each other.

Now because I have also been investigating some personal property tax issues I have with this county I made another observation. That the public records made available by our elected county officials to real estate web sites like Zillow @ or Trulia @ are extremely inaccurate.There seems to be an issue of missing property tax data for 2008 all together.The data found at the these two real estate web sites are under reporting the revenue this county is taking in from property taxes.Late fee's an fines are not included in the data these sites have obtained from public records. In my case the records where so inaccurate that I requested a payment history search. I made that request over two months ago and I have yet to receive anything from the Tax Collectors office. Wait a minute I am mistaken I did receive a new bill from the tax collector for a past outstanding debt from probation. The new invoice has some how added 4500 dollars above the previous outstanding balance.Now my question to you all here is this.What would happen to the over charge amount of 4500 dollars if I were to pay it? Do you think the additional 4500 dollars  would actually be reflected on the bottom line of the county's public ledger? 

  So than let me go to another area of extremely misleading accounting..While reviewing the data available for the SBCERS pension from the State Controllers office I kept getting confused. I would look over this year or that one and the numbers were all out of place but I could not understand how or why..Now I have been working on that report as well as one on the two recent mistrials that occurred in Superior Court all weekend. So for right now I m going to make a simple example using actual data and finish the complete report when time allows

Here are some numbers taken from the 1997/98 State Controllers report that was only supposed to include data up to 06/30/98
The top of the page would say fund value as of 06/30/98 was 1,062,931,561.
On the lower portion of the page where fund history performance was shown it would look like this
Year ending 12/31/98 liability was  873,624,000 (D) 12/31/98
Year end Actuarial Value year end was 799,539,000 © 12/31/98
Funded Ratio  91.5%
 So based on these numbers above let me ask you all this. How is it possible that the fund value in June  could be worth 263 million dollars more than the reported December Actuarial value? June 98  value 1,062,931,563 December 98 Actuarial value 799,539,000? Lets take that one step further, from December 97  to December 98 the return on investment was reported to be 20% ?

....June 98 1,062,931,561
6 months later the fund value is lower by 263 million dollars and reported as
December 98 799,539,999
 Yet the return on investment 12/97 - 12/98 20% 

Figure 17
Summary of Average Yields ........................................1997...............,1998................,1999
Counties AVG Yield................ Avg.................. Avg.................. Avg.
Santa Barbara County ...........20.3% ..............19.3% .......10.9%

Now because the pension fund is reporting 20.3% and 19.3% return on back to back years let me ask you this. How is it possible with those kind of returns the pension fund ratio only went from 91.5% to 98.7%.? Do you see all the issues with how the SBCERS pension fund value never seems to live up to the per year Investment return results? I can only open your eyes so much by pointing out these huge 100 million dollar contradictions. 

For us to rebuild our economy, for us to properly finance our children s education will require action by us all. 

You will find this data on the top of the page in the picture below.
AS OF JUNE 30, 1998

End value IN TRUST FOR PENSION BENEFITS $ 1,062,931,561 as of June 30th 1998
Previous years end value for Pension Benefits $ 888,876,118 as of June 30th 1997 

You will find this data towards the bottom third of the picture below.
Now below that there is the  
SUMMARY OF FUNDING POSITION year ending 12/31/98


ACCRUED   12/31/98
LIABILITY ....... 873,624,000

ACTUARIAL VALUE......... 799,539,000 12/31/98

In the picture below in the section that shows a year to year history of the funds performance and fund ratio, why is the history for 12/31/97 missing? 

In closing how was I able to create a link between missing criminal calendering data to real estate data and end up with discrepancy's with our Santa Barbara County Employees Retirement System? Because we hold no one and no one accountable. From Superior Court Judges to tax collectors we offer a free ride, no pun intended. 

If you click on the picture below and are at
the picture will open up to a new window.

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The 2011 Santa Barbara International Film Festival

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival

I would like to congratulate the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on its 26th anniversary this year. The film festival will run from today January 27th through February 6th 2011. The 26th edition offers a vast array of films representing 49 countries and an astounding number of premieres sure to delight the cinematic tastes of SBIFF audiences. The SBIFF is always proud to welcome many promising and established filmmakers and honorees to join in its grand tradition of celebrating independent film. I feel Mr Christopher Nolan sums it up best when he said; “You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger,”. An so the SBIFF I feel has decisively and dynamically made the 26th festival grander in every way.

One might be asking themselves why would I Larry Mendoza choose to greet both promising and established filmmakers, as well as there audience here on my blog @ ? I do so because I am not afraid to dream a lot bigger! I do so in hopes of sharing an idea or story with a film maker that one day might just be included in the Santa Barbara International Film Festival! I do so because in my heart of hearts I feel my efforts here on this blog represent what is still possible. That one person can still create a positive change for our World if he dares to try!

In the past I have covered many topic's here. One might choose to research the unfair murder trial of a local 14 year old ( alleged gang member ) defendant that I feel was wrongfully convicted of involuntary manslaughter. A sentence that a 14 year old youth currently cannot be legally sentenced too! My detailed research can confirm many irregularities in the arrest and trial of young Ricardo Juarez. You may view on of my many postings concerning young Mr. Juarez

Or one might be more interested in my research and data that comes to the obvious conclusion. That fraud an corruption in the California public pension crisis has not yet been properly addressed.. We must ask ourselves how 16 California public pension plans could prosper so well one decade, than presently claim to be near bankruptcy in the next? All of the 16 California County public pension funds that I am referring to were in fact were able to produce a yearly average investment return of 14.84% from 1996 - 2000. You may view that data for yourself as it appeared in a Santa Barbara Grand Jury report @ . Now very quickly what the 14.84% number represents is that all 16 counties produced results 3 x greater than the REAL NET RETURN they had targeted in order to keep there pension fund solvent. Furthermore huge discrepancy’s of yearly fund end values are present in the following public pension funds; CalPers, SBCER, STARS, LACERS, OCERS, SCERS, UCRS, ACERA, CCCERA, KCERA, MCERA, Even though the California State Controllers office has a responsibility to keep a yearly report on all public California pension funds you will be hard pressed to find those reports until now. You may review official reports as complied by the California State Controllers office at this link @ .If you attempt to search for the yearly reports on your own via the internet chances are my blog and postings will come up before the official state web site! One report I wrote that you might want to review @ has data and charts that will really open your eyes. We must all come to understand our public pension fund crisis and the accounting methods used to defraud America of hard earned taxpayers dollars.

Maybe still you would be more interested in the property tax abuse by our past California Lt. Governor Able Maldonado? You may go directly to that posting @ an educate yourself on this topic. A ten million dollar property's that Mr. Maldonado has listed and filed with the State of California using a form 700 have not been billed for property taxes in almost 5 years. Even though the Santa Barbara county assessor has a current 2010 value of ten million dollars. I must ask you all why is that?

What if you have an interest with our Judicial Branch of Government right here in the California Superior Courts. If this is more to your liking please review my story and concern with rampant election fraud by our very own California Superior Court Judges. Are you aware that over 90% of the currently seated California Superior court judges which totals almost 1500 have never been voted in by the voters of California? This portion of the California Judicial system must urgently be addressed by America. With no fear of repercussions for there actions the Judges that chose seem to commit there crimes as if they are above the law! One such Superior Court Judge I have concerns with is Arthur Garcia who occupies a seat on the bench in Santa Maria California. My investigation shows Judge Garcia should be investigated by the proper California agency for election fraud. I describe why in my posting @ . In this report I explain the details of how election fraud does occur and give several current examples of other Superior Court Judges whom have also committed election fraud crimes.

The topics of interest that I share and more are all found on my blog @ an are very diverse as you can tell by the ones I have listed here. My contact information will be at the end of this notice if anyone is interested in helping me make a positive change to our World.

In closing I like to thank the Santa Barbara International Film Festival one more time and remind you more information for the film festival can be found at the following links below.
The official web site for the 26th Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
and there online guide for this years festival

Larry 'magic” Mendoza

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Bjorklund an O'Reilly , here are some replys my posting received.

My concern with Mr. Bjorklund an O'Reilly started because the were buying there access to the D.A.'s office by donating to the Josh Lynn for D.A. campaign. He lost the campaign but he has job security. You see as it turns out two of his first clients now that he is a defense attorney are Bjorklund an O'Reilly. Humm I cannot make this up. Below are some replays to my posting on the Santa Barbara Craigslist.

Defending Eric & Kelsey???
Date: 2011-01-25, 10:37PM PST
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Fuck Bitch, where do I start?????????

Well, since you didnt address Kelsey skipping town lets start with that. Who skips town on a half million dollar bail if they are innocent? Are you actually suggesting that Kelsey isnt guilty? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?????? Are you his underage baby mama? Good luck getting that child support. His own Father has been hiding for 30 years to avoid prosecution for not paying HIS support. But I digress. Kelsey grows and deals drugs. Has for YEARS. Everyone knows it. The police know it, the prosecution knows it, Joyce Dudley knows it, Josh Lynn knows it, shall I go on? If you know him, then you know it. Next.

Eric Bjorklund. Who knew you could purchase $100,000 worth of motorcycles (CASH) by cutting down trees???? Thats the biggest fucking racket Ive ever heard of. We should all cut down trees. Apparently, homelessness and unemployment could be solved in a day. TELL OBAMA. Breaking news. If you just cut down trees, you TO can be filthy rich with a $150,000 Porsche. Wait here. I'm going outside to cut down a tree....................................

Wheres my Porsche???????

Maybe he was pimping out his underage girlfriend. I see a theme here. What do a bunch of underage girls, a pedophile, a childs bedroom, a tree cutter and the village idiot have in common????

* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

image 2180662012-0

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Re: Bjorklund (SB)
Date: 2011-01-25, 8:15PM PST
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Get your facts straight before you post wrong information. Eric Bjorklund is not in jail. He did not drive a mercedes, and the porsche he drove was leased. If you are so supportive of the judicical system as you claim, then you need to reconize Eric Bjorklund and Kelsey Oriley are innocent until proven guilty! Your little attempt of slandering defendants before they get their day in court is pathetic !

* Location: SB
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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Re: Re Bjorkland (Dismissed? Are you joking?)
Date: 2011-01-25, 6:11PM PST
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So what happens when a tree trimmer all of a sudden becomes mega wealthy, driving Mercedes and Porsches, gets raided with huge amounts of pot stored in his kids room? What is the lack of evidence? Is it legal to have pounds of Marijuana in your possession? Could they have not at least been brought up on charges of tax evasion? Tell me your joking or I will completely lose faith in the American form of justice.

* Location: Dismissed? Are you joking?
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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RE: Bjorklund & O'Reilly (Santa Barbara)
Date: 2011-01-25, 5:53PM PST
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Eric Bjorklund is still in jail. Kelsey O'Reilly bailed out, packed up his house on West Cota Street and skipped town. Somewhere in the hills of SB County, Kelsey is eating his own shit for dinner and ironically Eric is being fucked in the ass in jail. Good things do happen to bad people.

* Location: Santa Barbara
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

image 2180359522-0 image 2180359522-1

Re: Bjorklund Case (SB)
Date: 2011-01-25, 10:27AM PST
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The case was dismissed due to lack of evidence. Nine million dollars worth of weed the cops took somehow vanished .

* Location: SB
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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PostingID: 2180359522

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Former Santa Barbara East Side Boys club director has passed, Thank You Donnie

Taken from the Santa Barbara News Press
YEE, Donnie S. •Age 80, died at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, on Monday January 17, 2011. The cause was pneumonia complicated by a heart problem. •Born, November 10, 1930 in Canton, China, to Quan and Dan Yee, he attended Lincoln and Franklin elementary schools, Santa Barbara Jr. High School and Santa Barbara High School from which he graduated in 1950. Donnie earned letters in baseball, track and football. He was best known for his football exploits as one of the smallest players, but one of the fastest. Everyone who attended Santa Barbara High football games, enjoyed watching Donnie scamper and jitterbug around the field making opposing players miss their tackles. His entertaining football exploits started a love affair with the people of Santa Barbara that lasted a lifetime. During the Korean war, Donnie joined the Marines. He served in Korea with the 1st Marine Division attaining a rank of Sergeant. Donnie never stopped being a Marine. He always wore a jacket or hat, emblazoned with the Marine Corps insignia, letting everyone know his true patriotic feelings. He was a member of the Marine Corps Auxiliary as well as a number of other veteran groups. Donnie attended Ventura Jr. College where he played football, and, after his discharge from the service, he attended Santa Barbara City College where he excelled in baseball. In 1954, Donnie joined the staff at the Boys Club of Santa Barbara, serving first as P.E. Director and later as Unit Director. During 37 years at the Boys Club, he coached and guided thousands of young people, most of whom have kept in touch and still call Donnie their friend. In 1975, he married his ‘Sweetheart’, Kay, who survives him. He enjoyed married life and travel. He and Kay became world travelers visiting family in St. Louis, Mo., Toronto, Canada; Bangkok, Thailand; and many, many times to Las Vegas and Chumash Casino. Donnie will be remembered for his quick wit and his clever sayings. ‘NO COMMENT!’ often covered everything for him. His genuine friendliness allowed him to carry on relationships with many people of Santa Barbara. One could find Donnie on most mornings having breakfast and coffee at Lito’s cafe with his many comrades. Donnie, in his younger days, had a nine handicap as a golfer and once hit a hole in one. He continued to play golf with his friends after retirement. Survivors include his wife Kay, his cousins Barbara Chung, Tommy & Julie Chung, Bill & Amy Chung and Bill & Helen Tom and his many loyal friends and colleagues. A memorial service will be held at 2PM on January 30th at the Santa Barbara Boys and Girls Club. In lieu of flowers, his family has requested that memorial donations, in Donnie’s name, be sent to the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Barbara, 632 E. Canon Perdido St., Santa Barbara, CA 93103.

It is hard to believe I have known this man almost 40 years now. An when you consider he has known my father probably another 20 years longer he has been around the both of us a long time. As usual I want to share some special memories I have about Donnie and the East Side Boys Club. Now I must admit to being a little bit intimidated because anything I write will just not do justice to the Boys Club “Experience”. An that’s because of my cousin Robert ' Zeke” Del Campo and my Dad Ray “ Big Head” Mendoza where there before me. My cousin Zeke was a great athlete at Santa Barbara high school and ran with the likes of Ernie Zampese. who played football for Santa Barbara High School. Ernie was selected as the CIS Player of the Year in 1953 and went on to play at the halfback position for the USC Trojans in 1955 and 1956. Than of course went on to a brilliant career as a N.F.L. Offensive Coach. Now if I recall correctly Zeke was a basketball and track star and quite the athlete in his own right, all boys club breed. Anyhow these and numerous other men in Santa Barbara valued there boy club years an experience so much that an unbelievable alumni association was created by them benefiting the East Side Boys Club.

There are specific things that stick out for me about my time at the boys club and Donnie Yee being in charge. First off it was not a crime to pop a kid in the back of the head to keep them in line, an that's just how it was. If you had to work for your boys club membership card an most of us did, you did work! Not pick up a paper and your done but what ever Donnie told you. Its funny but I never felt like a poor kid back than but I know most of us were. Back than there was no day care you went to the boys club and probably had to be forced to go home. I can remember Donnie telling me about how long he knew my Dad an Zeke, he used to call my Dad dopey when he was little. My first camping experiences came from the club. I remember our membership card being some type of hard thick material but we all proudly had one in our wallet. It's funny I was always scared of Donnie but he kept us all going forward and seemed to treat us all the same.

What does it say when a group of adults volunteer there time year after year to run the tamale stand at the Placita for Fiesta's in De La Guerra Plazza. From Donnie and many others before him the Alumni felt a need to give back and give back they did. 5 days of working the fiesta booth with old friends from there days at the boys club. It never hurt that there were adult beverages to be shared as well. You see even during Fiestas the boys club booth was the place to be. Many years when we would come to visit from Galt I knew to find my cousin Zeke or my Dad and maybe an Uncle or two the booth was were you looked first. The boys club had its own social standards too, oh yeah you knew exactly how cool you were. You see once you were in the boy club there would be 4 or 5 pool tables lined up. Now the pool table closest to the office was where the older kids had first dibs and the further away you played from the first table reflected your place in boys club society.

My family has come full circle since my youngest son Vincent Mendoza works for both the Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Boys Club in Ventura County.

Can one boy grow up to create a real change in our world?. Well about 25 years ago I used to tell West Side Boys club director Earl Pointer about the impact Sam Cunningham had on the South and the change he helped create for Blacks there. The incident and its significance is still not widely known as one might think.

Sam "Bam" Cunningham recalls game vs. Bama
Posted 12/7/2010 6:36 PM |  Comments 1  |  Recommend  
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By Ralph D. Russo, AP College Football Writer
NEW YORK — It was years after Sam Cunningham ran roughshod over the last all-white Alabama football team that he understood the significance of the game between Southern California and Bear Bryant's Crimson Tide in 1970.
"I realized that it was something very, very special when I'd be around black men who grew up in the Deep South and grew up underneath the culture of the time and they would get to talking about it," Cunningham said Tuesday. "I'd see the sparkle and joy ... in their eyes and their voices. That prompted me to understand how important it was and how historic it was."
Cunningham, who is black, ran for 135 yards and two touchdowns on 12 carries that day in Birmingham and USC beat the Tide 42-21. The next year, Bryant's team was integrated.( I can remember going to my grandfather Manuel Zuniga's house and watching that game with him and my uncles Bobby an Alex. Not knowing at the time what the later importance of that game would be. I would meet Sam years later and yes I asked him for an autograph in fact I asked for two. One for my little brother Lalo and one for my little brother Omar. You see I worked at a gas station by Sam's parents house. I wrote there names down on a match book cover and Sam said he would bring me something on his next visit. Some time past and I could hear my name being called at work so I turned to see who it was. There was Sam with that smile of his and two pictures made out one for each of my brothers. Do you know how special I felt bring home those pictures and autographs for my little brothers, Thanks again Sam your a Class act!)
It was the first game of what turned out to be a Hall of Fame career for Cunningham, who was among 14 former players and coaches to be inducted in the college hall at the National Football Foundation's award banquet Tuesday night.

The story of Cunningham's game against Alabama has grown into the stuff of legends — not all of it verifiable fact.
The story goes Bryant planned to start integrating his team and he scheduled the game with USC to prove a point to the Alabama fans who were resistant to the idea.
Bryant had already begun recruiting black players. In fact, one of the first black players at Alabama, Wilbur Jackson, was in the stands at Legion Field that September day John McKay's Trojans came to town.
Cunningham grew up in Santa Barbara, Calif., and had played against all-white teams many teams in high school. He was a sophomore in 1970, freshmen didn't play back then.
"Little did I know so much was riding on this game and little did I know I was going to get a chance to play," the 60-year-old Cunningham said in an interview after the news conference. "My motivation that day was to play and play well just to get a chance to play another day, but it went way beyond that."
Another tall tale about that game was that Bryant took Cunningham to the Alabama locker room after it was over and told his players "This is what a football player looks like."
That's not true, but there's little doubt Cunningham's performance was a milestone moment in college football.
A closing thought here; I can remember going to my grandfather Manuel Zuniga's house and watching that game with him and my uncles Bobby an Alex. Not knowing at the time what the later importance of that game would be. I would meet Sam years later and yes I asked him for an autograph in fact I asked for two since he was plying pro football in New England for the Patriots. One for my little brother Lalo and one for my little brother Omar. You see I worked at a gas station by Sam's parents house. I wrote there names down on a match book cover and Sam said he would bring me something on his next visit. Some time past and I could hear my name being called at work so I turned to see who it was. There was Sam with that smile of his and two pictures made out one for each of my brothers. Do you know how special I felt bring home those pictures and autographs for my little brothers, Thanks again Sam your a Class act!

I would much rather work with our youth than report on the behaviors of adults!

Search Google an not a trace of what transpired in our Santa Barbara Superior Court with the drugs cases of Erik Bjorklund, Kelsey O'Reilly an William Paxson. Sounds pretty suspicious to me!

Erik Bjorklund, Kelsey O'Reilly an William Paxson what happen to there (criminal drug case's?)
Date: 2011-01-25, 8:41AM PST
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Erik Bjorklund, Kelsey O'Reilly an William Paxson . I went to our local Superior Court calendering web page and could not find a trace of them. I mean a 9 million dollar drug case an poof they all just disappeared. I guess it pays to make campaign contributions to Josh Lynn for district attorney. I even tried to Google them an all I could get was the media coverage from there first arrest date and nothing else. Not one single print or television media follow up story, not one. What happen to all the months an month of man hours spent on these investigations by law enforcement? All that hard work and tax payers dollars wasted. I guess it is off to the court house to pull more criminal case files. Damn when it was I being falsely prosecuted no expense was spared!

The Independent , Edhat, the Santa Maria Times , the Daily Sound, KEYT they all forgot abut these huge drug cases?

Larry Mendoza appeared frustrated in Court today, new Felony charges to follow! Wow they must be so proud of Mary Barron, Greg Boller and Judge Brian Hill for all that I went through.

the SBCERS pension troubles are gaining national attention!

Editorials: Our Opinion: County pension fund cited in state, national media an Magic's Blog!

The issue of public employee pensions is a state and national problem, but it requires a solution in Santa Barbara County.
December 5, 2010 7:53 AM
Santa Barbara County's pension fund is increasingly mentioned in national and state media as one of the public pension funds in California that is in particularly bad shape.
Steve Malanga is one of the top business and urban writers in the nation. He is an expert on public employee union pensions. A senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute in New York, he recently identified Santa Barbara County's pension fund as among those in California that bear attention.
Discussing the issue of public employee pension funds generally in the United States, Mr. Malanga wrote:
"California is in particularly bad shape. San Francisco and Los Angeles are among the places with the greatest liabilities among cities, amounting to $34,940 and $18,643 per household, respectively. Their combined pension debt of $33 billion is in addition to some $600 billion in Golden State unfunded liabilities. Also on the watch list from California are a host of other cities and counties, including Contra Costa County, Santa Barbara County and the city of San Jose. Los Angeles County . . . has its own woes with a staggering $27 billion in unfunded liabilities."
The issue of public employee pensions is a state and national problem, but it requires a solution in Santa Barbara County. A recent report by Joe Nation of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research on unfunded local government liabilities also is of interest.
Dr. Nation is no conservative. He is a former member of the California Assembly who was principal co-author of Assembly Bill 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act.
According to the Stanford report, in June 2008 Santa Barbara County showed $245 million of unfunded liabilities in its pension fund, but if the rate of future return on investment were lowered from 8.16 percent (the current figure) to 6 percent, then unfunded liabilities ballooned to $1.177 billion. If the rate of return were lowered to 4 percent, unfunded liabilities would increase to $2.433 billion.
Moreover, these data were from before the stock market crash of 2008 and 2009. Unfunded liabilities are even more now.
Both Republicans and Democrats should support public employee compensation reform, especially of pensions. What sense will it make to have a county pension program paying out $200 million per year — which will be the case in another 15 or so years — when the county general fund is now only $200 million per year?
Existing public sector pension benefits are unsustainable. A Santa Barbara County commission is to report soon with recommendations for changes in the county's pension program. It will be vital that this results in a broad conversation, and that existing county employees' pensions are modified in future contracts.

What was sex offender Peter Jeschke found guilty of ? He was convicted on 7 of the 11 charges against him!

Prosecutorial Throwdown

Supes Stay Out of Fray; Install Replacement DA

Thursday, February 4, 2010

This week, county officials received another missive from Stanley, this time a scorching denunciation of career prosecutor — and candidate for DA — Joyce Dudley. In it, Stanley blistered Dudley for what she described as Dudley’s “zealous ‘win at any cost’ approach.” Stanley accused Dudley of “multiple judicial misconduct problems,” adding, “Her problems with playing fair are repeated, well-known, and documented.” That note was mailed to the county via Josh Lynn, who is Dudley’s rival for the DA post


District Attorney Race: Christie Stanley Out

Incumbent Endorses Josh Lynn to Oppose Joyce Dudley

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
In a startling development, Santa Barbara County District Attorney Christie Stanley has chosen not to seek re-election in 2010. The decision comes just days after Senior Deputy District Attorney Joyce Dudley held a press conference announcing her intention to seek the position and weeks after Stanley affirmed she planned to run.

Had Stanley remained in the race, it would’ve been the first time since 1855 - when elections were first held for District Attorney - that an incumbent faced a challenger from within the DA’s office. Dudley, meanwhile, has been with the DA’s office since 1990, and has been named Deputy District Attorney of the Year three times in her career. She kicked her campaign off Tuesday with an enthusiastic group of nearly 100 supporters in front of the County Courthouse. She pledged to bring back the department’s truancy program, create an arson unit, and focus on violent crimes when she is DA.

She most recently successfully prosecuted Peter Jeschke, a former girl’s tennis coach at Santa Barbara High, who had sex with one of his players. A jury found him guilty of seven of the 11 counts he was charged with and not guilty of two. He was convicted of all of the sex crime charges, which included sexual penetration by a foreign object with a minor, three counts of oral copulation with a minor, and two counts of sex with a minor more than three years younger than himself.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lets review how our Superior Court in Santa Barbara have dealt with the alleged allegations against, Peter Jeschke convicted sex offender. Erik Bjorklund & Kelsey O'Reilly in regards to a huge marijuana and money laundering ring. An finally William Paxson for allegations during a "Huge Methamphetamine Bust".

Today is January 24h 2011 and this day has a special meaning for me. You see 5 years ago today is when I was first arrested ever and accused of crimes I could have never committed. However know one was willing to stand up for me and my life was nearly ruined. At one point later in that year the charges against me would get stacked so high as to contain 7 strike-able Felonies. The process was carried out so far that my own attorney Karen Adkins informed me that serving two life sentences was a certainty in my future.

Folks all I can say now after 5 years has past is that there are good people who serve in all capacities of our legal system and law enforcement. That regardless of the illegal actions of a few we have proud Americans just like you and I trying to keep a level balance on everything. That belief was present in my heart in a hall way in Morgan Hill back in 2005. An I musts say I believe that today more than ever. Sending me a new bill from probation that has grown from 2698.00 to 6905.00 in a year does not scare me and will not help you defeat me either. I will be able to correct those an other past attempts to intimidate me. I truly feel that Those who have the power too also have a responsibility too. An you can apply that to all kinds of different scenarios. Be it an elected official or a sworn police officer. Mainly I feel it falls squarely on the shoulders of us free American citizens more than anyone else. The law to me is sacred and should be held up high. Having said that us having the power to correct change and or improve on past beliefs (laws) is one of America's greatest assets, an we should never forget that! I can not speak to you here today with an educated back ground, nope far from it. I can only share with you what is in my heart an that it was put there by people like my family, friends, an strangers. Put there by teachers and politicians and even a celebrity or two. Put in my heart equally by all those just mentioned and oh so many more. Put there by my children one of whom proudly serves in our United States Navy, an put there by farm workers turned policeman, put there by the poor who never allow themselves to become victims. PUT THERE BY OTHER PROUD AMERICANS!

As always all I can ask is that if this posting has a value please share it with all that you can.

Larry ' Magic" Mendoza
Santa Barbara Criminal Court Corruption

Investigating the illegal actions of our Government,law enforcement. Police,Judge’s, Attorneys an Prosecutors. While Exposing there Misconduct. Having a willingness to stand up for our Constitutional rights. Always respecting the even application of the Law and those in Law Enforcement that ethically and legally enforce it. Never succumbing to those who do not! Uncovering the fraud with our California public pension system. SBCERS, LACERA, and VECRA are prime examples of corruption!

So now lets review a few things about some recent drug bust and criminal case's that made the media head lines locally here in Santa Barbara. Most cases started last year in 2010 but some as far back as December of 2007. My concern is that these people and there criminal cases did not received the attention and follow up they should have. In fact it seems the cases have been kept from further media scrutiny for some reason? In my eyes what I question is how come all these case's appear to have some type of preferential or abnormal treatment for the charges alleged? Doe that " TREATMENT "come from illegal political connections and campaign donations? Maybe someone else can chime in with there views?

1- Peter Jeschke
He should have had additional charges added from his most recent arrest. It seems our local system continues to allow Mr. Jeschke to show us h has no regard for the law.Below are some quotes taken from a feature written by columnist Barney Brantingham that appeared in the Santa Barbara Independent 11/25/09. The feature was titled “Sex is not a sport” and deal with the conviction and sentencing of sex offender Peter Jeschke.
Current Santa Barbara district attorney an than prosecutor in the case Joyce Dudley had this to say;
“In urging prison time, Senior Deputy District Attorney Joyce Dudley said, ” : he is truly the worst groomer-predator that I have ever prosecuted-I say that because he used his position of power (coach), control (18 years older than his victim), and status (he was a star tennis player) to give her drugs and sexually assault her, putting her in harm’s way both physically (driving) and medically (unprotected sex).”
Soft on sentencing California superior court judge Frank Ochoa shared these thoughts;
“In my 27 years on the bench, I haven’t ever had someone try to manipulate the process as Mr. Jeschke did,” Judge Ochoa said.I don’t know what kind of future is in store for the ex-coach. Judge Ochoa will decide on December 7 whether he must register as a sex offender.”

2- Erik Bjorklund & Kelsey O'Reilly. Now last April in an anonymous reply on the internet to some of my concerns these two individuals were identified as Marijuana growers and drug dealers. This happen a full 5 months before the actual arrest! Than during the arrest drugs where even found in a child's room during the raid and arrest. We should all be concerned that these two individuals were also major contributors to Josh Lynn's campaign for Santa Barbara County District Attorney. As of this evening I went to the Santa Barbara County calendering web page and cannot find future court dates for either gentleman. You must also ask yourself why did they not receive federal charges that could include a life sentencing in prison if found guilty! There are many other huge pot bust last year through out California, an they seemed to have ended up with federal charges.
3- William Paxson for a "Huge Methamphetamine Bust"
– 11550(a) H&S – Under the influence of a controlled substance, 11364 H&S – Possession of drug paraphernalia, 11366 H&S – Maintaining a dwelling for drug use/sales. Bail was set at $2,500.
I searched the Santa Barbara Superior Court web site an was unable to ascertain when Mr. Paxson will next appear in Court I must go to the court house ad view the public records there.

Here is our local Superior court link to look up present an future criminal calendering.

Below are bit and pieces of my past Postings and may include some type of update. I do hope I did not take to much on and create more confusion than clarity.

1 Peter Jeschke
"Not every registered sex offender will appear on this Internet web site. As explained on the Summary of the Law page, approximately 25% of registered sex offenders are excluded from public disclosure by law. Whether public disclosure is permitted is based on the type of sex crime for which the person is required to register."

"The Sex Offender Tracking Program is responsible for determining if any sex offender registrant who applies for exclusion from the Internet web site qualifies for exclusion. Registrants whose only registrable sex offenses are for the following offenses may apply for exclusion: (1) sexual battery by restraint (Penal Code § 243.4, subd. (a)); (2) misdemeanor child molestation (Penal Code § 647.6, or former section 647a); or (3) any offense which did not involve penetration or oral copulation, the victim of which was a child, stepchild, grandchild, or sibling of the offender, and for which the offender successfully completed or is successfully completing probation. Click here for a copy of the exclusion form, which must be submitted to DOJ and approved before exclusion will be granted. Registered sex offenders who are granted exclusion from the Internet web site must still register as sex offenders." The above information was taken directly from the from the Megan's law wb page an a link is located above for your review. that Mr. Jeschke was taking advantage of. You see once Mr Jeschke's second and or now third criminal case I concluded s with some type of additional conviction the loop hole is forever closed to him. Just as the citizens of Santa Barbara where falsely lead to believe.
Below is a link to the application used by sex offenders to prevent there appearing on the Megan's law web page.If I could only offer one improvement than it would be to add a clause that until any and all pending court actions have been concluded one may not use this application. To me that seems like a fair clause for all parties involved, what do you think?

Based upon a review of your criminal history record and submitted supporting documentation, the California Department of Justice will determine whether you meet the requirements for exclusion from disclosure on the Megan's Law Internet Web Site. Felony violation of Section 311.1, subdivision (b), (c), or (d) of Section 311.2, or Section 311.3, 311.4, 311.10, or 311.11 if the person submits to the department a certified copy of a probation report filed in court that clearly states that all victims involved in the commission of the offense were at least 16 years of age or older at the time of the commission of the offense.
Pursuant to California Penal Code section 290.46(e), I hereby apply to be excluded from disclosure on the Megan's Law Internet Web Site. I certify under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct. I understand that I am still required to register, which is a lifetime requirement, and comply with all of the provisions set forth in Penal Code section 290, as well as all other applicable laws. SIGNATURE DATE
Questions concerning the completion of this application may be directed to the Sex Offender Tracking Program at (916) 227-4974. A copy of Assembly Bill (AB) 488, AB 1323, and Senate Bill 1187, which deal with the Megan's Law Internet Web Site, can be obtained through the California Legislature's web site at

Below is a link to my blog and what I wrote back in October of 2010.
Saturday, October 30, 2010
Peter Jeschke a Santa Barbara Convicted sex offender has yet to register with our California Attorney General.

Leonard Himelsein? More on him later.
  2- Eric Bjorkland and Kelsey O'Reilly
Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Two main contributors,Eric Bjorkland and Kelsey O'Reilly to than hopeful candidate Josh Lynn for Santa Barbara Barbara District Attorney have been arrested. They two along with several others have been accused of being as Major Drug Traffickers!
Subject: 2 of Josh Lynns main contributors for Santa Barbara County D.A. race arrested as "Major Drug Traffickers" and no media story ?
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 23:51:25 -0700

How is it the media has failed to recognize two of Josh Lynn's main contributors Eric Bjorkland and Kelsey O'Reilly, in his bid to run for Santa Barbara County District Attorney are arrested as Major Drug Traffickers! No story about how our Santa Barbara District Attorneys office was almost bought by drug dealers? As we let Josh Lynn beat up on our Hispanic Youth day after day during his campaign trail. Law Enforcement owes Our Hispanic, Latino, Mexican and of Course AMERICAN Youth an Apology, I will follow up more as this story unwinds.
The above web link is when I first brought into question if the Josh Lynn Supporters were actually drug dealers. I have reposed my blog from April 25th below the KEYT story for your review. Just like the Josh Lynn story I am miles ahead of anyone else in regards to California Pension fund Fraud! Don't forget the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors allowed a very unethical move when they allowed Josh Lynn to serve as acting D.a. only to later hand that position to another. The elected officials in Santa Barbara must be held accountable by more than just magic, Investigations must be demanded!

Taken from KEYT newcast

Sheriff's Bust "Drug Trafficking Organization"
KEYT Anchor
Story Created: Oct 12, 2010 at 3:29 PM PDT
Story Updated: Oct 12, 2010 at 5:33 PM PDT
Santa Barbara- After a year long investigation, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Unit has dismantled what they are calling "a large scale marijuana trafficking organization."

Authorities served search warrants at seven separate locations in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. The following was located and seized at the Santa Barbara and Santa Maria locations:

*over 900 active marijuana plants. (Indoor and outdoor) Outdoor could yield over 4 lbs per plant. Rarely seen in SBSO history.
*over 300 pounds of processed/bagged marijuana for sales.
•over 50 pounds of hash.
•28 five pound containers of hash oil, full hash/hash oil conversion lab (worth several million dollars street value).
•over $125,000.00 cash, a 2010 Porsche Panorama, nine motorcycles seized pursuant to State Asset Forfeiture laws.

Authorities also made several arrests. They say the prime suspect, Erik Bjorklund, was growing marijuana at his residence in the 2900 block of San Marcos Pass Road. Additionally, Bjorklund also had a property in the Tepusquet Road area of Santa Maria where he was growing marijuana with another suspect, Kelsey O’Reilly.

The investigation found that Bjorklund was exploiting Proposition 215 / Senate Bill 420 and selling mass amounts of marijuana throughout Southern California for profit.

Also according to a Sheriff's press release, an additional business partner of Bjorklund’s, Jeffrey Vines of Ojai, was allegedly found to be bottling large quantities of a liquid mixture with alcohol and cannabis for Bjorklund. He was also found to be a high-risk sex offender on active CDCR Parole with GPS monitoring. A large amount of suspected child pornography was located at Jeffrey Vines’ residence in Ojai.

Here is a list of the suspects and the charges, according to the Sheriff's Department.

Erik Bjorklund DOB: 09/02/55 (of Santa Barbara)
35 counts of Money Laundering; and additional charges including sales/transportation of marijuana. Cultivation of Marijuana, as well as Child Endangerment.
I searched the criminal calender system for Mr. Bjoklund next court appearance but could not seem to find him on line? The same can b said for Mr. Kelsey O'Reilly, all I can say is I must view the public records at the court house before I comment further

Rachel Ziemer DOB: 09/19/86 (of Santa Barbara)
Booked on charges of Sales and Transportation of Marijuana, and Possession of Marijuana for Sales

Jeffrey Vines DOB: 07/24/48 (of Ojai)
Booked on Felony Parole Violation, Cultivate Marijuana, Conspiracy, and Possession of Child Pornography

Christopher Hawkins DOB: 12/14/50 (of Santa Barbara)
Booked on Marijuana Sales,Cultivate Marijuana, and Conspiracy

Kelsey O’Reilly DOB: 08/02/77 (of Santa Barbara)
Booked on Marijuana Sales, Cultivate Marijuana, 15 counts of Money Laundering; and Conspiracy

David Ziemer DOB: 09/18/57 (of Santa Barbara)
Booked on Marijuana Sales, Cultivate Marijuana, and Conspiracy

Kevin Howe DOB: 12/11/69 (of Santa Maria)
Booked on Cultivate Marijuana, and Conspiracy

Alina Stillwell DOB: 02/28/86 (of Santa Maria)
Booked on Cultivate Marijuana, and Conspiracy

Ryan Brown DOB: 09/03/83 (of Santa Maria)
Booked on Cultivate Marijuana, and Conspiracy

below was taken in part from my blog@

This website further states that DA Lynn has received another large donation from Eric Bjorkland and Kelsey O'Reilly.

Sunday, April 25, 2010
More Accusations shared about Josh Lynn and his Contributors on the Web. Are Drug Dealers Involved with D.A. Candidate Lynn?
This was posted on craigslist Today. People are beginning to be some what vocal and willing to say there are issues in the District Attorneys Office. It might not seam like much but your comments and concerns should be shared on places like Craigslist or as an anonymous comment on my blog. We should be supportive of one another and let others see there are a lot of us.
RE: is this guy serious, found this story on the web (SB)
Date: 2010-04-25, 11:25AM PDT
Reply To This Post
Sounds pretty serious to me. There are many rumors floating around right now about DA Josh Lynn & his campaign contributors. Rumors can also be facts.

Whats been said so far?

DA Lynn was accused of having held a Medical Marijuana card.

This is an unusual accusation. Who is saying this and why? Is this a case of where there's smoke there's fire? Read on and decide for yourself.

This website reports that DA Lynns biggest contributor is possibly hiding the source of his money and cannot account for his decision to make such a large "loan"

This is also unusual. No matter which side you're on, no one should be buying their way into the DAs office. How does this man benefit and who is he?

This website further states that DA Lynn has received another large donation from Eric Bjorkland and Kelsey O'Reilly.
Kelsey O'Reilly is not listed as an owner on the DBA of Erics Tree Service. Does he work there or own it? A couple of years ago O'Reilly and Bjorkland bought 100 acres of land in Santa Maria where they have a large marijuana grow operation. Did there donation money come from this source and are they paying taxes on this money? Are they buying there way into the DAs office? And why? How do two marijuana growers/dealers benefit from helping a DA?
These are questions that need to be answered.

3- William Paxson an the huge Methamphetamine bust

Does crime pay?Sunday, June 6, 2010
Big Santa Barbara drug bust! Does crime pay? You look at the house and tell me!

Wow a big meth bust in Santa Barbara recently and the Santa Barbara news press missed reporting on one of the story’s. 2078 Las Canoas Rd
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Area: Mission Canyon
Current Price: $1,999,000
Original Price: $2,195,000 *
MLS #: 09-2923
Status: Active

Type: Home/Estate
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2

Condition: Good/Excellent
Style: Craftsman
Year Built: 1989
Acres: 3.65
Of the 2 meth bust that occurred I am interested in The second Meth bust that took place at 2078 Las Canoas 93105 home of William Paxson. If you review different stories from various news services names, photos and ages never match in regards to the bust and arrest information. Something like D.A. donations made by Mr. Erik Bjorkland opps that’s really Bjorklund to Mr. Josh Lynn’s campaign fund. There old motorcycle riding buddies and there’s nothing wrong with that.
The information below was taken from Sheriff’s web page in regards to the drug bust and is in the middle of posting.
“William Paxson – 11550(a) H&S – Under the influence of a controlled substance, 11364 H&S – Possession of drug paraphernalia, 11366 H&S – Maintaining a dwelling for drug use/sales. Bail was set at $2,500.”

Really 2500 bail, wow Santa Barbara District Attorneys are really going after the white over 60, living in 2 Million dollar home “Gangsters’ that’s O.G. baby! During my harassment and 5 different illegal arrests I had bail any where from 20,000 to 100,000 for words I never said. Worse than that there is a current rumor that law enforcement caught one of there own in these arrest, can that be true? Take a look at the house yourself!
Below is some more information in regards to the drug bust, I will follow that with some words to the Santa Barbara Sheriff and Police department.
Detectives take down alleged meth ring
By DAILY SOUND STAFF — May 28, 2010
Authorities busted up an alleged methamphetamine ring operating out of a home on Las Canoas Road this week, taking six people into custody on a variety of drug-related charges.
Sheriff’s narcotics detectives launched a three-month investigation after receiving complaints and information from community members about the alleged drug operation. With the help of Santa Barbara police, deputies served a search warrant at the home in the 2000 block of Las Canoas Road on Tuesday.
“Detectives seized operable scales, approximately 2 ounces of methamphetamine, packaging materials, $1,200 in cash and other paraphernalia associated with the sales and use of narcotics,” according to a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department news release.
The investigation had led detectives to William Pickett Paxson, 64, and William Konrad, 35. While serving the warrant at Paxson’s residence, authorities also arrested four other subjects — Jerry Martin Boeff, 44; Francine Marie Gabel, 59; Blue Downstream Herrick Major, 23; and Paul Arthur Woellert, 46.
Authorities booked Paxson for being under the influence of a controlled substance, possession of narcotics paraphernalia and maintaining a dwelling for the use or sales of drugs. Bail was set at $2,500.
Gabel faces charges of sales and transportation of a controlled substance, as well as possession of drug paraphernalia. She is being held on $30,000 bail. Woellert was booked for possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, and is being held without bail due to a felony warrant.
Konrad was taken into custody without bail for being under the influence of a controlled substance and violating his probation. Finally, detectives booked Boeff and Major for being under the influence of a controlled substance, with bail set at $2,500 each
Sheriff's Narcotics Detectives Arrest Six in Drug Bust
Santa Barbara- May 27th, 2010

Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Narcotics Detectives have arrested six people for various drug charges following a three month long drug investigation.

On Tuesday May 25, 2010, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Narcotics Detectives assisted by the Santa Barbara Police Department conducted a search warrant at the residence of suspected drug dealers in Santa Barbara County.

After a three month long investigation which included complaints and information from the general public, Narcotics Detectives arrested six subjects suspected of dealing and using Methamphetamine during the search warrant in the 2000 block of Las Canoas Rd. in Santa Barbara.

Information developed during the three month long investigation led detectives to 59 year old William Paxson (6-14-45) and 35 year old William Konrad (4-9-75). A search warrant was served at Paxson’s residence on Las Canoas Rd. During the search warrant, Detectives contacted the two above named subjects as well as four additional subjects. Jerry Boeff (2-15-66), Francine Gabel (3-23-51), Paul Woellert (3-5-64) and Blue Downstream Herrick Major (3-24-87). All six were arrested for drug offenses. Detectives seized operable scales, approximately two ounces of methamphetamine, packaging materials, $1,200.00 in cash and other paraphernalia associated with the sales and use of narcotics.

The following is a list of charges for the six suspects who were taken into custody and booked into the Santa Barbara County Jail:

“William Paxson – 11550(a) H&S – Under the influence of a controlled substance, 11364 H&S – Possession of drug paraphernalia, 11366 H&S – Maintaining a dwelling for drug use/sales. Bail was set at $2,500.
I searched the Santa Barbara Superior Court web site an was unable to ascertain when Mr. Paxson will next appear in Court I must go to the court house ad view the public records there.

William Konrad – 1203.2 P.C. – Violation of probation, 11550(a) H&S – Under the influence of a controlled substance. No bail set. Mr. Konrad has 3 cases currently going through our criminal division courts

Jerry Boeff: -11550(a) H&S Under the influence of a controlled substance. Bail was set at $2,500.

Francine Gabel: -11378 H&S – Sales of controlled substance, 11379 H&S – Transportation of controlled substance, 11364 H&S – Possession of drug paraphernalia. Bail was set at $30,000.Does have a preliminary hearing setting next month according to the Santa Barbara Courts web site.

Paul Woellert: -11377 H&S – Possession of controlled substance, 11364 H&S – Possession of drug paraphernalia and a Felony No Bail Warrant.

Blue Downstream Herrick Major: -11550(a) H&S - Under the influence of a controlled substance. Bail was set at $2,500.”

I have recently read two separate stories about local law enforcement and the budget woes of this county. Why has this county done nothing that I am aware of to use the available laws and seize an convert drug dealers asset into County law enforcement assets?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Concerned person ask questions of the Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors and the true value of the SBCERS pension fund!

Just who reads my blog? Just who reads my postings? The Mayor and Santa Barbara board of supervisors as well the District Attorney and some one from the State Attorney Generals office. Many media outlets, an local government officials, real estate professionals, numerous attorneys from many different States. Police Chiefs and detectives and other law enforcement officers, numerous concerned citizens, private detectives an armed body guards,I pull no punches!

Here are some comments I received in the last week in regards to how our Board of supervisors deal with the SBCERS pension fund and county budget.

I don’t have the time/energy to fully understand the details of your analysis, but you seem to now what you’re talking about, so –

Anonymous Question: Assuming your analysis is right, are you saying that the SBCERS Pension Fund has been performing well, despite what the county government - and Board of Supervisors - has been leading the public to believe, and that the real problem is that $2 BILLION dollars is missing, is not presently being publicly accounted for in any way, and has been possibly siphoned off?

An Anonymous Fellow Citizen

An than followed up with this;

Larry. - I just realized that there is more to my question:

“....Or are you saying that the approximately two billion has been, so to speak, “in plain sight” all along, but disguised by the County.
They disguise this money by only referring to it publicly - when it is referred to at all, which is hardly ever – as “excess funds” that are being quietly dealt with in some parenthetical side-conversation in some unimportant-sounding document. This is while the public’s attention is being purposefully and misleadingly focused by the County government instead on the so-called fund ‘deficit’?”

An Anonymous Fellow Citizen

My response;
Here is what B.O.S. Joni Gray shared during last years budget meetings. Where and who has the true account ledgers? Even though Santa Barbara Board of Supervisor Gray called out the county for what appears to be misleading and fraudulent acts against this county's tax payers. More is required of her personal conduct than we have seen so far. You must remember she first addressed her concerns with the county budget last June calling the process a PONZI SCHEME.
Light at End of Budget Tunnel?
Cuts, Concessions, and Even Energy Efficiency May Bring Balance
Thursday, June 17, 2010
By Chris Meagher (Contact)
Fourth District Supervisor Joni Gray blasted the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors majority Friday as the quintet conducted their final deliberations on what to cut for the 2010-2011 fiscal year’s $833-million budget they were finalizing to go into effect July 1.
“I’d like all of you to leave this hearing with three words,” Gray said, actually using four words to initially describe her cryptic message. “Bus, bridge, and Ponzi scheme.”
She continued, “I feel like I’m speeding down a highway in a bus and there’s a sign that says, in half-a-mile the bridge is out,’ and yet nothing is being done to stop this bus.” While people everywhere are cutting back, she said, the board was “not taking their foot off the gas.” Gray then addressed her Ponzi scheme comment, saying the board was moving money “here and there,” even making reference to Bernie Madoff. “You’re all very bright and well-meaning, but I cannot support this bus going off the bridge,” she said

This posting is what created the concern in the first place.

The SBCERS pension fund averaged a whopping 11.4% yearly rate of return on investments for a 20 year span that covers 1980 through 2000!

Wow here we are in 2011 and I have never felt more on my game than I do right now. As I have stated many times before I present a subject or situation in my postings in my current understanding of said topic. I share the facts and data in a true an accurate fashion with no embellishing on my part. Honestly some times I feel I might just be taking the lazy way out, no really. I feel sometimes deep down I hope someone will contradict my findings in a fashion that will make it easy for me to just walk away from that subject with out any further effort on my part. Yet to date I have to say that a majority of the comments I receive confirm my stated position and or even heighten my concern. I now what to take the time for a more informing posting an share why I felt the need for further research.

So early last February I came across some data concerning the SBCERS Pension Fund. An upon first review of this document more questions where raised than answered. Than as I followed the media coverage for the upcoming County budget last June 2010 I realized that the SBCERS pension fund was something I had to look into deeper. When I look at the first document below I already had an understanding that an 8.16% was the current assumption rate needed by the SBCERS funds assets. This target rate is to help meet all the funds current and future obligations. Now please do not think less of me but I have a very simple thought process. The way I first reviewed the data below was as follows;

1- The first thing that I take away from my review is the 20 Year compound average of 7.6% and that is taking into account the huge financial losses the fund experienced during 2008 an 2009.

2- In the 20 years that this data covers it only reflected 5 years with a negative investment return. An with my limited research at that time I felt at least 2 of the 5 years with negative returns was some what incorrect.

3- My challenges to the negative returns would be for years 1994, Where I have seen a positive return of 9.7% stated on an different document and 2001 where I have seen a -2.7 represented there and I still feel even that number is in correct.

4- The 20 year average Consumer Price Index was just a very low 2.8 % An the assumption rate that the fund had used was at least 25% higher over the full 20 year time frame. I am not sure how that effects the fund valuation but one would assume that the lower C.P.I. index average would benefit the fund in a positive way.

5- So based on what I took away from this data upon my first review was that the fund seemed to be real close to being a success. At least during the 20 years that the data covered and the 7.6% return average. I felt that the 7.6% average investment return was acceptable when you took into consideration the additional funding added by the county to cover the alleged unfunded liability. Than add The lower C.P.I. I just felt that things might be better than we have been lead to believe.

That is where it all started, my interest into the Santa Barbara County Employees Retirement System. I was aware that some type of future unfunded liability had created a situation requiring an increased funding need to the pension fund by our county over the same 20 years that the data below covers. Now I hope this next statement saves you all some time on the learning curve to understanding all the confusing an contradicting documents data and statements that are used to explain the funds past and present activity's and earnings? What I have learned is that all the data and reports that I have viewed seem to be an attempt to camouflage and confuse but never to clarify anything! After eleven months of researching the SBCERS fund and its actions I still wonder; how many different ways one can present numbers, data and information and never present a factual account in there presentation? It makes you wonder just what is the real negative effect that all the California Public. City an County pensions funds have created for our economy? I have also just started to research the similarities between the SBCERS fund and at least 16 other California Counties. Alameda, Contra Costa, Kern, San Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, Sacramento, San Bernardino, Fresno, San Mateo, Sonoma, Marin, and Stanislaus an there posable fraudulent values.

Now over the last eleven months I have produced many documents, data and charts that reflect a long term positive performing pension fund. That seems to have just been pillaged over an over through out its history much like the last chart on this sheet reflects. Todays posting may seem some what out of order but I doubt any posting could be more alarming, at least that is how I see it any way. Of course I do the advantage of having additional knowledge from all of my research that I have been putting together for a while now. So based on the first chart I originally thought the fund might be better of than we were being lead to believe. If we increased the 7.6% figure to 8.16% for the same time span would you expect to still have a BILLION dollar future unfunded liability with consequences that could last beyond the year 2028 as we presently do? Than still have the BILLION dollar unfunded issue never resolved despite the required additional funding over the next 18 years? My point is this how close has the SBCERS pension fund performance really come to meeting it's needs already?

Now the second chart on this sheet is the one that just has me totally confused since I found it yesterday. The data on that chart claims that the SBCERS pension fund received a whopping 11.4 % per year return on investments for the time period covering 1980 clear through 2000. This data seems to be more reflective of actual pension fund performance and also seems to have fund results along the lines reflected on the last chart on this page. 20 years with a return on investment rate of 11.4%, can someone please get back to me with there interpretation of this data?. For me it raise's serious accounting concerns that the SBCERS fund is solvent. But has exposed to corruption by our past an current elected officials? Also compare the similar years and what each chart (1 an 2) reflects as return percentages for the same years. Why the two different ways of reporting returns? What does all that really mean to the bottom line? Obviously because of that kind of investment return one can began to understand that the last chart on this page does reflect a pirating of liquid returns once they where some how labeled "excessive returns". I took my new car back because my gas milage was 20% better than the car manufacture represented an was "excessive" to me. The bank an I came up with an investment strategy that we hoped would bring in 8.16% in returns per year. Now the Bank was also able to randomly remove any amount the deemed "excessive returns" with out my knowledge an with no requirement to report the siphoning of my funds if the years investment returns met the minimum bench mark of 8.16%, I said "hell yes" and wait till my friends and family hear! Yes I am being a smart ass, sorry.

Now chart 3 has huge contradictions of fund value vs future obligations which gives us a funded ratio. Based on the numbers in chart 3 and documents from the Bond market from SB County that I have previously posted, there is almost a 10% discrepancy for the year 1988 alone. The data in chart 2 shows a investment return average for the 7 years between 1980 through 1987 is equal to 12.9 % per year. So I am just amazed to see such a low percentage as 61% funded ratio being represented during the 80's at all. Than once again when you review the excessive funds pulled data on the last chart below, it makes you wonder, why would you allow funds to be pulled while further increasing the liability to tax payers of this county and all this taking place with out voter approval?

I hope we start to realize that we must hold our Government accountable as we do each other? I see on news shows when they gather some successful business people and ask them; how do we create new businesses to help improve our economy? I think to myself how dumb is that, me being a simple minded man. If I cannot go to a movie or dinner without my personal economy returning to past levels, why would anyone want to sink hard earned dollars into a further sinking ship that I cannot get on board of any how? Maybe if we take care of the bottom of the income latter we could once again begin to support those at the top of the income ladder? Savings an Loan scandal, Junk bond corruption, I.P.O offerings with falsified data, and of course Wall street, all paid for by the bottom of the economic ladder. How stuck on stupid are we America? As always I ask that if you find value in my work please share it with as many friends and family as you can. I have over 270 posting on my blog at

I love my Country and I am proof that 1 man can put into motion lasting change.

I want more teachers and less pension fund valuations. I want every person that has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of these United States to perform there duty!

Let's be honest here folks you all thought I was crazy when I created my own SBCERS pension fund history and value based on my research? Between my version and the one used by Santa Barbara County there is a possible two BILLION dollar difference, what if my positive fund performance collection of data is right?

Your Friend Always

Larry "Magic" Mendoza

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Peter Jeschke is in protective custody, why is that? Other random thoughts of mine.

So my latest posting about convicted sex offender Peter Jeschke new charges was a huge disappointment to have to write. An it seems the general public and my readers where just as stunned in disbelief that he would be allowed the chance to commit more crimes against our children. I was also not very surprised that the news press story that covered Mr. Jeschke' new charges fell all the way back to A-6 of the front section. Had the term “Gang Injunction” some how have been included you could be sure front page coverage would have followed. An did any of you happen to see the picture of Mr. Jeschke clad in county jail orange? The reason that I mention the color of his county issued garb is that even the local sheriff's that watch over the inmates understand the significance of Mr. Jeschke's crimes. You see the orange outfit in our local jail when worn by an inmate means that Mr. Jeschke is under protective custody. No not from the public but from the other inmates who if given a chance would teach him a lesson that would assure society he would never again harm our children.

But wait we live in a civilized society one that would surely not allow for vendetta justice or do we? I ask that because I have written about the framing of a 14 year old boy and the needless death of another youth for politic gain. Or you may chose between Larry Mendoza or Gil Armijo an in either file you will find that vendetta justice presently exist in our civilized society.

Than one might ask how is it that I so easily am able to keep track of the going on's in the criminal courts here in Santa Barbara? Well when it takes two years for cases to not reach a truly legal conclusion. I guess one might suggest to the powers that be they should considering moving these case's along.

I speak to law enforcement, lawyers, government officials on a daily basis, but it is the growth with concerned citizens that I am most grateful for. It seems I have reached a level of credibility one needs when seeking to create true change in our society. I am beginning to shed a light on the fact that our troubles in this county may have the same origins as in Santa Clara or any other California county. The issues of property taxes and public pension funds and the faulty books that our elected officials keep seems to have caught on. We should be upset 168 people had just applied for 1 open position with the excellent U.C.S.B. Police department. The first thing that comes to mind when hearing of the amount of applicants for that position is how many teachers and counselors are fighting just has hard to regain there employment here in California. What social service that we are missing may have the same cause county by county?

Have any of you seen that television commercial with famous residents that says come visit California and ends with the old Governor and his wife asking when can you come? It is extremely well written , an I also find it very witty and entertaining. Having said all that I also understand why our California economy is in so much trouble. I swear I must have seen that commercial 100 times if I have seen it once and yes I leave in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA. Not much of a reason to show me that commercial over an over again. What was the last Governor trying to convince me he was on the job?

I am not please with this posting and yet I hope it is filled with enough of my concerns to make them yours. I have been asked more than a few times am I scared to write about the things that I do? Truth be told it started out as a way for me to seek justice on a personal level and has grown to a place where I would rather write about the pension plan before an illegal divorce.

I shared this with a couple of people the other day and I am not sure what they thought about it. Since 1990 I have reached success in any arena I have chosen to study. I have gone from a machine shop operator to running auto repair shops, from there to real estate and the mortgage business. From renting a home to buying a home and my point is this. You really don't want to challenge me because I will be successful, no doubt about it!