Thursday, January 13, 2011

SBCERS data to review the funded ratio's from previous years.

Data for our review of the SBCERS pension fund. Our Elected officials should explore past errors before committing this County to a new burden of over 1 Billion dollars until at least 2028 for alleged unfunded future liability's with the SBCERS pension. How many additional peace officers, teachers or counselors for our youth  could we hire with the correction of falsehoods from past accounting in regards to our SBCERS pension fund? 2% of our County is holding 98% of us hostage to a retirement system that is out of control.

You may click on any chart and it will open into it's own window.

The value of the SBCERS pension and funded ratio should be compared to the 5th page on the previous posting made today. 

Based on this chart how was the SBCERS pension fund so under funded during the 80's and 90's. The rate of return on investments for the SBCERS pension fund shown on the chart above seems to contradict everything from page 5 of the previous posting.

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