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The 2011 Santa Barbara International Film Festival

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival

I would like to congratulate the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on its 26th anniversary this year. The film festival will run from today January 27th through February 6th 2011. The 26th edition offers a vast array of films representing 49 countries and an astounding number of premieres sure to delight the cinematic tastes of SBIFF audiences. The SBIFF is always proud to welcome many promising and established filmmakers and honorees to join in its grand tradition of celebrating independent film. I feel Mr Christopher Nolan sums it up best when he said; “You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger,”. An so the SBIFF I feel has decisively and dynamically made the 26th festival grander in every way.

One might be asking themselves why would I Larry Mendoza choose to greet both promising and established filmmakers, as well as there audience here on my blog @ ? I do so because I am not afraid to dream a lot bigger! I do so in hopes of sharing an idea or story with a film maker that one day might just be included in the Santa Barbara International Film Festival! I do so because in my heart of hearts I feel my efforts here on this blog represent what is still possible. That one person can still create a positive change for our World if he dares to try!

In the past I have covered many topic's here. One might choose to research the unfair murder trial of a local 14 year old ( alleged gang member ) defendant that I feel was wrongfully convicted of involuntary manslaughter. A sentence that a 14 year old youth currently cannot be legally sentenced too! My detailed research can confirm many irregularities in the arrest and trial of young Ricardo Juarez. You may view on of my many postings concerning young Mr. Juarez

Or one might be more interested in my research and data that comes to the obvious conclusion. That fraud an corruption in the California public pension crisis has not yet been properly addressed.. We must ask ourselves how 16 California public pension plans could prosper so well one decade, than presently claim to be near bankruptcy in the next? All of the 16 California County public pension funds that I am referring to were in fact were able to produce a yearly average investment return of 14.84% from 1996 - 2000. You may view that data for yourself as it appeared in a Santa Barbara Grand Jury report @ . Now very quickly what the 14.84% number represents is that all 16 counties produced results 3 x greater than the REAL NET RETURN they had targeted in order to keep there pension fund solvent. Furthermore huge discrepancy’s of yearly fund end values are present in the following public pension funds; CalPers, SBCER, STARS, LACERS, OCERS, SCERS, UCRS, ACERA, CCCERA, KCERA, MCERA, Even though the California State Controllers office has a responsibility to keep a yearly report on all public California pension funds you will be hard pressed to find those reports until now. You may review official reports as complied by the California State Controllers office at this link @ .If you attempt to search for the yearly reports on your own via the internet chances are my blog and postings will come up before the official state web site! One report I wrote that you might want to review @ has data and charts that will really open your eyes. We must all come to understand our public pension fund crisis and the accounting methods used to defraud America of hard earned taxpayers dollars.

Maybe still you would be more interested in the property tax abuse by our past California Lt. Governor Able Maldonado? You may go directly to that posting @ an educate yourself on this topic. A ten million dollar property's that Mr. Maldonado has listed and filed with the State of California using a form 700 have not been billed for property taxes in almost 5 years. Even though the Santa Barbara county assessor has a current 2010 value of ten million dollars. I must ask you all why is that?

What if you have an interest with our Judicial Branch of Government right here in the California Superior Courts. If this is more to your liking please review my story and concern with rampant election fraud by our very own California Superior Court Judges. Are you aware that over 90% of the currently seated California Superior court judges which totals almost 1500 have never been voted in by the voters of California? This portion of the California Judicial system must urgently be addressed by America. With no fear of repercussions for there actions the Judges that chose seem to commit there crimes as if they are above the law! One such Superior Court Judge I have concerns with is Arthur Garcia who occupies a seat on the bench in Santa Maria California. My investigation shows Judge Garcia should be investigated by the proper California agency for election fraud. I describe why in my posting @ . In this report I explain the details of how election fraud does occur and give several current examples of other Superior Court Judges whom have also committed election fraud crimes.

The topics of interest that I share and more are all found on my blog @ an are very diverse as you can tell by the ones I have listed here. My contact information will be at the end of this notice if anyone is interested in helping me make a positive change to our World.

In closing I like to thank the Santa Barbara International Film Festival one more time and remind you more information for the film festival can be found at the following links below.
The official web site for the 26th Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
and there online guide for this years festival

Larry 'magic” Mendoza

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