Saturday, January 30, 2010

California State Bar Follow up #3

January 29, 2010

The State Bar of California
1149 Hill Street
Los Angeles California 90015-2299

RE: 09-26769
To Whom It May Concern:

My first attempt to share my concerns of Prosecutorial misconduct or Malicious and Abusive actions by our Santa Barbara District Attorney and lack of protection from this by our Public Defenders office went un answered. I did resend in my concerns but did not include the documentation that my first attempt contained. So I felt it best at this time to resend the documentation as per my first attempt only this time I felt the need to certify you’re receiving of such a package. I feel that this represents at best 10% of what must be reviewed and I am in the process of assembling the remainder of my concerns presently.

I thank you in advance for your hard work.

Larry Mendoza

2.5 Years to tak a Deal is that even Legal?

So here I am late on a Friday night stuck at work. Now I am hoping that you all can see since early December I have really tried to step up my game in regards to my postings and there quality. I have to be honest the week of rain and the couple of extra shifts I have been working have taken there toll on my most recent efforts. In fact I am currently 2 postings behind. I have almost completed a posting in regards to some abuses that I have not shared before. Than of course those of you have received my most recent emails know I am chopping at the bit to post about my most recent document findings in regards to the Juarez case. Now that I have shared all that I was not really expecting to be working on anything tonight while at work. But I will be damned if I didn’t open up the current Independent and just had to share my findings with you all.

THE STORY READS “ Three Eastside gang members – Omar Ramos Erick Roman and Ricardo Nava- all pleaded guilty to attempted murder with a gang enhancement and were sentenced in Santa Barbara Superior Court on 1/25. Ramos was sentenced to twenty years, both for the aforementioned charges and for a gang strike. Roman received a total of 17 years 8 months and Nava’s sentencing will have him in prison for the rest of 19 years. According to prosecutor Hans Almgren the three attacked a rival Westside gang member on the 600 block of Del Monte Avenue on June 28th 2007” END OF INDEPENTDENT STORY

So after having read that account and all my effort to inform you all about court procedures. An the abuses by the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office what bothers you most about this story. Wait one minute please I jumped the gun and would not be doing Sarah Palin ay credit if I left out here journalism credentials and her goals with her new media show. Less we forget her show will be different because she will be old school and her stories will include the 5 W’s, Who,What,Where,When,Why. OK I will get to the point. Who was the Judge and what court room did sentencing take place. For that matter who was the defendant’s attorneys and for 60 years in prison the story could at least recount the criminal act. So what was the term for the main charge and the how many years for the gang enhancement? Now all of you who have paid attention from my previous posting know there are some very serious procedural problems still with this case. So at first glance based on the sentencing one would think this was another slam dunk gang case and the District Attorney’s office had done there job, oh but wait lets review some more. It took two and a half years for these men to cop a plea? What happen to 90 days for a preliminary hearing and one year to conclude the case as per California Judicial Council Guidelines? If the District Attorneys case was that strong why the lack of a trial, Why would defendants hold out for two years and there attorney’s not ask that charges be dropped?

Obviously I will have to research this case but 2.5 years and everyone in the court room acted as if that was legal? I wonder what the pre-sentencing reports say because there is no reference made in the story. It also seams odd to me that our Santa Barbara News press missed this chance to take another pot shot at our youth. I sure hope that some way some how we get some media attention from somewhere out side of Santa Barbara.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Santa Barbara Public defender Karen Adkins must explain her fears of Judicial and Procutorial Misconduct in our Judicial System

Well in my last posting I spoke about how the Santa Barbara Public Defenders Office is serving up our youth to the District Attorneys Office as if they were playing a game of baseball. They are serving them up fat, slow and right down the middle of the plate. An even with all the concern over youth gangs there is one area we all seamed to have missed. I am speaking of the older Gang and it’ leaders we call them mentors. Just who belongs to the older Gang of mentors teaching our youth to commit crimes and become outlaws just like them? I am sure in some backward kind of way this must all seem like a joke to this older group of gang members. Now don’t get me wrong I have always said if anyone youth or adult commits a crime follow the law until you obtain a conviction. It has always been my belief we must all be responsible for our actions and what ever that may entail. Now recently I commented on the internet about something that Ernie Salomon wrote in the Santa Barbara News Press. Ernie and I than exchanged emails and he asked that I write some of my thoughts down so that I might later share them on his show. Well Ernie here they are: you are correct we must aggressively address the two Gang issues we have living right here in Santa Barbara. Now I could get assaulted by the adult gang as I have in the past for even mentioning that they exist but as usual I will just have to take my chances. You see the mentors have taught our youth to lie to law enforcement, to give false testimony during trials, and to even threaten physical harm if there demands are not met. These mentors are known to abuse our judicial system in ways we could only dream about. They have been shown or so they think that you can break the law and get away with it anytime you want and that society is helpless to do anything about it. . So I ask you all just what are we going to do to stop the law breaking action and mentors and the messages they are sending our youth? What I am saying is who is really to blame for our youth and there law breaking ways. Well I guess it is time I name the leader of these mentors and his name is Cam Sanchez and anyone who follows him by breaking the law. Law Enforcement has taught our youth it is ok to have someone give false testimony as in the Juarez case. When these mentors like Senior District Attorney Dozer go out of there way to convict the wrong defendants than you tell me than what have our youth been taught? Why than must we hold our east side and west side youth to higher standards than we hold law enforcement and other leaders of our community. Is it not true Cam Sanchez has been accused of perjury while on the stand and those charges have yet to be cleared? All I am doing is pointing out a view that many can consider unpopular but sadly is filled with the truth. Marty Blum is another fine example of a community leader inept at her responsibilities. It was her City council while she sat as mayor that fielded the question of Mr. Sanchez’s alleged perjury and failed in her tenure to secure an answer. She just recently went on T.V. and for the first time I can recall referred to the Gator Roll action. I have asked why if there are positive effects to that action have we not advertised how that action can benefit the community as a hole. My concerns to date have fallen on deaf ears. I am sure my Father and Uncles may be old enough to remember when you might be labeled a Pachuco or for my Grand fathers a Zoot suiter , my how time changes and everything remains the same fear and ignorance on the Latino’s, Hispanics. For there is no prouder American than a G.I veteran from world war II with Mexican heritage, There is no prouder American than when the President of the United States holds your Latina Grand Daughter in his arms right Matt Sanchez. You see President Bush Sr. American is proud of President Bush Jr American who is proud of his grandkids oh wait did you miss this one that are Mexican American. You see it is already in America’s future and I want my son to be the first American president with Mexican heritage so America needs to wake up. 1.6 trillion dollars in fraud and immigration is this country’s down fall. We are Bi-cultural by the design of our Forefathers yet we act as if our own history is a mistake. We must be able to accept and appreciate our histories of where we come from and were we are with out prejudice to either.

Now many people look to me as some kind of investigator of injustice and nothing could be further from the truth. Ernie you mentioned that the Adults should be punished for crimes committed by there children as well, If that is to be so than what about this Ernie. If we can prove Law Enforcement and judicial officers have committed crimes against society is it not fair than to hold there supervisors accountable also? You see people to understand what I have uncovered you are asking the wrong person to explain the injustices to you. Ask the Author of the missing 80 page motion from the Juarez murder trail that details the Prosecutorial and Judicial Misconduct that currently exists in our Santa Barbara Superior Court rooms, ask Karen Adkins for her opinion. She has in detail giving example after example of illegal actions by our District Attorneys office as well as Judge Brian Hill. Mr. Salomon Before I earn the write to appear on your T.V. show lets get Miss Adkins to give us her reasons for writing such powerful documents in regards to the mentor gang’s abuse of our youth. After all kids copy what they taught and Cam Sanchez is only teaching our youth that crime can get you what you want. I am also puzzled because where Gregory Paraskou the head of the Santa Barbara Public Defenders office in regards to better training his staff in dealing with these injustices. Now just yesterday there was a story in the news press about another one of judge Brian Hills cases that sentencing has been postponed. German Acosta is the defendants name and I know nothing of the case except Judge Hill has a problem getting through a single case with out procedure issues. Now get this Tara Haaland-Ford wants to review the transcripts for errors. First off she is Steve Balash’s partner and I believe part of the CDA. She was also involved in the 17 year old youth who was tried as an adult even though special allegations were denied. You see Ernie even though you feel the parents are not parenting I can show case after case were the parents are not allowed legal access to there children to even get involved, I can bring you case and documents to verify every single statement I make. The case I refer to above the youth was taken from juvenile hall to adult court all with out his parent’s knowledge or involvement that you claim they are negligent and not willing in there parenting duties, not being allowed is more like it.

I am sorry to keep referring to Mr. Salomon when I trying to make my point with all off you that chose to read this. I just tend to think we as a society have come to accept anything and everything that is put before us by the media print or Television in what ever cookie cutter fashion they chose. Take last week for instance. U.S.C. football announced the hiring of there new coach since Pete Carroll had resigned and was to be taking over as football coach for the Seattle Seahawks. U.S.C. named Lane Kiffin hiring him away from the University of Tennessee. Right away the media’s second installment of this story was about how Mr. Kiffin’s recruitment coordinator had made some questionable phone calls to the possible current Tennessee recruits. The coordinator had advised the recruits that if they followed through with there plan to enroll early at Tennessee that very next day there could be consequences to these actions, should they decide later that the new coach was not a good match for them or there skills. You see because of N.C.A. A. rules had the new incoming freshman recruits attended class there eligibility clock would have started ticking on the spot and that has a five year shelf life. So E.S.P.N. and the Athletic Director from Tennessee went on and on how underhanded the recruitment coordinators actions were, and I wondered to myself about this. First of all I felt it was the nature of the beast because when Tennessee fills there void well you can see a chain reaction that hiring would create. Second I noticed not a single other school or coach made a negative comment about what the coordinator had done, and that did not bother me. You see in the College sports world you would expect an all out effort to create your product number one or you hired the wrong person. That’s not to say nothing bothered me about the whole incident. You see College athletics is a Billion dollar industry and is quite frankly not a fair bargain for student athletes. So than my point is this: as a society should we have not been upset that the Tennessee Athletic director did not have the Morals to give the possibly new enrolling students the heads up as to the possible ramifications of there actions on there lives? Does he not have the obligation to say as of today we cannot meet our obligation to you as promised? Should he have not allowed them to pull there commitment until the coaching vacancy was filled and at the same time holding there scholarship until all parties involved could make an educated decision? Now for me the minute I heard the story that is what bothered me, and now that you have seen my view do you not also agree with me than.

Ok fine so than how does that media story relate to our current crisis right here is Santa Barbara? Well there is a charge against a lady for allegedly stealing 2700 dollars from some nuns who were evicted from there residence. Now what surprises me is that based on recent cases like Orson Mozes in a adoption scam that has 57 families victimized, yet is only charged with 17 felonies and further yet is only sentenced to 3 years 7 months in prison. Or how about David Abraham with 17 felonies charges, this man steals 2.1 million dollars and is to serve a total of 90 days jail time. My question here is, are there not a minimum prison time if convicted of X amount of felonies and why has our tough on the youth D.A. consistently taken it so lightly here. Now there are no less than 3 more embezzlement cases with a minimum of 400,000 in each case were just probation was ordered. I doubt all the alleged gang problems amounts to a cost near one tenth of any one these crimes yet we constantly make them the center of our media attention. Why is that ok with all of you I ask? It is like allowing Wall Street to steal 1.6 trillion dollars than complain about immigration. Or better yet why are we willing to spend 1.6 trillion dollars on what we do not even have one conviction yet we will not spend it on ourselves for better health care. Oh that’s right that is socialist program is it not? So than let’s keep funding the losing proposition of the United States post office heaven forbid we do not think of that as socialist (my sons college education teaching his father). So back to the nun story and what bothers me. First off the fact that District Attorney Perlin was on the case after he had taken a county deal to retire early, I have seen similar activity’s in other extremely corrupt cases were Mr. Perlin was involved with. My next concern is that Cam Sanchez for sending or corresponding with the defendant in a negative and threatening fashion, highly unethical and such is his way. No what really bothers me is that the need for funds even existed for these ladies of the church. You see the church had to sell the property where the nun’s resided to help pay for the settlements of molestation charges by the priest who had served Santa Barbara in the past. So they create a new sin to cover for an older and even bigger sin, to me that is the real story.

So jeers to “On Patrols’ new advertising for the new and upcoming season. You see Mr. Sanchez as a community we already have come to accept illegal use of force by those you over see and I see no reason for you to advertise it. Debate me or Karen Adkins on your patrol show and let us work to clearing up the mounting concerns over your past actions. In closing Marty Blum I lived here when Harriet Miller was involved with our City and you are no Harriet Miller. There is Magic in creating a better life for us all and I believe in Magic. If you like what I have shared please share it with others.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

How long do we allow corruption from the Santa Barbara Public Defenders Office

Wow Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Bill McLafferty has passed away yesterday. No mention of the illness or if it was expected in the Santa Barbara News Press story though. As a matter of fact the story is buried on A7 of today’s news press at the very bottom and nothing appears on the local court web page. I mean no disrespect but based on fact, his family law cases that I have either reviewed or been a victim too we can hope an improvement is forthcoming. Furthermore based on his corrupt ways in handing out illegal divorces I saw he was responsible for criminal law prior. I feel that he must have been the Judge Brian Hill previously and I say this because of his blatant abuse of our legal rites. I wonder what happen to the motion before the State Legislators to impeach him as a Judge for those very reasons? Now this ties into a note I wrote about ten days ago and this would be a great time to share that information with all of you. Governor Swchwarzengger appointed a new Judge for the Ventura Superior Court about ten days ago. The appointee now get this was selected from the most corrupt Judicial Court System in California, ours right here in Santa Barbara. According to the story I briefly glanced over he was employed by the Santa Barbara Superior Court as a research specialist lawyer. So based on all the criminal acts practiced in our judicial system here, where Prosecutorial Misconduct and Malicious Prosecution are a daily occurrence. How did Governor Swchwarzengger feel our cesspool was the appropriate place to select his next Judge from? I do apologize for not noting the new appointees name, I did trying searching for it on the web but came up empty.

I have felt that based on my personal experiences four years ago in local criminal court there are a vast array of abuses against our civil rights and due process here in Santa Barbara. I have made the accretion that Judges, Prosecutors, Public Defenders and even Private Practice Attorneys act in harmony with one another while abusing the defendant’s rights. A quick example I recently gave was to question why the media coverage of a preliminary hearing involving a minor Ricardo Juarez was allowed at all? I have said from the start that it was politically motivated and in a large part Cam Sanchez was to blame for what transpired based on his lack of action on the day in question. Now is it possible I can come up with another prime example that would show the harmony of our judicial officers in not putting there best defense possible? Well in the Juarez arraignment and while calendaring for a preliminary hearing department not one but two 170.6 motions were used in order to steer that proceeding to Judge Hills court Room, something that a Trial Judge does not oversee. Thee 170.6 motion is used to obtain a different Judge in this case claiming bias by the one presently assigned to over see the proceedings before him. For years now I have referenced the Efren Cruz case and the prosecutor Dozer’s possible misconduct in those proceedings. Now after the conclusion of the Juarez Trial and Miss Adkins charges I have this question for you all. Based on the history of misconduct proven and alleged why are the present attorneys representing any one in a Gang related case not practicing the 170.6 motion to remove Judge Hill from overseeing any proceedings? I question this based on Miss Adkins repeatedly filed motions and claims of misconduct against District Attorney Dozer and Superior Court Judge Brian Hill. I also question why if Mr. Dozer had to release Efren Cruz from prison did Miss Adkins not either ask he not be allowed to prosecute the Juarez case or at the very least use Dozer’s past actions in defense of Mr. Juarez? It was her claim from the start that they had the wrong defendant. Based on the lack of action with good cause to remove Judge Hill from further abusing his position during gang related trials, one might come to the same conclusion as me. Our Public Defenders office is simply going through the motions while allowing our district attorneys office to break the law.I also found an odd postcard stapled in the Juarez file during my last review. Juarez 1257189 People VS. Ricardo Juarez appellate NO B214315 dated March of 09, I need to further research that finding and learn the meaning of it. Getting back to preliminary hearings and Governor Schwarzenegger newly appointed Judge. If Judge McLaffertys illness was a known factor and given the fact that currently preliminary hearings involving murder can take one year to complete what does he have in his plans for us? You see one of the reasons Trial Judges such as Judge Ochoa or Judge Hill do not partake in arraignments and preliminary hearing proceedings is it would severely bottle neck the courts and create a unnecessary back log before the accused is legally bound over such as we have now. If 1 of 5 defendants was not held over for trial after the conclusion of there preliminary hearing, and said hearing took one year to complete. Some one was quite possibly jailed for a year of there life with out legal cause. I hope you can see the grave injustice that is created by allowing a year to pass before a proceeding is completed. Let us not forget it is also against court rules for that action to take more than 90 day s in the first place.

Now some may find the timing of my posting in bad taste and to you I share this. Immediately following the needless death of a D.A. investigator to a drunk driver I happened across the Santa Barbara Craigslist Rants& Raves. I was very surprised while reading the postings that three fourths of the postings were talking of there displeasure and belief of corruption from our District Attorneys office. It was at that moment I realized I would have a chance if I worked hard enough to expose the corruption, we have only just began. You cannot use Magic to make these issues go away.

Larry Mendoza

Monday, January 11, 2010

What is in Magic's Heart, It's all about our youth

You see as it turns out I have to go to court and testify in a Civil Trial next week and that bothers me. Based on my experiences with the Courts and local law enforcement I have fears that something bad could come out of something that is already so wrong from the start. I will warn you now that this posting will be filled with smiles and a few loving tears because my life includes all of you. I first want to let you into some of my beliefs and the cost I bare for such convictions. Wow this opening up to you all on this first point is probably going to be the hardest thing I have ever shared about myself. About ten or eleven years ago one of my son had some medical problems regarding a growth in his nasal cavity.. He was a young teenager and so much braver than I could have ever been. Now I will be the first to admit an outsider might finish reading this story and say damn that was a lot of hard luck. No I have been blessed with this life and its experiences and because of that I was so well prepared for the challenge of these last four years. However as a parent my greatest hope was that because of my walk in life and how I dealt with it, my children would be able to leap frog to an even greater life. Now we did the medicine thing, the wait and watch thing and it was decided that an out patient procedure would be needed. My In laws and my Dad came up to Stockton and Julie and I were already so nervous as the day arrived. So here we are all at the hospital waiting for the good news and relief direct from the doctor’s mouth as he met us after the procedure. As I recall he spoke directly to my father in law Ken and I and that was when my worst fears were answered. As it turns out there was more to this growth than originally thought, and even after this procedure we new little more than before. The doctor told us it could be this or IT COULD BE THAT. If it was this it would entail that HOWEVER IF IT WAS THAT WELL IT WOULD REQUIRE A VERY SERIOUS OPERATION BY A VERY SPECIALIZED DOCTOR. Now as much as I have said I have enjoyed my life I never said it was easy. My wife and her mom waited for my son and ken and I left before them home but I already knew. I knew that because of how my life played out my son was not going to have an easy time of it and that ate at me. Now at the same time here in Santa Barbara my lifelong friends Joel and Sonya had learned there son Jason had leukemia and he was in for a battle that would finally claim his life. Let me tell you all how proud I am of Jason Huerta and how his heart and courage carried all of us through his ordeal. In one of our Fiesta trips home Jason saw me at De La Guerra Plaza and came up and greeted me. So brave and happy, I remember having to excuse myself several times as we chatted because I didn’t want him to catch me crying or see me wipe my tears away. As Jason and I talked I promised to visit him and bring him my prized Kobe Bryant rookie card. Some time passed and I was true to my word and went to his grandparents home to surprise him. He was much sicker than and I began to really worry if we would lose him to God. Jason told me he was off to the city of hope and he also liked my Redskins hat. I asked him to contact me once he and Sonya had got settled in and I would send him a hat as well. A few weeks passed and I got worried because I had not heard from Sonya or Jason so I called his Grandparents house. As it turns out he had slipped into a coma the day before and I was never able to say good bye or give him his hat before he passed. Now when you grow up buddies as Joel and I have you share many experiences, backing each other up in many areas. I was so hurt and felt Joel and Sonya’s pain I could not attend Jason’s funeral. You see while this was going on my son had to go through 3 or 4 more procedures and the operation was so delicate they feared his facial features could be altered. The tumor had grown to the size of a tennis ball and I was a wreck. You see I to feared even though it was so remote I could also lose my son to god. The problem was that during this time because I loved Joel, Sonya and Jason so much and respected there situation I could not ask God to love my son more than Jason. I did not know how to ask God for what I perceived was more than what I had a rite too. I did not feel that my needs no matter how personal to me they were, did not make them greater than any one else. I hated myself for this view yet I believed who was I to think my needs were more important even if it meant I might lose my son. To this day I doubt my ex wife, my son’s or family ever understood what I was going through. It is a complex point to make and I hope some how you can understand what I am trying to share.

A couple more quick stories and I will finish. Have any of you ever heard of the littlest hobo that lived in Santa Barbara ? Well 25 years ago or there about Julie and I were downtown shopping around Christmas time and we saw what looked like a homeless couple with an infant baby. I was cold that day so when I say the baby in a tee shirt Julie knew right away I wanted to give the couple money. We walked a very short distance and Julie said how about we buy the baby a blanket or some cloths, she knew it was bothering me. We turned around and looked and looked but we could not find the couple or the baby. Well a few days later the story in the Santa Barbara New Press read “ The Littlest Hobo had died”. In the time it takes to blink an opportunity could be lost and losing 1 more child is 1 child to many. Now I know that was not my fault but could we have made a difference? Please don’t wait any longer in dealing with our youth. If there are things we can do, don’t stop those who are trying because of selfish or petty reasons. Some times in life things are bigger than our own needs and our failing to recognize this can and does have a harmful effect on all of us.

I have never shared my thoughts about my son or Jason with anyone but God before tonight. I am not sure that the story is even relevant other than to say I am harder on myself than anyone could be. That what I believe in my heart shows through my actions. Never let a man with no vision tell you what you can see, never let a man who has sold out his true beliefs be the standard in which you seek to obtain. We are better than what we have shown but we must begin to show just how much better we can be. We are Americans and it is sad and it is true we have a gang problem, an American youth gang problem. What is yet to be determined is how we will go about correcting and interacting with the role society has already played. Regardless of blame our youth do not rise with the sun each morning and asking for the abuse’s they have been exposed to. How do we go about solving such a dilemma?

One last story and I will leave you alone until my next posting. Many years ago Julie and I had decided on the New Year to bite the bullet and buy our family our first computer. It was to be considered everyone’s birthday present for the year. So he man dad sets the computer up and to my surprise it actually worked. With my elementary school aged child Manuel looking on I was stuck and could not get to where I wanted to go.. My son tried to offer his opinion and I cut him off. Several more minutes pass and my frustration was growing. There was Manuel trying to share something with me and I repeatedly kept cutting him off. Finally with a little fatherly attitude I turned to my son and said” Son I am trying to learn this so I can teach you”. My son said “dad you need to hit file so you can exit and get where you want to go”. We cannot expect to understand or improve our view of what our youth feel with out there interaction. It would not surprise me that after we get ourselves out of our own way our youth can and will lead us to the type of society in the future that the history books will praise for all eternity. You see the true Magic is in there hearts and brains and they will not fail us.

All I ask is that if you like what I have shared with you please share it with others, failing our youth is not an option.

Best Regards to all

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ernie Salomon please teach me a solution for this Corruption our youth face

January 7, 2010

Wow was I upset, agitated and quite possible even pissed off when I read Ernie Salomon’s letter to the Santa Barbara news press on page A8 today. I read it again and did some thought, I read it again and thought some more. The part that angered me was “The local Mexican gangs and the punks “ . Than he goes on to say “the mayor. City council, schools, and police are not baby sitters”. I would agree with that because those he has mentioned are involved with corruption and murder and must be held accountable. I than started to think how I could best apply his view and put a positive spin on it with out sinking to his level. Now folk’s that is not easy for me but I think it will gives us the power to rise above such views no matter how strongly I disagree. So my first thought was if Ernie and his wife went to a marriage counselor he would never introduce his wife as my ho and expect positive results. What his remarks reflect to me is; hey how did the fire get to the point were it caused so much damage? So there fore I am taking a risk in saying he is not really interested in solving anything but rather keeping some type of blame alive as the reasons for what must be his unhappiness regarding Mexicans. I than have to ask you all is it me or does Ernie just like to pour gas on the existing flammable situation? As I was doing some more thinking I thought maybe I should say Thank You for the Ernie Salomon’s in Santa Barbara for making my point for me. You see Ernie Salomon is an American and as it turns out it is has a god given right of free speech. No matter how strongly I disagree or even find his remarks rather ignorant for a man of his stature. It is the very same god given rights I practice of free speech when I call for Cam Sanchez’s job based on the political games being played on our youth here in Santa Barbara. At this time though I don’t feel Mr. Salomon has to be wary of vendetta justice as I or Gil Armijo or any of our youth that were witnesses to the needless death of Angel Linares are exposed to.

I have just returned to reread Mr. Salomon’ remarks again and that is when my heart grew heavy. You see some times he my haste to being condescending I to can miss what is truly important. Here is how Mr. Salomon’s full paragraph read.
“ The local Mexican gangs and the punks are mostly a result of parents who do not parent. In the mix are unwed mothers, single mothers and other parents, many of whom do not understand there duties.”
After rereading that all I can say is who in the hell does this ignorant bastard think he is making such a bold and asinine statements. Please Mr. Salomon tell me how to teach the parents of 4 east side youth families to better deal with the deaths of there son’s. Damn it Mr. Salomon I did not hear you speak at one funeral, did not see one police man or city official even comment to the sadness of these youth that would rather commit suicide than deal with your brand of justice. I have yet to hear Cam Sanchez or our school offer grief counseling or better intervention to prevent such sad and needless deaths. You are telling me a parent that there is no stone I will not over turn to bring those responsible to justice, you are a bigger fool than the words you wrote earlier. You said the result of parents that do not parent hum. I say the result of leaders who do not lead; I say the result of policy makers not being held accountable. Mr. Salomon you arrogant man tell me how many children arrived at school today and asked to have there dream smashed, how many kids asked for there parents to be ridiculed because when they did seek assistance in regards to there children and they would get humiliated for attempting it. How many of the 149 federal violations in regards to our local education were caused by bad parenting? Or Mr. Salomon was the true cause the bad implementation of federal guidelines to suit the abuse of local government? I see where you have offered up blame yet with no offer of work or effort to a solution. It must be easy to step out side get wet from the falling rain and than be so bold as to call yourself a whether man.

About a week ago I wrote a post and said the corruption I am investigating was not my idea but once again I am guilty of not thinking things all the way through you see I missed a great opportunity to talk about what really happen. My post should have read; Karen Adkins American felt that Ricardo Juarez American was having his rights violated by Judge Hill American. 14 American Attorneys also agreed with Miss. Adkins American so that they wrote the local American D.A. and told her. In all my research I have yet to find the prosecutor or the defense refer to any one involved with young Angel Linares death by using the term punks or Mexicans so Mr. Salomon why do you find the need?

As I sit here I can only wish for the strength of those east side parents and what the must tolerate just to get by day by day. I spoke with my friend Gil and I reminded him that as grown men he and I have had a tough time dealing with our injustices but again we are grown men. How can I have been beaten and rushed by ambulance in a facility full of cameras and yet no report or witnesses to allow me to charge those who thought they could harm or deter me or my efforts of justice. How can The Juarez family speak of the American dream and as you call it live up to there responsibilities as parents when there son was paraded illegally and just morally wrong.

Let me ask you folks a question. If you are not legally charged with a felony until the conclusion of a preliminary hearing; how than could the media be allowed by the Judge, D.A., County Counsel, Public defenders office or City Council to cover the event of a 14 year old not yet legally charged with a crime for the media? When you review the lack of police intervention with the abuse that followed in the media it smells of political games at the cost of one life that day, How could everyone involved violate not only Juarez but every juvenile involved or not involved for that matter? A preliminary hearing is also known as a probable cause hearing and even during a trial if presumed innocent until convicted would that not be further violation of his parents right to protect there child? So Mr. Salomon with your obvious vast knowledge on the lack of effort by our “ Mexican parents” what tips could you provide to help them see through the troubles of “Your Justice” Because it was about Politics and riding our youth innocent or guilty for the maximum exposure. I hope that makes sense to you all because it sure pisses me off. I am only just beginning, I promise you that. Now if I could think of this and it makes sense to you do we really have to be a lawyer to know it was wrong and illegal?

Truth be told every single person that I have asked now about the Juarez media coverage agrees with me100% that our children were used and everyone responsible to prevent that from happening just allowed it as if they were throwing out the paper. Mr. Salomon please in all your wisdom demonstrate the proper parental techniques needed for the above described abuse because that chapter is missing from my parent duties book 101. In closing let me talk about someone who does protect this country. I am speaking about on of the leading environmental Attorneys the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. has, in fact one of the best in the country period. His name is Jeff Prieto just another throw away Mexican or wait maybe if our youth is served one of our future leaders of this Country. Sorry to name drop on you but maybe there is more to his story than I am willing to sharing with you all write now, ask around for yourself because I am just getting started. This was not how I wanted to start the Year of the Magic but I fill these things needed to be shared. If you like what I wrote please share it and tell others.


Larry “ Magic’ Mendoza

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Prosecutorial Misconduct Complaint follow up letter against the Santa Barbara District Attorney

January 5th 2010

Office of the Chief Trial Counsel
State Bar of California
1149 Hill Street
Los Angeles California 90015-2229

To Whom It May Concern:

I am left wondering why my complaint filed last December 09 has not been acknowledged as having been received yet. I have also learned that there are or have been several grave concerns regarding Prosecutorial Misconduct by our Santa Barbara District Attorney and her Office. Including attorneys practicing as or for the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office after having accepting an early retirement offer from said county that included public money as a bonus for doing so. I keep records of my concerns on my blog @ as well as a long list of email friends. If and when you review my blog it will be quite clear my complaint was indeed mailed early last December 09. If for some reason you claim to not have received it yet please notify me by phone since it is in regards to the serious crime of Misconduct and falsifying evidence and sentencing the wrong defendant during a murder trial. It also is in regards to a beating I took that neither the local law enforcement or our local Public defender office would investigate. I have enclosed a copy of that complaint so as you can reference the materiel discussed in my original format.


Larry Mendoza
7465 Hollister Ave
Goleta Ca 93117
2#Hm 805-845 wk 805 685-0320