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Farm Worker Strong SI SE PUEDE!!!!!!

You know right now I am going to cheat a little bit because it is late an I am tired. I am going to ask history to lend me a hand with our current criss here in Santa Barbara. This next part of my posting has always been what I consider one of the greatest days in history in dealing with ignorance against Americans and Mexicans. To be done with out regard to over night polls or approval ratings. In a time were many would consider this next act political suicide came a man named Robert F. Kennedy and spoke to to those breaking the Law while in power an had the responsibility to be defending the Law. Any How History says it better than I can

On March 16,1968 Robert Kennedy started his run for President, four days after United Farm Worker (UFW) founder César Chávez ended a 23-day fast in Delano, California with 4,000 supporters, Kennedy among them, at his side. Two years earlier, Kennedy had listened as the Kern County Sheriff related to the Subcommittee on Migratory Labor how his deputies arrested peaceful picketers because they were being threatened by growers. Kennedy suggested that the sheriff and the district attorney read the Constitution of the United States. Then he visited the union hall and picket lines, supporting the strikers

Resolution Honoring Robert F. Kennedy on the 40th Anniversary of Cesar Chavez’s

1968 Fast for Nonviolence


18th Constitutional Convention

August 22-24, 2008

Fresno, California

Whereas, in March 1966, when the Delano Grape Strike was just seven months old,

Senator Robert F. Kennedy came to Delano, Calif. for the first time to take part in

hearings by the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Migratory Labor; and

Whereas, Senator Kennedy listened impatiently while the Kern County sheriff and

district attorney described how picketing grape strikers had been arrested because grape

growers were threatening the strikers with violence and then suggested that the sheriff

and the district attorney read the Constitution of the United States; and

Whereas, later, when reporters asked Senator Kennedy whether the grape strikers were

communists, he replied, "these people are just standing up for their rights"; and

Whereas, in 1966, Cesar Chavez and the farm workers' cause were largely unknown and

unpopular among Anglo society in the Central Valley where agribusiness' power had

never been questioned and where growers made large contributions to politicians,

Democrats and Republicans; and

Whereas, from the beginning, Robert Kennedy supported Cesar Chavez and the farm

workers completely, without hesitation and without the farm workers asking him to do so

when there was no political advantage to be gained and when Senator Kennedy made an

enemy out of one of the state's richest and most powerful industries; and

Whereas, there began a very special friendship, with Senator Kennedy traveling to

Delano again in March 1968, when Cesar Chavez was ending his first long public fast, of

25 days, to rededicate the movement to nonviolence; and

Whereas, Robert Kennedy said he came to Delano in 1968 "out of respect for one of the

heroic figures of our time"; and

Whereas, when Senator Kennedy declared his candidacy for president, Cesar Chavez

and the union ceased most activities and worked nonstop for Kennedy throughout

California during the 1968 Democratic presidential primary, with Senator Kennedy

winning 99 and 100 percent of the vote in heavily Latino barrios; and

Whereas, Robert Kennedy and Cesar Chavez came from very different worlds, yet the

link between them was real and deeply felt because they shared a powerful bond based on

common values of faith and justice; and


Whereas, they were both convinced that despite all the injustice that exists in our

country, there is much more that is good and decent about America; and

Whereas, the Kennedy family, especially Ethel Kennedy, Senator Edward M. Kennedy

and their children, have continued their commitment to the Farm Worker Movement over

the decades; now therefore

Be It Resolved that the United Farm Workers of America, meeting in convention in

Fresno, California on the 40th anniversary of Cesar Chavez’s 1968 fast for nonviolence,

expresses deepest gratitude for Robert F. Kennedy’s life and work, for his selfless

championing of their cause and for the special bond of friendship and solidarity that has

endured between the Kennedy family, the Chavez family and the Farm Worker


Police Chief Cam Sanchez, District Attorney Mrs. C. Stanley Santa Barbara City Council Go read the Constitution of the United States, Change is coming and I am going to be part of the reason why. There is only one way I can end this posting, SI SE PUEDE! ( YES WE CAN).


Larry Mendoza

Mafia Style Corruption in the Santa Barbara County Pension Fund. In 2008 421 Million lost in 6 months and no mention to the Public until now WHY?

Mafia Style Corruption in the Santa Barbara County Pension Fund. In 2008 421 Million lost in 6 months and no mention to the Public until now WHY?

I will be the First to say that I miss under stood the 4 different views out on our current crisis in regards to the County Pension Fund. Now based on the Grand Jury report our Current Board of Supervisors had since January 1 of 2009 to digest the 421Million Dollar or 24% loss to our Santa Barbara County’s Pension fund. Yet it took two media stories and my postings to really get things exposed, why is that?

Now being the simple minded man that I am I have just a couple of concerns to add.

1- First off how can one tell what the term “benefits” entails with out a better break down or explanation of the past departmental budgets?

2- Do you wait the full six month to absorb a lost or was there a sell off point to protect the fund?

3- If Mortgage or Stock fraud is involved where are the legal actions to recoup our losses?

4- How can one pretend to balance any future County Budget with out first addressing and controlling the needs of the pension fund?

5- Why must Santa Barbara County’s Pension fund be the highest paying in the World?

6- How can any Budget or Pension fund be correct if we ca not be sure of proper collection or distribution of benefits from Santa Barbara County? During my review as I have been the only one to expose these facts to date. Past Probation departmental budgets allotted as high as 51% of benefits to salary dollars 100/51. Yet upon reviewing our Pubic Defenders and District Attorneys Budget for similar years the ratio was more in line to 12% to salaries 100/12. How can one account for proper collections or distribution of any kind based on that new math from out Trusted Public Officials?

7- Why does it appear our Grand jury’s report was suppressed from the public?

Now mind you I might have a total of ten hours in review, in the hands of people smarter than I what is really gong to come out? How is an additional 19 million dollars to next years budget really going to fix things? Pedro Nava can not clean up the corruption in Santa Barbara and he has no business running for California’s Attorney General.

As always Best Regards

Larry “ Magic” Mendoza
Don't forget about the D.A.'s Office too Craigslist‏

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What the Hell is going on with Mr. Sanchez and our courts (Santa Barbara)

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The city council is only doing a partial job with investigating Cam Sanchez chief of police. What the hell was the District Attorneys office doing going along with this madness all the way to a trial. At some point you set a side the idiot Mr. Sanchez's ego and DROP THE CHARGES. Cut your loses and protect the cities funds from a law suit.
How ever the problem goes beyond what Mr. Scoles has been exposed to. You see he received just a small taste of what myself and even the so cold Gang bangers he complains about go through. You see Mr. Scoles those gang bangers you proclaim Mr. Sanchez protects are exposed to 10 times the treatment you received. How about turning 18 and being transferred from Juvenal Hall to county jail to find a 5 year suspended prison sentence waiting for you as a birthday gift. Oh the alleged charges are from when you were a Juvenal but now you are forced to accept an illegal deal. Now the co players in this drama are the Judge, D.A., Public Defender and pre sentencing probation report that all play along as if this were legal. There will be a waiver of rights one must sign that will bare those co conspirators signatures of this crime. An I will prove this in the not to distant future.

Try going to the F.B.I. And pulling your depart of justice criminal report or ' Rap Sheet” only to find the Santa Barbara court system is afraid to perpetrate there fraud that far and your charges are non existent to the F.B.I.. Meaning the felony I am now held to never really happen but the Judge and all parties in his court room played a long as if it were legal. Simply check Judge Hill and case # 1189598. Find our why Michelle Tinsley the court clerk changes the terms of convictions. Better yet why do Mary Barron, an Greg Boller of the District Attorneys and Karen Adkins of the Public Defenders office Play a long as if it were legal. Oh don't for get the missing court minutes from 08/24/06 or better yet more breaking of the law by having the pre sentencing probation report also be missing from this court file. Oh but wait it gets better as the court reporter Sharron Reinhold for the felony transcripts and she will claim she can't find or produce them.

Deal with that Mr. Scoles as an American who had never had a criminal record before the age of 45 and you will see what all Americans regardless of race must face from Mr. Sanchez and his cronies.

You mean to tell me know one in our Grand Jury has thought on there own for the protection of all Santa barbarians these and many other things need there total attention right now.

Change is coming Mr. Scoles and I thank you for your major role in making it happen but it is long over due.


Lawrence Zuniga Mendoza

Was 14 year old Ricardo Juarez framed and was his sentencing Legal according to Prop 21?

On Mar 5, 2010, at 12:59 PM, larry m wrote:

I wrote this almost a year ago in regards to Ricardo Juarez being sentenced as an adult. Back in March of 07 the D.A. had two choices to charge a 14 as an adult using prop 21. One is Murder the other would have been assault with a deadly weapon, they chose murder. Now since I already have a court document from our District Attorney Franklin in which he writes he gave stomper immunity for the murder than had him testify we know Juarez was not properly charged. Ok once the court came back with manslaughter and that is not a charge which allows the D.A. to convict Juarez as an adult. Manslaughter is a killing with out malice or intent thus eliminates gang enhancements. There is generally no enhancements added to life sentence charges since it is redundant in nature. All I am saying is that they lie cheat and do what they want. Please forgive my spelling and grammar, sometimes while posting back than I would be in a hurry to finish and should have been more polished.

I will forward the document I metioned regard stomper and immunity over the weekend.

An Old posting

Is the Sentencing in the Ricardo Juarez file legal?

I must pass on my condolences to the Linares an the lose of there sons life before I go on. I having two sons cannot even imagine the pain and sorrow felt by your family. This work how ever is so important since our children are simply being used by Law Enforcement as political pawns. Take for example the actions committed here by our courts and its personal act or are engaging in a Racketeering-Influenced

and as a Corrupt Organization against our youth and selected adults A.K.A, R.I.C.O.

If you notice all the witness's in this crime are youths and all have been separated from family to prevent further questioning as to what really transpired and if the Law was properly and evenly applied to all. Again I only have questions about the proposition 21 law and how it was applied but upon review of the Internet this law a long with gang enhancements is greatly miss applied in courts leading to numerous appeals which leads me to my next question. Where does Mr. R. Juarez's appeal process stand as we speak. To the Linares family and all family's effected by these possible corrupt actions by our courts and law enforcement, should we not error on the side that protects all children's rights? Should we not start to trust in our own discomfort and help each other protect our children from being used as nothing more than funding and job security? I was attending a regular class at the time the murder took place. An based on past days in which school was let out early or off not only me but people on the bus were a aware that there would be gatherings of youth from different sides of town and would possible be on state street that day. How hard was it for the police based on past actions to increase or at least strategically place there personal to help prevent anything from happening at all? That has been my main concern from the outset. Below are some very specific laws all concerning the charges and sentencing for Mr. Juarez. I fear that the above mentioned court personal and law enforcement have no fear and commit there crimes of civil rights violations, prosecutal and judicual misconduct in broad day light under the phony idea it represents justice. What if I am right,what than?


Larry Mendoza


January 16th,2009 story from the independent;

Since 2001, when 62 percent of California voters in favor of Proposition 21, 14-year-olds can be tried in adult court for some serious crimes, including murder and attempted murder. At the time of the DA’s decision, Juarez was the second youngest person in the state to be prosecuted in this manner.

Text of Proposition 21

(2) Except as provided in subdivision (b) of Section 602, the district attorney or other appropriate prosecuting officer may file an accusatory pleading against a minor 14 years of age or older in a court of criminal jurisdiction in any case in which any one or more of the following circumstances apply:

(A) The minor is alleged to have committed an offense which if committed by an adult would be punishable by death or imprisonment in the state prison for life.

602. Any (a) Except as provided in subdivision (b), #italic#any person who is under the age of 18 years when he or she violates any law of this state or of the United States or any ordinance of any city or county of this state defining crime other than an ordinance establishing a curfew based solely on age, is within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court, which may adjudge such person to be a ward of the court.

(b) Any person who is alleged, when he or she was 14 years of age or older, to have committed one of the following offenses shall be prosecuted under the general law in a court of criminal jurisdiction:

(1) Murder, as described in Section 187 of the Penal Code, if one of the circumstances enumerated in subdivision (a) of Section 190.2 of the Penal Code is alleged by the prosecutor, and the prosecutor alleges that the minor personally killed the victim.

190.2 penal code

(a) The penalty for a defendant who is found guilty of

murder in the first degree is death or imprisonment in the state

prison for life without the possibility of parole if one or more of

the following special circumstances has been found under Section

190.4 to be true:

Unlawful killings without malice or intent are considered manslaughter.

192. Manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being withoutmalice. It is of three kinds:

(a) Voluntary--upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion.

(b) Involuntary--in the commission of an unlawful act, not

amounting to felony; or in the commission of a lawful act which might

produce death, in an unlawful manner, or without due caution and

circumspection. This subdivision shall not apply to acts committed in

the driving of a vehicle.

So what happens

if the charge is not one that you can apply Proposition 21?

Read below and find out;

Rule 4.510. Reverse remand

(a) Minor prosecuted under Welfare and Institutions Code section 602(b) or 707(d) and convicted of offense listed in Welfare and Institutions Code section 602(b) or 707(d) (Penal Code, § 1170.17)

If the prosecuting attorney lawfully initiated the prosecution as a criminal case under Welfare and Institutions Code section 602(b) or 707(d), and the minor is convicted of a criminal offense listed in those sections, the minor must be sentenced as an adult.

(Subd (a) amended effective January 1, 2007.)

(b) Minor convicted of an offense not listed in Welfare and Institutions Code section 602(b) or 707(d) (Penal Code, § 1170.17)

(1) If the prosecuting attorney lawfully initiated the prosecution as a criminal case and the minor is convicted of an offense not listed in Welfare and Institutions Code section 602(b) or 707(d), but one that would have raised the presumption of unfitness under juvenile court law, the minor may move the court to conduct a postconviction fitness hearing.

(A) On the motion by the minor, the court must order the probation department to prepare a report as required in rule 5.768.

(B) The court may conduct a fitness hearing or remand the matter to the juvenile court for a determination of fitness.

(C) The minor may receive a disposition hearing under the juvenile court law only if he or she is found to be fit under rule 5.772. However, if the court and parties agree, the minor may be sentenced in adult court.

(D) If the minor is found unfit, the minor must be sentenced as an adult, unless all parties, including the court, agree that the disposition be conducted under juvenile court law.

(2) If the minor is convicted of an offense not listed in Welfare and Institutions Code section 602(b) or 707(d), but one for which the minor would have been presumed fit under the juvenile court law, the minor must have a disposition hearing under juvenile court law, and

79 consistent with the provisions of Penal Code section 1170.19, either in the trial court or on remand to the juvenile court.

(A) If the prosecuting attorney objects to the treatment of the minor as within the juvenile court law and moves for a fitness hearing to be conducted, the court must order the probation department to prepare a report as required by rule 5.768.

(B) The court may conduct a fitness hearing or remand the matter to the juvenile court for a determination of fitness.

(C) If found to be fit under rule 5.770, the minor will be subject to a disposition hearing under juvenile court law and Penal Code section 1170.19.

(D) If the minor is found unfit, the minor must be sentenced as an adult, unless all parties, including the court, agree that the disposition be conducted under juvenile court law.

(3) If the minor is convicted of an offense that would not have permitted a fitness determination, the court must remand the matter to juvenile court for disposition, unless the minor requests sentencing in adult court and all parties, including the court, agree.

(4) Fitness hearings held under this rule must be conducted as provided in title 5, division 3, chapter 14, article 2.

(Subd (b) amended effective January 1, 2007.)

Rule 4.510 amended effective January 1, 2007; adopted effective January 1, 2001.

Juarez Sentenced to 17 Years in State Prison

Jan 16, 2009 — Santa Barbara Independent

With the gang enhancement, Juarez was facing 14 to 22 years behind bars in an adult prison, though Hill did have an option to sentence Juarez to probation. While Dozer asked Hill for the maximum and Atkins asked for the judge to take away the 10-year gang enhancement penalty, the decision was ultimately Hill’s, with no room for him to opt out of sentencing Juarez as an adult. The sentence he opted for was the recommendation from the Probation Department, which issued an extensive report on Juarez’s background. “Clearly there has to be some sense of retribution and justice for the Linares family,” Hill said in rendering the sentence, which he explained as “commiserate with the crime that was done.”

Now based on the above references and the Judges statement from above do you not agree with me that maybe the court

Taken from proposition 21

A) The minor is alleged to have committed an offense which if committed by an adult would be punishable by death or imprisonment in the state prison for life.

Below is more concerns I have with Judge Hill and his actions regarding his authority to allow immunity in order two obtain valuable testimony from key witness's even after the have invoked there right to use the fifth amendment so as not to passable incriminate themselves.

Juarez Witnesses Plead Fifth During Questioning

Defense Counsel Atkins Cites Fear of Retaliation as Motive

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

By Devon Claire Flannery

“There's no doubt in my mind that if he were called to testify he might incriminate himself,” said Judge Brian Hill after Romero had stepped off the witness stand.

Today, the defense brought to the stand Ricardo Romero, nicknamed “Stomper,” another minor, whom they are trying prove was actually responsible for the stabbing death. At his attorney’s suggestion, Romero also invoked his Fifth Amendment rights. “There's no doubt in my mind that if he were called to testify he might incriminate himself,” said Judge Brian Hill after Romero had stepped off the witness stand

“Stomper” Testimony Recreated in Juarez Trial

Reenactment Allows Jury to Consider Account from Preliminary Hearing

The reenactment of Stomper's cross-examination during Juarez’s August 2007 preliminary hearing used a transcript of that testimony to introduce to the jury information otherwise blocked by Stomper's refusal to testify at trial. Earlier, Stomper had been sworn in as a witness but invoked his Fifth Amendment right to avoid incriminating himself. Before the reading began, Judge Brian Hill instructed the jury to take it in as if they were watching the actual witness being questioned on the stand, under oath.

(9) A judge shall not make any public comment about a pending or

impending proceeding in any court, and shall not make any nonpublic

How does the Judge know that "Stomper was not lying before?

Why do they allow this?

Richardo A.K.A. Stomper was granted use immunity in the first of two priliminary hearing by the district attorney’. Judge Hill later uses his right as Judge to order a different juvenile witness to testify who had also tried to avoid giving his statement under oath by pleading the fifth. In that story the Judge reassures the witness he will not allow new charges to be charged in exchange for his testimony. So my question to you all than is why did he not allow the public defenders to offer there defendant the best defense possible by ordering Richardo A.K.A. stomper to testify and clear up any contradictions from his preliminary testimony as reported by the news media?

Interesting links F.Y.I.

from the dept of justice

In regards to Ricardo Juarez

also this self help center from the courts is in Spanish and English

Based on The Juarez trial assault would have been the correct adult charge

this booklet is very clear in lawyers communicating with parents and the need for an interpreter

Santa Barbara City Administrator Hires Ventura Investigators for Police Chiefs alleged Civil Rights Crimes vs.Scoles Case.Over 1 Year and Mr. Sanchez has not been CLEARED WHY?

>Why has a whole year passed and our Santa Barbara City Council not cleared the Police Chief of there own allegations?

 Santa Barbara City Administrator  Hires Ventura Investigators for Police Chiefs alleged Civil Rights Crimes vs.Scoles Case


City Hires Ventura Investigators for Scoles Case

Mesa Resident Claims Police Chief Improperly Detained Him

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Santa Barbara City Administrator Jim Armstrong has hired a Ventura-based private investigation firm to look into allegations that Santa Barbara Police Chief Cam Sanchez violated the civil rights of Mesa resident Wayne Scoles, whom the chief had arrested after a verbal altercation on the Mesa last June. Sanchez alleged that Scoles - a Mesa activist known for his intense passion and loud voice - had threatened the chief physically after making several racial slurs about Sanchez's ethnicity. Earlier this year, a Santa Barbara jury found Scoles not guilty on misdemeanor charges. He has since filed seven complaints with City Hall indicating his intention to sue on the grounds he was improperly detained and interrogated. Once such a complaint is filed, Armstrong explained, an internal investigation is automatic. Given that it involved the chief of police, he said, an outside entity was brought in.

Clouds Gathering Over Police Chief in Santa Barbara an olderr Story

> Clouds Gathering Over Police Chief

Clouds Gathering Over Police Chief

Budget Showdown, Mayoral Face-Off Confront Cam Sanchez

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's a little premature to declare that the proverbial perfect storm is brewing over the head of Santa Barbara Police Chief Cam Sanchez, now entering his eighth year at the helm of the city police department. But the clouds definitely are gathering, and they show only few signs of blowing away.

Two months ago, for example, a Santa Barbara jury concluded it simply did not believe the chief of police when Sanchez accused Wayne Scoles, a burly, hot-tempered Mesa activist, of calling him "a Mexican motherfucker" last June before Scoles allegedly threatened to "kick his [Sanchez's] ass." Scoles, who was arrested and prosecuted on misdemeanor charges, denied threatening the chief or making racist remarks; Sanchez was the key witness against him. As courtroom melodramas go, the Scoles hearing was inconsequential in the extreme. But for the chief, it clearly was an embarrassment.

Paul Wellman

Wayne Scoles denied threatening to beat up Sanchez and charged that the chief had him arrested to shut him up.

More recently, Chief Sanchez found himself forced to apologize to a prominent Latina anti-gang activist, who had been dragged out of her car at gunpoint by law enforcement officials during the erroneous execution of a search warrant on suspected drug dealers. Even though county Sheriff's deputies were to blame-they had the wrong house on the wrong street-Sanchez was brought in to limit the fallout. If city police are to find success against gangs, they need active help from low-income and Latino residents, many of whom regard law enforcement with considerable fear and suspicion. The public takedown of a well-known activist did little to allay such concerns.

In between, Sanchez found himself the target of an orchestrated mini-insurrection conducted by the Fire and Police Commission, usually one of the quietest and most quiescent of all the city boards and commissions. Typically, Fire and Police Commission meetings last 30 minutes; this one in March went two hours. Anyone with a gripe against the chief was invited to show up. Scoles was the first to speak, demanding the chief's resignation. He was followed by Jim Worthen, a former Republican Party operative and public access talk-show host, who likewise wanted Sanchez deep-sixed, for allegedly failing to return any of numerous phone calls placed by Worthen.

Paul Wellman

Jim Worthen

If that weren't enough, a homeless advocate denounced the department's decision to close the murder investigation on Ross Stiles, a homeless man who died under suspicious circumstances. The department's investigation was trashed as half-hearted at best. "Homelessness is not a capital offense," the activist said in a written statement.

Sanchez was not present at the commission meeting, instead attending funeral services for the four Oakland police officers who were killed in the line of duty last month. He was also attending the funeral for a close personal friend in Hollister. Upon his return, Sanchez would comment of Worthen's attack, "I never even heard of the man." At the same hearing, downtown hotel owners decried the noise and public debauchery taking place in the city's "Entertainment District." One commissioner, Thomas Parker-a former FBI agent and now a private security consultant helping corporations deal with white-collar crime-said he was shocked at how low the police profile was in the drunk-and-disorderly zone. During one 90-minute Saturday-night tour, Parker said one bar he visited "looked like gang central," he entered another where a male strip show was unfolding, and, in all that time, he saw only one police car cruise by.

Paul Wellman

With the appointment of retired FBI agent Thomas Parker, the Fire and Police Commission has gotten a lot friskier and a lot less docile.

In years past, the commission busied itself primarily with dance permits and city towing contracts. But with the recent appointment of Parker, new to Santa Barbara this year, a majority of the commissioners are now inclined to take a more robust interpretation of their duties and functions. The commissioners now want to comment meaningfully on a wide array of issues, like gangs and proposed budget cuts. To this end, they regard Sanchez as an obstacle and an impediment. If there's a confrontation brewing, they show little signs of backing down.

Typically, big-city police chiefs wear out their welcome professionally after about three years. For smaller-market law enforcement executives, the life expectancy is closer to five. By this measure, Sanchez has been a screaming success. And in a field where no news is good news, he has succeeded in maintaining a notably low profile throughout most of his tenure in Santa Barbara. Perhaps that's why the recent eruption of controversy seems so striking. But then, money woes have a nasty habit of highlighting controversies that would otherwise lay dormant. Though there's definitely more static on the chief's line than the public is accustomed to, it's hardly enough to threaten his job. Even so, with 30 years of law enforcement under his belt, and 16 as a chief, Sanchez will soon be able to walk away from the post and enjoy the enviable retirement benefits reserved for those in law enforcement. For the time being, however, Sanchez is staying put, doing his best to adopt a philosophical attitude to the slings and arrows coming his way.

Is Cam Sanchez doing a good job?

Yes, crime is down overall.

Yes, it's a tough job done well.

Yes, but he's more of a politician.

No, gang violence sucks.

No, he doesn't support cops.

No, everything's his fault.

See the results without voting.

Money, Honey

It appeared the real push would come to shove this week with the much-anticipated release of the city's new budget plan. No department was to be spared the fiscal ax, and City Administrator Jim Armstrong had ordered the police department to identify at least $1.3 million in "adjustments." That's roughly 4 percent of the department's budget. By contrast, non-public safety departments -like Parks & Recreation-were told to cut closer to 10 percent.

"There are no sacred cows," Sanchez said in a recent interview. "We all have to share the pain." Initially, it appeared that pain would involve the elimination of five positions of sworn officers-currently now vacant-and the positions of eight non-sworn officers, currently now filled.

Paul Wellman

POA head Sergeant Charles McChesney is looking to make the chief of police report directly to the City Council, not the city administrator.

And to the politically influential Police Officers Association (POA), that was both wrong-headed and dangerous. The union's members were geared up for a showdown of epic proportions to fight off budget cuts. As they told it, the police department has been bleeding for the past nine years, losing positions and funding at the expense of officer safety and public safety. At its height, the department was authorized for 150 sworn officers, but that was thanks to federal grants bestowed during the largesse of the Clinton administration. Four years ago, it was down to 126. Now it's authorized for 140. But in the flesh, the real number is closer to 134, with three police-academy graduates on the way and several others on injured reserves.

The POA's initial reaction to the proposed budget cuts was to launch a lobbying blitz, quietly educating the City Council what would happen to public safety if five sworn officers and eight non-sworn were to be sliced or diced. Sergeant Charles McChesney, the POA's president, said he could identify only $30,000 in cuts that would not impact public safety. Rather than inflict such cuts, McChesney said City Hall should liquidate some of its $175 million investment portfolio. To date, no city employees' union has ever targeted the investment portfolio before. This was a first. City finance czar Robert Peirson insisted that such a move would be impossible and illegal, arguing that the bulk of the city's investments are controlled by what are known as "enterprise funds," such as the municipal golf course, water district, airport, or waterfront.

Of all the major unions representing city employees, the POA remains the only one to have officially declined to discuss contract "give-backs" in the face of looming budget shortfalls. The Service Employees International Union Local 620 currently is negotiating a host of major concessions-raise freezes, work furloughs, and no vacation-time cash-outs-in exchange for a no-layoff commitment. The firefighters' union has not formally entered into such negotiations, but has met informally with city negotiators and expressed openness to discussing such measures.

Santa Barbara Citywide Crime Stats

1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2008

HOMICIDE 7 6 6 3 0 3

RAPE 24 26 33 38 34 26

ROBBERY 75 132 107 58 76 117

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT* 139 467 436 371 399 347

AUTO THEFT 225 350 247 122 207 114

LARCENY/THEFT 1,740 3,052 2,614 1,953 2,125 1,912

ARSON 19 8 18 14 43 32

What promised to become a bare-knuckled budget brawl has been either postponed or solved-time will tell which it is-by a combination of wishful thinking, creative bookkeeping, and/or shrewd grant writing. That's because City Administrator Armstrong decided to assume that City Hall will be awarded a major grant-part of the federal government's economic stimulus program-that would fund as many as five officers' positions for the next three years. City Hall has only just submitted the grant application and won't know its fate until the middle of the summer. Armstrong said City Hall's chances are "very competitive," and noted that in years past, the city has done well with such grants. In addition, he said City Hall recently won a $230,000 grant that will help fund positions in the police department for the next year and a half.

If City Hall wins those grants, the problem is solved. But if it falls short, the road ahead promises to be bumpy indeed. If the excruciatingly bitter contract negotiations that took place three years ago between City Hall and the POA provide any illumination-after which City Hall agreed to a 26.5 percent increase in pay and benefits during three-and-a-half years-such a budget battle could prove especially disruptive, painful, and publicly contentious.

Among city employee unions, the POA has always carried the biggest stick. Its endorsement alone imbues a candidate with a law-and-order respectability. But that's just the beginning. The union donates generously to the candidates themselves and runs its own separate campaigns on behalf of its candidates. In addition, POA members walk precincts on behalf of their endorsees.

This year, the union has a lot at stake. Most immediately, there are the budget cuts. But this December, the POA contract expires; negotiations for a new contract are slated to begin sometime this summer. The starting wage for an entry-level cop is $65,000 per year without overtime. But with overtime and seniority, 55 of the 101 sworn officers are earning $100,000 or more. That puts them on par with officers in comparable departments from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara.

Between now and November, Santa Barbara voters will select a new mayor and three new councilmembers-in other words, a whole new council majority. Already, the union has endorsed Councilmember Iya Falcone in her bid to become the city's next mayor. Falcone is so highly regarded by the POA that the union didn't extend to Falcone's chief rival-Councilmember Helene Schneider-the customary courtesy of an endorsement interview. Although the mayoral campaign remains in its early stages, the looming budget cuts have already emerged as a divisive issue. Falcone initially voiced strong support for maintaining the status quo of troop strength at 140, but at a gathering of West Beach merchants and residents on Monday evening, pledged her support to increasing patrol strength to 150. Schneider, who in the past has been supported by the Service Employees International Union Local 620, has suggested the department could save $550,000 with no loss of service if the POA agreed to waive a scheduled pay increase and forgo vacation cash-outs.


Giving dangerous urgency to this sprawling debate is the growing public impatience with the persistence of gang violence. While the number of gang-related incidents is holding roughly steady, the brazenness of the participants has been increasing. And so too has the amount of front-page news space devoted to mug shots of intimidating gang members, whether real or merely alleged.

Barring the miraculous intervention of these federal funds, Chief Sanchez will find himself caught in a furious crossfire between his officers' union and his immediate boss, City Administrator Armstrong, the one man in City Hall the POA most virulently distrusts. (Privately, some union leaders believe Armstrong would like to reduce the number of sworn officers on the payroll to 130, while they contend a city of Santa Barbara's size and complexity should ideally have as many as 150. Armstrong denies ever voicing any opinion at all regarding the proper size of the police department.)

"At the end of the day, most people don't care who I answer to," he said. "All they want to know is that a uniform shows up at their door when they call for service."

In fact, the union has already alerted Sanchez that it is contemplating a campaign to amend the city charter to make the police chief directly answerable to the City Council, not the city administrator. Sanchez, for the record, opposes such a change, arguing that that would politicize the post, that Armstrong is "a great boss," and that he already enjoys unfettered access to all councilmembers and they with him. "At the end of the day, most people don't care who I answer to," he said. "All they want to know is that a uniform shows up at their door when they call for service."

Gang-Related Offenses

2005 2006 2007

MURDER 0, 0, 2




ROBBERY 5, 3, 6


VANDALISM 30 37 37

BATTERY 5 12 13





For his part, Sanchez takes pains to project abiding optimism in the face of multiple grim realities. He shrugged off the Scoles verdict, saying, "We have a jury system in this country, and the jury has spoken. The whole thing was unfortunate." He praised members of the Fire and Police Commission, but disputed assertions by some that he's tried to keep them in the dark about the budget's impacts on the department. "That's absolutely untrue," he declared. If the commissioners wanted to expand their inquiry into gangs beyond what the department already provides, he said it would be up to them to take the initiative. "If they want to go out into the community, they can," he said. "But it would be silly for us to go get people." And he emphatically denied allegations by some commissioners that he refused to appear at any commission meetings attended by members of the POA. "I would never insult my association by saying I wouldn't be there," he stated. "The more the merrier."

As for the coming city elections, Sanchez commented, "Two things I don't worry about: I don't worry about any mayor's race or any City Council elections. I get along with all the candidates and they all have the city's best interest at heart."

Sanchez's relationship with his union has always been a dicey mix of cordiality and friction, regard and suspicion. He was the union's first choice of candidates, but he was hired from outside the department. Almost immediately upon taking the post, Sanchez inherited a messy sex-discrimination lawsuit filed by two female officers who contended they would have been promoted to sergeant-a post that at that time no woman officer had ever achieved-were it not for the department's good-old-boy system. The POA, they charged, was part and parcel of that club. The jury awarded the two women $1.8 million.

The grumble on Sanchez always has been that he's not enough of a cop's cop, that he's distracted by functions outside the department, and that he's not hands-on enough. Much of the day-to-day responsibility of running the department was delegated largely to Rich Glaus, former assistant chief. And the POA has always been quick to complain Sanchez doesn't stick out his neck enough for his officers.

"Do I ethnically profile? You bet I do. One hundred percent of the victims of these gangs are Latino," he said. "100 percent."

However, Sanchez has no shortage of champions. His support for community-oriented policing jibed well with the City Council's liberal-leaning, Democratic-dominated majority. On gang issues, Sanchez's Latino heritage helped diffuse concerns about racial profiling. "Do I ethnically profile? You bet I do. One hundred percent of the victims of these gangs are Latino," he said. "100 percent."

In action, Sanchez and his department have provided a mix of an iron fist and a velvet glove. Last week, for example, the department was commended by a statewide law enforcement agency for Operation Gator Roll, in which more than 200 suspected Eastside gang members were arrested by a force of 400 federal, state, and local law enforcement officials directed by city police last October.

But Sanchez considers "the best day" of his 30-year law enforcement career the time he spent last summer engaged in heart-to-heart discussions with gang bangers then serving time at Los Prietos Boys Camp. Two of those gang members have since enrolled in City College, found jobs, and appear to be on their way out of gang life. Sanchez challenged members of UCSB's Latino Business Association to mentor at-risk teens. The group responded by providing about 35 mentors for Santa Barbara High School students, meeting once a week for at least an hour. The hope is to show there are alternatives to the bloody turf battles between Eastsiders and Westsiders.

Getting Along

More recently, Sanchez has taken back some of the ministerial functions he'd delegated, such as promotions. Not only was the first female officer promoted to sergeant under his watch, but two more have also been promoted since then. Many Latinos have moved up the promotional ladder as well, infusing the department with greater diversity at all levels. Due to a wave of retirements, Sanchez appointed a whole new command staff this January, replacing Deputy Chief Glaus with Frank Mannix. His three new captains are Alex Altavilla, Armando Martel, and Gilbert Torres.

Where the union is concerned, Sanchez has said his door is always open. Likewise, he feels free to speak his mind to McChesney or former POA president Mike McGrew, if need be. How often that actually occurs, however, is unclear. McChesney, who was elected in October 2007, said he's sat down over coffee with the chief just once.

McChesney said he understands Sanchez answers to City Administrator Armstrong. But he would prefer if Sanchez had voiced more concerns regarding some of the proposed cuts. Outgoing Fire Chief Ron Prince held his nose a little when discussing the $750,000 his department was slated to endure. Prince made it emphatically clear he was not personally recommending these cuts, merely identifying them, as ordered by Armstrong.

Much to the union's chagrin, that's not how Sanchez played it during negotiations three years ago. And it's not how Sanchez is playing it now.

Paul Wellman

Cam Sanchez

When it appeared the positions of five sworn officers would be stripped from his department, Sanchez argued it could be done safely. Those positions would be filled by cops working the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) patrol, staffing the Police Activities League (PAL) program, and two of the beat coordinators. By reassigning, he said, the department's essential patrol strength would be maintained at about 50. "In terms of calls for service, that won't suffer," he said. "Other things will suffer, but my number-one goal is to keep police officers in police cars. Some programs will have to be suspended to keep cops in cars, and that's unfortunate. But when people pick up the phone and they want a cop, they're getting a cop."

Whether or not the department secures major new grant funding, the public will be paying more for its services. By increasing the price of a parking ticket by $4, the department estimates it can raise $300,000. People who have their cars towed will see tow-release tickets soar by 250 percent.

POA President McChesney expressed satisfaction that the department appears to have dodged a budget bullet. But some of the cuts, he said, will still sting. He said burglaries have increased by 25 percent compared to the same time period last year. But with one less crime-scene technician out of a two-person team, it will take that much longer to get fingerprints processed. Animal control officers, he said, don't just respond to wildlife incursions or dangerous dogs on the prowl. "They're an integral part of our anti-gang unit," he said, noting that many gang members have pit bulls. "This will have a very real impact on public safety."

Ultimately, it will be up to the City Council, not the POA, not Jim Armstrong, and not Cam Sanchez, to hash out a workable budget. That will play out in the weeks and months to come. Given the impending election and the stakes involved, all of the proceedings will be intensely politicized. In the meantime, Sanchez denied rumors that he's angling for a new job as chief of Oakland or San Francisco. He has not applied, he said, nor has he been invited to do so.

The friend whose funeral Sanchez recently attended in Hollister -where Sanchez used to be chief-died of cancer before turning 60. "You know, I've been a cop for nearly 30 years and a chief for 16. I know we're going through hard times economically, and it's nobody's fault at the city or the county. It is what it is and we're all going to have to make some sacrifices," he said. "But let me tell you something, I don't have any problems. I've got nothing to complain about. Nothing at all."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A new high 117 Hits on Larry Mendoza's A.K.A. Magi'c BLOG Thank You

I just wanted to say Thank You all and please keep Sharing my Blog

117 hits on my blog today and that does not count the Craigslist postings. Now it's funny but I have been calling out our Government appointee's for months and not the reaction I was hoping for. Yet you talk about 2 Billion Dollars and all of a sudden you get the Public's attention, well I will take the attention any way I can.

We need the Attention

P.S. I wonder what stories they were down loading?

An email to Magic About Drunk Drivers in Santa Barbara(Police Chief's Wife)


Subject: RE: The Best and Worst at the Same Time

Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 07:45:28 -0700

Hi Larry. I have another tid bit of information that you may find interesting too regarding the unequal justice also speaking of a drunk driving incident. I work at a large law firm in the San Fernando Valley. I happen to know a couple of very young law students who work at the Santa Barbara Jail and one who previously worked there. I was made aware of an incident through him that occurred with the wife of the chief of police at the time he worked there. Although she was picked up and brought in due to the fact that she could hardly stand and was such a danger to herself and anyone on the road. She was fully wasted with alchohol levels sky high and way above the legal limit. She was treated like a princess while she was there and offered blankets and such so she would be comfortable during her SHORT stay which only lasted till her husband, the chief of police, showed up to take her home. She was never booked or processed through the courts system. That young law student said there were several incidents similar to this that went on up there in Santa Barbara and he was disgusted and dissolutioned by it. Very sad.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Real Estate Foreclosure Fraud in Santa Barbara no N.O.D.'s being Published, WHY?

Real Estate Foreclosure Fraud in Santa Barbara

As it turns out yesterday as I often do I miss a chance to be more complete or exposing than I am. You see here I was explaining that during the Foreclosure of my property a new Notice of Default or “N.O.D.” was not filed or published. I than went on to share with you that as an average during the past 12 months 86 transfers occur due to these types of sales based on the date collected by our County assessor’s office. Now it takes 90 days for a N.O.D. to be completed and a sale at the court house to occur, are you with me so far? Than why is it if 110 N.O.D.’s are filed every month as an average do we not have any records being published as these actions occur? I mean the Independent and Santa Barbara classifieds should be over loaded with N.O.D. notices. Now last week I saw 6 N.O.D. notices in the Santa Barbara paper and that was all. Seams to me the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office via there Real Estate fraud division has some work to do. Oh an by the way Google Real Estate and Foreclosure Fraud in Santa Barbara and it seams we have an epidemic of Corruption, but are you really surprised.?

Larry Mendoza

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Best and Worst at the Same Time

Once again I am at odds with myself in regards to sharing what concerns that rise up from a simple review of the daily media be it the press or video. Have you every had some thing in your life be the worst and best experience at the same time. I find myself there almost on a daily basis. Right now today I am so lost as to what is right, or what is wrong, to have faith or have I lost my faith? I wonder how many apologizes I owe for my selfishness which is why all these postings began in the first place. Now when I say my selfishness you might also view it as my self preservation through our Santa Barbara criminal court corruption. I often worry what if my postings have over stepped there place with the families that live the nightmare I describe and to them I am truly sorry and do at this time again offer my Heart felt apologies. As I reflect back to my first experiences with the courts here in Santa Barbara. It was more than just my personal violations but the violations of our Country that started my writing. I never claim to be smarter than or some sort of know it all, in fact my claims are just the opposite. I feel that for the most part I am just simply sharing situations or data that make no sense to me and I wonder if it is the same for you? Now my need to make sense of my life is why I write (best) yet my fear I may never get my life back (worst) is why I can hate writing. Does that make sense to anyone? I love my Country and yet hate what I see and I feel a responsibility greater than my own needs to keep writing. Than the question comes can words really inspire others into concern or action? Will people raise there head from the grazing on manure that we do on a daily basis without thought and respect for the needs of complete strangers as we would our own? Time will tell but I have faith that when the ugly of what has really transpired right here in Santa Barbara to our youth the best of people will show up.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish the Constitution for the United States of America. “

These words not only inspire me but our veterans live and die to ensure they are never abused. Most people have respect for these values far greater than what has been shown here in Santa Barbara. Well here I go getting long winded again so I better stop. What I am going to try and accomplish right now is some simple short thoughts, concerns, questions and data. Than I will leave it up to you if my work can really make a difference? If you find this posting has intrigued you all I ask is that you share it with others so the good work can begin. There can be no greater core value than family and the destruction of this unit and is a crime against our selves. Our fore fathers took into account that we would be a bi cultural Country at birth thus the reason why our freedoms were regardless of our orgin to always be protected. We must be able to embrace where we came from and where we are with out prejudice to either.

Real quickly did any one catch the episode of “On Patrol” the REALITY show of the Santa Barbara police? Well if that’s REALITY it is no wonder that Cam Sanchez is in the mess that he is. In the episode I saw a week or so ago Saturday the police were following up on a call to 7-11 on Castillo Street. Once there they found a white man who was under the influence of alcohol and they thought he had been driving and with a child and yet he was only given a warning and allowed to take a taxi home! Please remember his vehicle is in the parking lot, did the security cameras not have the man driving onto the property? Now the officer involved I have concerns with but please, he let him go scott free? At the very least a field report should have been taken and a referral to social services at the very least. Oh that’s right it was not an “ALEGED GANG CRIME’ my bad. Now the very next scene is the Santa Barbra police stopping some one who is walking under the influence of alcohol. After a very polite interview they end up taking the person to a sober center. I agree with how the second situation was handled the officers were great, very polite and showed genuine concern for the well fair of the person and the law….BRAVO . Just tell me who is the idiot that edits this show and thinks that the first situation gave a good view of our police. Now get this straight I have nothing but love and respect for all law enforcement but corruption will never sit well with me. You see when you use a car to run over and kill two Mexicans and all they get is 5 years in prison with special circumstances, it makes me wonder? Now the woman leaves behind 4 children. So where is the justice for them I ask? Now did anyone else besides me notice the ‘ON PATROL” being advertised on the Super Bowl channel prior to the game? That must have cost? I wonder Cam Sanchez do you have an image problem? If you would like I could preview the show so that you stop disrespecting the men and woman who serve under you.

I have a question for Mr. Sanchez, Did the Sheriff Officer you and the D.A. Dozer put on the stand for the Juarez whisper tape. Was that officer made a ware before he took the stand that the F.B.I. had enhanced the audio, because his testimony sure did not reflect any such knowledge. Now during the Juarez trial why was this F.B.I. version never used? Mr. Sanchez you don’t USE fellow law enforcement officers as it appears you did in the Juarez trial. I have the court motion requesting the release of such a tape.


Larry Mendoza

Pension and Budget woes in Santa Barbara were Corruption is King

If you follow the manure meter as I do in local Politics it is very easy to decode. If the actual numbers do not build there case of hysteria they use percentage's I.E. crime is up 242% on Laguna Street . Translation 7 crimes were committed last month as apposed to 3 the previous month. So about a month ago I started wondering about our County budget woes and the blanket excuse that the poor economy and stock market performance was at the root of our problem. Yet no fund or stock was every reviled. A Good excuse since the whole Country is using that one. So than by chance 3 weeks ago the local President of the Santa Barbara County Tax Payers Association wrote in the Santa Barbara news press. He shared his concerns with our poor local economy and the County’s obligation to the Pension fund, but he never said it was a 2 billion dollar issue! Now of the 39 Million dollar budget short fall which last March was projected to only be 19 Million, the additional 19 Million was blamed on poor returns from investments and the Counties obligation to meet the pension funding requirements. So it is a 2 billion dollar elephant in the room? And if I read the reports right we are already at a 400 million dollar deficit than what kind of band aid is 19 million? The Daily Sound kept it’s report close to the vest like the Grand Jury report, while the news press never passed on information and where to get the data. Now compare the Grand Jury report below

VS. the report made by the County, there are too many contradictions to swallow.

Below is the guidelines used by our Pension Board

Now yes P.E.R.S. report is very similar in layout by our Counties but that does not mean it is an accurate portrayal of facts that are being presented for review. For example say you review a Billion Dollar corporation pension plan like Pacific Scientific: exact share value past and current and changes to portfolios are present for every avenue of investment or assets. It's over my head but than why have I been researching this for almost 4 weeks? Real quickly how can a ten year return of a positive 2.7% create a 25 percent decline in Value? Now P.E.R.S. ten year average was 6.6. Ok so the County's report fails to link Investment performance with management responsability why is that?

Ok lets review further on these budget woes and our District Attorneys office. In a letter dated August 29 2009 there was already in place a 2 year budget reduction for the District Attorneys office of over 1 million dollars, now that savings can actually be over 1.5 million since none of the positions vacated by the early retirement (Golden Parachute) are going to be filled. Oh wait maybe the District Attorney and our Board of Supervisors forgot this savings was already completed? So where there added service years that got handed out spiked as well? Spiking is a way of over loading your yearly salary so as to have it effect in a positive way on your retirement entitlements. So more on the pension concerns, 95% retirement salary benefit and the Grand Jury estimates 45 cents to benefits for every dollar spent in salary can that be true, HELL YES!

Let’s review past budgets for the Probation department. Please remember this is not blaming or mocking the fine Job done by that department or it's employees.

Character of Expenditures from 06-07 thru 08-09

Operating Expenditures

Regular Salaries 06-07 $ 2 0,499,388 07-08 adopted $ 2 1,437,735 07-08 actual $ 2 1,327,065 08-09 recommended $ 2 2,591,850

Benefits 06-07 $ 9,754,319 07-08 adopted $ 10,878,670 07-08 actual $ 10,315,939 08-09 recommended 11,911,780

Salaries & Benefits Sub-Total 06-07 $ 31,870,777 07-08 adopted $ 33,630,932 actual 07-08 $33,318,637 08-09 recommended $35,625,000

So upon review

We paid 22,591,850/salaries

And paid 11,911,780 in benefits for 08-09

over 50% of every tax dollars not used in a service directly benefiting society. Now wait a minute than why is the Public Defenders and District Attorneys budget only reflecting a modest 10 to 12 % range salary to benefits cost. Do as I did and go to County’s web page and review these 3 departments. Mind you over time is kept track of in its own ledger. Did you also notice that benefits were increased at a higher percentage than salaries for the years covered?

Larry “Magic” Mendoza”

Real Estate Foreclosure Corruption in the Santa Barbara Housing Market

1721 Chino Street Real Estate Corruption through out our Santa Barbara Superior Court House.
I was researching some title issues on a property I lost while I was dealing with the criminal court corruption before me.

01/27/09 Sold 233,000.00 Public Record
11/10/08 Sold 369,000.00 Public Record
12/27/06 Sold 75,185.00 Public Record(actually that is the transfer date and not the sale date)
12/15/06 Les Pendent lifted off property allowing a Non Judaical Foreclosure sale.
The web link below can be used to verify the corruption I am exposing.
Now if the Les Pendent is lifted on the date above should there not be another Notice of Default re-filed after that date with a new NOD sale Date for the fee's being collected? I only bring this up because at the time of the original NOD filing fee's were only 55,000.00 and not the 75,000.00 that are listed as the sale price. Now keep in my mind I was never notified about anything concerning the sale an the house had no bidders. So it was transferred in a NON Judaical Foreclosure for past due fee's only. Now the cool thing about looking up my property for November through December of 06 is that the results all come back to single page and it is quite clear liberty's were taken in regards to following proper procedures in a Foreclosure sale. OK lets move forward and ask if I lost my home in 2006 an Anthony Urwick took control how am I credited with two more sales on the other dates listed above? Now here comes the corruption part. Why are we not able to find these sales dates and document numbers when searching public records at the above listed web site? I searched the records with dates in hand only to be left further confused unable to verify sales and document numbers. So than remembering in the past that during previous Real Estate research, property deeds and transaction history's were available in a different format, Guess what that format is no longer available to the public,WHY THE HELL IS THAT? With about 95 transfers a month via foreclosure it seams a tool the pubic needs. Now we still have further research in how title insurance was issued with all these discrepancies but I'll save that for another day.

Regards All


opps missing Data

Now what I forgot to mention was that due to the Criminal Court Corruption I was told prison was in my future. So I put the house on the market with Prudential and we had an offer the first day. It was poor action on my part that put me in this whole and I must take that responsibility. The second day on the market I was arrested and charged with 3 strike-able felonies by Prosecutor Mary Barron. Lets review that one stemmed from a flat tire were all leads were exhausted by our local P.D. . The D.A.'s office went as far as to hold a preliminary hearing and I was bound over for trial, In trial court. The information was filed by Mary Barron only she was incorrect in her charges. You see she filed a informational all right but the charges were now reduced to 2 misdemeanors. Well she could have done that in criminal court without a preliminary hearing. You don't waste the valuable time of a Superior Court trial Judge on misdemeanors'. Any how I lost the sale and assets to protect myself with. I let down my friends and family , it was all just so weird.