Sunday, March 28, 2010

Real Estate Foreclosure Corruption in the Santa Barbara Housing Market

1721 Chino Street Real Estate Corruption through out our Santa Barbara Superior Court House.
I was researching some title issues on a property I lost while I was dealing with the criminal court corruption before me.

01/27/09 Sold 233,000.00 Public Record
11/10/08 Sold 369,000.00 Public Record
12/27/06 Sold 75,185.00 Public Record(actually that is the transfer date and not the sale date)
12/15/06 Les Pendent lifted off property allowing a Non Judaical Foreclosure sale.
The web link below can be used to verify the corruption I am exposing.
Now if the Les Pendent is lifted on the date above should there not be another Notice of Default re-filed after that date with a new NOD sale Date for the fee's being collected? I only bring this up because at the time of the original NOD filing fee's were only 55,000.00 and not the 75,000.00 that are listed as the sale price. Now keep in my mind I was never notified about anything concerning the sale an the house had no bidders. So it was transferred in a NON Judaical Foreclosure for past due fee's only. Now the cool thing about looking up my property for November through December of 06 is that the results all come back to single page and it is quite clear liberty's were taken in regards to following proper procedures in a Foreclosure sale. OK lets move forward and ask if I lost my home in 2006 an Anthony Urwick took control how am I credited with two more sales on the other dates listed above? Now here comes the corruption part. Why are we not able to find these sales dates and document numbers when searching public records at the above listed web site? I searched the records with dates in hand only to be left further confused unable to verify sales and document numbers. So than remembering in the past that during previous Real Estate research, property deeds and transaction history's were available in a different format, Guess what that format is no longer available to the public,WHY THE HELL IS THAT? With about 95 transfers a month via foreclosure it seams a tool the pubic needs. Now we still have further research in how title insurance was issued with all these discrepancies but I'll save that for another day.

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opps missing Data

Now what I forgot to mention was that due to the Criminal Court Corruption I was told prison was in my future. So I put the house on the market with Prudential and we had an offer the first day. It was poor action on my part that put me in this whole and I must take that responsibility. The second day on the market I was arrested and charged with 3 strike-able felonies by Prosecutor Mary Barron. Lets review that one stemmed from a flat tire were all leads were exhausted by our local P.D. . The D.A.'s office went as far as to hold a preliminary hearing and I was bound over for trial, In trial court. The information was filed by Mary Barron only she was incorrect in her charges. You see she filed a informational all right but the charges were now reduced to 2 misdemeanors. Well she could have done that in criminal court without a preliminary hearing. You don't waste the valuable time of a Superior Court trial Judge on misdemeanors'. Any how I lost the sale and assets to protect myself with. I let down my friends and family , it was all just so weird.

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