Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Best and Worst at the Same Time

Once again I am at odds with myself in regards to sharing what concerns that rise up from a simple review of the daily media be it the press or video. Have you every had some thing in your life be the worst and best experience at the same time. I find myself there almost on a daily basis. Right now today I am so lost as to what is right, or what is wrong, to have faith or have I lost my faith? I wonder how many apologizes I owe for my selfishness which is why all these postings began in the first place. Now when I say my selfishness you might also view it as my self preservation through our Santa Barbara criminal court corruption. I often worry what if my postings have over stepped there place with the families that live the nightmare I describe and to them I am truly sorry and do at this time again offer my Heart felt apologies. As I reflect back to my first experiences with the courts here in Santa Barbara. It was more than just my personal violations but the violations of our Country that started my writing. I never claim to be smarter than or some sort of know it all, in fact my claims are just the opposite. I feel that for the most part I am just simply sharing situations or data that make no sense to me and I wonder if it is the same for you? Now my need to make sense of my life is why I write (best) yet my fear I may never get my life back (worst) is why I can hate writing. Does that make sense to anyone? I love my Country and yet hate what I see and I feel a responsibility greater than my own needs to keep writing. Than the question comes can words really inspire others into concern or action? Will people raise there head from the grazing on manure that we do on a daily basis without thought and respect for the needs of complete strangers as we would our own? Time will tell but I have faith that when the ugly of what has really transpired right here in Santa Barbara to our youth the best of people will show up.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish the Constitution for the United States of America. “

These words not only inspire me but our veterans live and die to ensure they are never abused. Most people have respect for these values far greater than what has been shown here in Santa Barbara. Well here I go getting long winded again so I better stop. What I am going to try and accomplish right now is some simple short thoughts, concerns, questions and data. Than I will leave it up to you if my work can really make a difference? If you find this posting has intrigued you all I ask is that you share it with others so the good work can begin. There can be no greater core value than family and the destruction of this unit and is a crime against our selves. Our fore fathers took into account that we would be a bi cultural Country at birth thus the reason why our freedoms were regardless of our orgin to always be protected. We must be able to embrace where we came from and where we are with out prejudice to either.

Real quickly did any one catch the episode of “On Patrol” the REALITY show of the Santa Barbara police? Well if that’s REALITY it is no wonder that Cam Sanchez is in the mess that he is. In the episode I saw a week or so ago Saturday the police were following up on a call to 7-11 on Castillo Street. Once there they found a white man who was under the influence of alcohol and they thought he had been driving and with a child and yet he was only given a warning and allowed to take a taxi home! Please remember his vehicle is in the parking lot, did the security cameras not have the man driving onto the property? Now the officer involved I have concerns with but please, he let him go scott free? At the very least a field report should have been taken and a referral to social services at the very least. Oh that’s right it was not an “ALEGED GANG CRIME’ my bad. Now the very next scene is the Santa Barbra police stopping some one who is walking under the influence of alcohol. After a very polite interview they end up taking the person to a sober center. I agree with how the second situation was handled the officers were great, very polite and showed genuine concern for the well fair of the person and the law….BRAVO . Just tell me who is the idiot that edits this show and thinks that the first situation gave a good view of our police. Now get this straight I have nothing but love and respect for all law enforcement but corruption will never sit well with me. You see when you use a car to run over and kill two Mexicans and all they get is 5 years in prison with special circumstances, it makes me wonder? Now the woman leaves behind 4 children. So where is the justice for them I ask? Now did anyone else besides me notice the ‘ON PATROL” being advertised on the Super Bowl channel prior to the game? That must have cost? I wonder Cam Sanchez do you have an image problem? If you would like I could preview the show so that you stop disrespecting the men and woman who serve under you.

I have a question for Mr. Sanchez, Did the Sheriff Officer you and the D.A. Dozer put on the stand for the Juarez whisper tape. Was that officer made a ware before he took the stand that the F.B.I. had enhanced the audio, because his testimony sure did not reflect any such knowledge. Now during the Juarez trial why was this F.B.I. version never used? Mr. Sanchez you don’t USE fellow law enforcement officers as it appears you did in the Juarez trial. I have the court motion requesting the release of such a tape.


Larry Mendoza

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