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Farm Worker Strong SI SE PUEDE!!!!!!

You know right now I am going to cheat a little bit because it is late an I am tired. I am going to ask history to lend me a hand with our current criss here in Santa Barbara. This next part of my posting has always been what I consider one of the greatest days in history in dealing with ignorance against Americans and Mexicans. To be done with out regard to over night polls or approval ratings. In a time were many would consider this next act political suicide came a man named Robert F. Kennedy and spoke to to those breaking the Law while in power an had the responsibility to be defending the Law. Any How History says it better than I can

On March 16,1968 Robert Kennedy started his run for President, four days after United Farm Worker (UFW) founder César Chávez ended a 23-day fast in Delano, California with 4,000 supporters, Kennedy among them, at his side. Two years earlier, Kennedy had listened as the Kern County Sheriff related to the Subcommittee on Migratory Labor how his deputies arrested peaceful picketers because they were being threatened by growers. Kennedy suggested that the sheriff and the district attorney read the Constitution of the United States. Then he visited the union hall and picket lines, supporting the strikers

Resolution Honoring Robert F. Kennedy on the 40th Anniversary of Cesar Chavez’s

1968 Fast for Nonviolence


18th Constitutional Convention

August 22-24, 2008

Fresno, California

Whereas, in March 1966, when the Delano Grape Strike was just seven months old,

Senator Robert F. Kennedy came to Delano, Calif. for the first time to take part in

hearings by the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Migratory Labor; and

Whereas, Senator Kennedy listened impatiently while the Kern County sheriff and

district attorney described how picketing grape strikers had been arrested because grape

growers were threatening the strikers with violence and then suggested that the sheriff

and the district attorney read the Constitution of the United States; and

Whereas, later, when reporters asked Senator Kennedy whether the grape strikers were

communists, he replied, "these people are just standing up for their rights"; and

Whereas, in 1966, Cesar Chavez and the farm workers' cause were largely unknown and

unpopular among Anglo society in the Central Valley where agribusiness' power had

never been questioned and where growers made large contributions to politicians,

Democrats and Republicans; and

Whereas, from the beginning, Robert Kennedy supported Cesar Chavez and the farm

workers completely, without hesitation and without the farm workers asking him to do so

when there was no political advantage to be gained and when Senator Kennedy made an

enemy out of one of the state's richest and most powerful industries; and

Whereas, there began a very special friendship, with Senator Kennedy traveling to

Delano again in March 1968, when Cesar Chavez was ending his first long public fast, of

25 days, to rededicate the movement to nonviolence; and

Whereas, Robert Kennedy said he came to Delano in 1968 "out of respect for one of the

heroic figures of our time"; and

Whereas, when Senator Kennedy declared his candidacy for president, Cesar Chavez

and the union ceased most activities and worked nonstop for Kennedy throughout

California during the 1968 Democratic presidential primary, with Senator Kennedy

winning 99 and 100 percent of the vote in heavily Latino barrios; and

Whereas, Robert Kennedy and Cesar Chavez came from very different worlds, yet the

link between them was real and deeply felt because they shared a powerful bond based on

common values of faith and justice; and


Whereas, they were both convinced that despite all the injustice that exists in our

country, there is much more that is good and decent about America; and

Whereas, the Kennedy family, especially Ethel Kennedy, Senator Edward M. Kennedy

and their children, have continued their commitment to the Farm Worker Movement over

the decades; now therefore

Be It Resolved that the United Farm Workers of America, meeting in convention in

Fresno, California on the 40th anniversary of Cesar Chavez’s 1968 fast for nonviolence,

expresses deepest gratitude for Robert F. Kennedy’s life and work, for his selfless

championing of their cause and for the special bond of friendship and solidarity that has

endured between the Kennedy family, the Chavez family and the Farm Worker


Police Chief Cam Sanchez, District Attorney Mrs. C. Stanley Santa Barbara City Council Go read the Constitution of the United States, Change is coming and I am going to be part of the reason why. There is only one way I can end this posting, SI SE PUEDE! ( YES WE CAN).


Larry Mendoza

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