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Santa Barbara's Philip Beaver My Hero and Friend!

 When I was in sixth grade my class was bussed to Roosevelt elementary school instead of  re-attending Lincoln  school. Now my Dad attended and graduated from Lincoln and my class was the last class not to graduate from there. Lincoln elementary school is no longer here but it used to sit on the corner of Santa Barbara and Cota street.  Basically the poor kids were sent to mingle with the rich kids and that is when I first met Phillip Beaver. Now when you read the story below about Phillip believe me I was not surprised at all. .

 Phillip would later be our Class President for the Santa Barbara High graduating class of 79...Go DONS! Well as luck would have it Julie and I ran into Philip on State street while he was here on leave to be married and that was the last time I saw him I shared this story with friends of mine years ago and it is nice to see that local media revisited his bravery during the Anniversary of 9-11

For 9/11 Survivor Philip Beaver, Assignment at Pentagon Turns to Tragedy

Santa Barbara native recalls being at his desk when hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 struck, sending a 'fireball' past him and through the building

Kim Beaver didn’t know whether her husband was dead or alive.
“He could’ve been killed,” she said. “There just wasn’t a lot of specific news.”
She didn’t have cable television, so the first news of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks came from her husband, who worked in the Pentagon. But 20 minutes after his call, she received a call from her neighbors.
“The next thing I know the neighbor called and said, ‘Did you know a plane flew into the Pentagon?’” she recalled. “Then I was really in a panic because I had just talked to him. We were in a daze. I couldn’t believe this all was happening.”
Philip Beaver, born and raised in Santa Barbara and a graduate of Santa Barbara High School, described his career move as a routine end-of-career assignment. But two months into his new position, what he and his co-workers experienced at the Pentagon on 9/11 was anything but routine.
“I was just transported to the Pentagon, but I had done a lot of work with the Pentagon at West Point so I knew the challenges and what I was stepping into,” he told Noozhawk.

“Dad could we stop here?,” the soon-to-be high school graduate asked.
“You don’t want to stop here because you have to go into the Army,” his dad replied. “I was in the Army; you don’t need to be in the Army.”
But once Beaver watched some of the Army’s promotional films, he was mesmerized.
“We went to West Point by accident, but it ended up being the best thing,” Jerry Beaver said. “The whole thing was fate. He went to West Point, did well, got his master’s and Ph.D in mathematics and ended up in the Pentagon — a very safe place to be.”
Beaver, who now teaches at the University of Denver, spent 29 years at West Point, first as an infantryman, then an operations research analyst and eventually a teacher. In July 2001, he moved on to the Pentagon as a personnel analyst.
“I turned down tenure to go to the Pentagon to see what else was out there and set up for retirement,” he said. “I was ready for some hard-core analysis and to solve some of the Army’s hard problems.”
The Pentagon is made up of five pentagonal structures, Ring E (the outermost) through Ring A, arranged in concentric rings that surround a courtyard.
On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Beaver was watching the news on TV along with the rest of his co-workers. Once he saw the second plane hit the World Trade Center in New York City, he went to his office just outside Ring C to try to find out more.
“After the whole world saw the second plane hit, the whole world knew it was an attack,” Beaver said. “We still didn’t think the Pentagon was a target so there was no move to evacuate.”
About 20 minutes after the second plane crashed into the World Trade Center, all of the windows around him blew out as a fireball exploded onto his desk.
“I’ve heard plenty of explosions being in the Army,” he said. “It sounded like any other.
“I honestly thought it was a bomb because a fireball came up through the interior window. So I immediately went toward the exterior of the building, toward Ring E, where I realized I was going the wrong direction and started seeing the carnage and destruction.”
Somehow he was unhurt. The Boeing 757 that was the hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 penetrated between the first and second floors and went through three rings. Seconds later, the fuel tank exploded and sent a fireball through the building. The attack on the Pentagon killed 125 people.
The government had just begun gradually reinforcing some of the sections with steel. Beaver’s office sat in one of the first “wedges” where construction had been completed.
“The landing gear stopped at the B Ring,” he said. “Had there not been steel, the plane would’ve plowed through to the courtyard and there would’ve been much more death and destruction.”
The emergency doors deployed and all of the exits were blocked, so Beaver evacuated people past his desk, shouting at the top of his lungs to direct people out through a wall of smoke and screaming.
Once he got everyone he could out to the courtyard, security began moving everyone through the parking lot. It was there that he found a friend and used his cell phone to call his wife.
“I was in a constant worry not knowing if he or the people we knew who worked in the Pentagon were safe,” Kim Beaver said. “But after I heard from him, it was a huge relief and he told me some people who were fine.”
Hours later, after Beaver helped as many as he could, his superiors ordered him to leave. As he started the 12-mile walk home covered in plaster and with his shirt untucked, all he could think of was the extent of the attack and who in his office was killed.
“What I didn’t know was if the nation was under attack,” he said. “What was happening in L.A., Chicago, Miami, Detroit?
“I had no idea what the scope of the attack was.”
As those thoughts were swirling around his head, a car stopped in front of him and the driver offered him a ride.
“I don’t know where you’re going, but we know where you’re coming from and we’re giving you a ride,” the man told him.
When Kim and Philip Beaver finally wrapped their arms around each other, they were still in a daze.
“We were both so happy to see each other,” he said. “I remember we were both in shock.”
They have two daughters — Elaine was in fifth grade and Elizabeth was in second. A substitute teacher turned on the television that morning, and Elaine saw that a Pentagon crashed into where her father worked.
“That was the best thing hearing that she heard that I was OK,” Beaver said.
In terms of the nation’s immediate action, he said war was the only appropriate response to the attacks.
“If people are harboring terrorists plotting to destroy you, you need to take out terrorists and those harboring them,” he said. “I would’ve preferred to see us finish the job in Afghanistan in 2003 instead of messing around there and Iraq.”
Beaver went to 26 of the 28 funerals for those who died who were in his “wedge,” but he didn’t know any of the victims personally.
“What I want people to know is those who attacked us that day will do it again in an instant if they have the chance,” Beaver said. “We’re all reminded of that every time we’re harassed at the airport, every time we get screened going into the D.C. monument, but we need to remember that their successors are still out there and they want to see Western society destroyed.
“We need to continue to be vigilant. We can’t take our eye off the ball.”
Of Beaver’s 29 years in uniform, he calls it his one bad day.

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Maybe Santa Barbara District Attorney Joyce Dudley's Office needs top file another illegall Ex Parte Gag order to hide the truth (People of the State of California v. Tony DeNunzio) ? Read the Public Comments!

People of the State of California v. Tony DeNunzio
updated: Oct 28, 2011, 4:30 PM

Source: Joyce Dudley's Office
Re: People of the State of California v. Tony DeNunzio
As you are aware, our office has been asked by Criminal Defense Attorney Darryl Genis to provide him a copy of the "dash-cam" video that recorded portions of the October 21, 2011, Driving Under the Influence arrest of Tony DeNunzio.
Our office is in the process of re­-interviewing every currently known witness that was at the scene of the incident at Gelson's parking lot on October 21, 2011. In addition, we are seeking the assistance from anyone who may have been witness and has not yet come forward. We are interested in any witness accounts of what happened and any possible photographs, video or audio recordings.
Thus far, no criminal charges have been filed. The decision to file any criminal charges will be made after the Santa Barbara Police Department and the District Attorney's Office completes their investigation. In the interest of fairness to all involved parties, our office will not release the "dash-cam" video at this time. History has taught us that the hearing or viewing of this type of evidence can taint the true recollections of eyewitness accounts; our office will not facilitate this possible obstruction of justice. We must not make a rush to judgment or allow a case to be tried in a public forum. Our court system exists for determining the truth. Only after a thorough and complete investigation has been concluded will our office make a decision on filing criminal charges, at which point all reports and recordings will be released to the legal representatives of those affected parties.


Subscriber Comments for
People of the State of California v. Tony DeNunzio

Comments in order of when they were received | (reverse order)

 COMMENT 227488P
2011-10-28 04:41 PM
seems to me that tudor and fortuna should not able to patrol until investigation is complete. if the witnesses are right you are putting all of us citizins at risk of excessive force for an illegal lane change.
 COMMENT 227488P
2011-10-28 04:44 PM
does joyce dudley have an email.
 COMMENT 227494
2011-10-28 04:47 PM
Wait a second. Why is the DA (the prosecution) talking to witnesses for Denunzio (the defense). Are there not proper legal procedures for this. I am not an attorney but it is my understanding that witnesses need to be subpoenaed and should have an attorney present with them while they are questioned. It seems that by not pressing charges she is going around the law and doing whatever she wants, calling it an "investigation". Mr. Genis, or any other attorney if you read this can you please clarify what is going on because this seems strange. I received a subpoena once and this was not the way it was done. I may be wrong though. As soon as I heard she wanted to talk to witnesses and get her hands on any other recording or audio I became very suspicious. Now she says she hasn't even filed charges.
 COMMENT 227495
2011-10-28 04:48 PM
Someone needs to proof their documents before hitting the send button...just sayin.
2011-10-28 04:49 PM
The Business of Justice..They poo things differently in SB CO..:)
 COMMENT 227498P
2011-10-28 04:51 PM
"Only after a thorough and complete investigation has concluded will our offence make a decision "Oops, a big Freudian slip in this press release.
So, we don't get to see the video in case the witnesses see it and it interfers with justice. Let me guess, the cops involved haven't seen it either. Somehow, I doubt that.
 COMMENT 227502P
2011-10-28 04:56 PM
Sounds like someone is hiding something..... we want to see the footage!
 COMMENT 227498P
2011-10-28 05:08 PM
"Re: People of the State of California v. Tony DeNunzio"....
"Thus far, no criminal charges have been filed. "

What do they mean they haven't filed charges? They titled it as if charges have been filed.
 COMMENT 227509P
2011-10-28 05:10 PM
I think the statement makes perfect sense.
If anyone is allowed to see the video before witnesses make their statements, then the defense lawyer could throw all the witness statements out the window because of tainting.
That would not be a good thing for the person who was beaten up.
 COMMENT 227530
2011-10-28 05:51 PM
Something is terribly wrong here. You have Sanchez stating his "clearly" nonsense The video clearly shows that Mr. Denunzio, upon being told to get back into his vehicle, looked back, did not comply with Officer Tudor's verbal commands, and in fact began to walk away and blathering how horrible this guy was and now Dudley, We must not make a rush to judgment or allow a ease to be tried in a public forum. Our court system exists for determining the truth. Really? what about the POA departments statement. The cover up is always the demise.
 COMMENT 227529
2011-10-28 05:51 PM
Slow down, folks.
How the criminal justice system works here: The police make an arrest, conduct their investigation then submit all of their reports and evidence to the DA's office for them to review the reports etc., investigate more if needed, and then decide if to file charges, and if so, what charges to file.
If charges are filed, the suspect makes his first appearance in court typically a month or so after the arrest, at which time the court makes sure the defendant has an attorney, assigns a trial date, etc.
This takes much longer in the real world than it does on TV. Any trial date will be months away.
Prior to trial the DA's office MUST turn over all reports, video, lab results, etc., etc. to the defense. Mr. Genis knows perfectly well that the DA's office will eventually turn over all reports and evidence - including the video - to him. His demand for the video now is grandstanding and an effort to inflame the community and poison the jury pool well before trial.
2011-10-28 06:00 PM
(Holds up hand: Me! Me!)
This release is appallingly written. I'm simply volunteering to work inexpensively as a copy editor. Resume provided upon request.
2011-10-28 06:13 PM
why would the police file charges? its either a ticket for lane changing and maybe some disorderly and drunkness, oh and also some driving without a license....etc. But isnt it Mr. D who is wanting to file something against the police? Who does an investigation, on something that hasnt been filed yet? Im confused all of this a bunch of media talk? Has anything at all been filed? Is Mr. D charged with anything aside from the driving charges?
 COMMENT 227540
2011-10-28 06:29 PM
You bloggers are really a piece of work...
 COMMENT 227557P
2011-10-28 08:00 PM
She talking about potentially filing charges against the cop, too.
 COMMENT 227561
2011-10-28 08:21 PM
An officer can't stop someone for NO reason.
In this case, he was using 'illegal lane change' as the ONLY legal way that he could stop someone who he suspected was putting people in danger.
Once the vehicle was off the street and the suspect out of his car, the officer attempted, by LEGAL means, to gain his attention, but was IGNORED. He was forced to make one of two choices:
1. Let the suspect go free.
2. Pursue the matter further with what info was available to him to make a more postive determination of what he'd witnessed would really endanger others.
Had he taken road #1 and the suspect returned to driving, then killed innocent people later, that officer's negligance would be front page headlines across the country.
He chose #2 and people were bruised, but NO lives were lost. If the suspect had NO reason to worry he could have easily cooperated. Instead, he chose to force the issue, resuliting in what happened.
 COMMENT 227566P
2011-10-28 08:42 PM
Criminal charges against DeNunzio? Or against the thug cop?
 COMMENT 227569
2011-10-28 08:51 PM
This whole rant is the epitome of people who think they are the authority on everything. I think the people elected Ms. Dudley to serve our community to the best of her ability with a team who is professional and understanding of the gravity of this case. Her office is reviewing the case expeditously and thoroughly. The letter (albeit with a typo or two) was written to let everyone know that the wheels of justice are turning. Everyone should just take a chill pill and wait for the chips to fall.
Here's how it works: PD arrests, PD writes report, PD sends report to DA, DA decides if there is adequate evidence to prosecute using available reports/video/interviews, etc. This happens every day, every week.
In this case, DA is looking at tapes to decide if there was any misconduct. DA's office needs time to do their job. We should be happy that there is video to review. Take a deep breath and be glad that we are in the good ol US of A.
 COMMENT 227572P
2011-10-28 09:07 PM
Oh my gosh, more 360 degree whining. Someone has said they think witnesses should not be interviewed because they are witnesses for the defense.
Arggh. Witnesses are witnesses. They are not for or against the defense, because there are no charges yet. Most of us jumping on this topic are insanely ill-informed and should watch from the sidelines, not make comments that are nonsensical.
 COMMENT 227573P
2011-10-28 09:07 PM
I didn't elect Ms. Dudley, I voted for Josh Lynn.
And I saw a Chevy Avalanche like the accused was driving. The back window has black tinting on it. Makes a little more sense that he might not have seen the red & blue lights on the police car.
 COMMENT 227498P
2011-10-28 09:41 PM
Ms. Dudley to serve us to the best of her ability? This press release sure isn't confidence inspiring. Can we please hire YIN YANG as DA?
2011-10-29 07:01 AM
Some free loaders are a piece of four letter words too..
2011-10-29 07:23 AM
People, take it easy. Here is how the process works:
1) the police make an arrest and file a report
2) the DA's staff review every report to look at the evidence and determine what law (if any) has been broken, and what charges are appropriate to file against the defendant. In this case, the DA's staff is being extra cautious and requests that all additional witnesses and possible evidence - evidence coming from eyewitnesses to the incident, not the police - be turned over so it can be reviewed as well. Based on ALL the evidence, they'll know what charges (if any) to file against either the driver or the arresting officer.
If charges are filed against either or both parties, their attorney will get full access to all evidence & testimony.
The system is working and our DA is doing a great job. Let's let the process be completed before we start making assumptions.
The system is working the way it's supposed to.
 COMMENT 227599
2011-10-29 07:30 AM
Ms. Dudley and SBPD routinely release audio/video footage of cases that are not yet filed but merely "under review". For an ongoing example watch any episode of 'On Patrol with SBPD'.
The law clearly allows her to release the video, but she chooses to 'interpret' the law in a manner that allows her to conceal evidence under color of authority.
Her idea of fairness is that SBPD can openly make slanted comments on the case with the advantage of having viewed the video, but neither the public or the defense should be allowed to see or hear the video until she says so. That is not the law, and it demonstrates Dudley is disingenious in saying she is interested in the truth. She represents 'the people' poorly: the people she represents want to see and hear that video themselves. They don't want to rely upon her and her thug cops to tell them what is on the video.
 COMMENT 227530
2011-10-29 07:56 AM
2011-10-29 07:30 AM
Ms. Dudley and SBPD routinely release audio/video footage of cases that are not yet filed but merely "under review". For an ongoing example watch any episode of 'On Patrol with SBPD'.
Thank you. Clear and concise.
2011-10-29 08:01 AM
Lighten up! This guy is a criminal violating his parole and for all we know, he may have been about to plow into somebody in his drunken stupor. So he got a little roughed up, big deal!
 COMMENT 227599
2011-10-29 08:12 AM
Mayor Helene Schneider says, " the video tape from an in car camera of the controversial police stop at State and Las Positas last week, that left Denuzio with injuries should be released for public viewing."
This was the last quote on the KEYT web article.
Doesn't Chief Sanchez answer to the Mayor, and not the other way around?
 COMMENT 227619
2011-10-29 08:35 AM
If you are attacked by anyone other than a police officer you have the legal right to defend yourself and onlookers have a legal right to help you. But if you are attacked by a cop, God help you.
 COMMENT 227621
2011-10-29 08:43 AM
I think folks who say Mr. Denunzio got what he deserved at the hands of the cop in Loreto Plaza are ancestors of folks who showed up in the Place de la Concorde in Paris in 1789......
 COMMENT 227630
2011-10-29 09:05 AM
Video cameras don't lie... That's why the tape is being withheld.
 COMMENT 227632
2011-10-29 09:07 AM
BOOMERSOONER aka: Officer Tudor
 COMMENT 227647
2011-10-29 09:40 AM
Who said law enforcement and/ or the DA's office desires fairness? Their goal is always to convict, period! No blind justice here ever. That's how law and order reputations are usually


 COMMENT 227656P
2011-10-29 10:00 AM
Edhat comments eventually break down into two categories, no matter what the original subject. The comments break into those of nice people, and those of mean people.
You've got to be pretty mean to approve of the police breaking a man's nose, several of his ribs, discharging a taser 13 times while he's down, and making the man's face appear as though it was put through a meat-grinder. That behavior is unacceptable to nice people. It should be unacceptable to everyone.
 COMMENT 227530
2011-10-29 10:21 AM
Everyone needs to settle down here. They are just holding onto the tape for ratings sweeps week for their hit show "On Patrol".
 COMMENT 227668
2011-10-29 10:27 AM
It's laughable that people comment like they are an authority. Let the judicial process do it's thing and stop jumping to conclusions. Almost all of these people were not there. Someone swerving in their lane, driving drunk on a suspended license, and resisting arrest deserves to go to jail for a long time. Don't disrupt this process.
 COMMENT 227694P
2011-10-29 11:03 AM
De Nunzio's face looks bad but not like one attacked by a meat grinder. No one wants to see what remained of the face of my cousin after he and his dog were mown down and killed by a drunk driver.
 COMMENT 227707
2011-10-29 11:38 AM
Love to have a press released from the DA as to why it is OK to have their police witnesses view the tape while such viewing by others would taint them. This is so weak.
 COMMENT 227710
2011-10-29 11:48 AM
Try to practice what you preach 668. You advocate letting the judicial process take it's course and not jumping to conclusions, yet you infer Mr. D should go to jail for a long time. I'll tell you what isn't laughable and that is when cops think they are above the law. Tudor go home, you're no long welcome in this town.
 COMMENT 227725
2011-10-29 12:28 PM
HEY #227668.
Mr. Denunzio was pulled over for changing lanes three times without signalling, beaten and tasered before the officer knew he was driving on a suspended licence, or even had a drink. None of us are jumping to conclusions, just BIG QUESTIONS. I dont what this officer to ever think he can do this to me.
S.B.C.C.C. The place where COMMON SENSE never goes out of style!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mayor Helene Schneider, Peter Lance,Tony Denuzio, Efren Cruz and Richardo Juarez they are all related.

Kudos to Mayor Schneider!!!!!!!! Barbara Mayor  Helene Schneider said the video tape from an in car camera of the controversial police stop at State and Las Positas last week, that left Tony Denuzio with injuries should be released for public viewing”
SB Police Officers Speak Back
updated: Oct 26, 2011, 8:50 PM Source: SB Police Officers Association
Police Union Claims Don't Add Up
updated: Oct 22, 2011, 12:31 PM  By Dale Francisco
 “ Police Union television ads claim in an ominous voice: "While Santa Barbara crime has gone up public safety has dropped. In that time the amount of firefighter and police has been drastically reduced. It's time we had city council members who really want to keep our city safe..."
The Santa Barbara Police Officers Association recently responded to City Councilman Dale Francisco’s article in which he stated the Police and Fire Unions claims don’t add up. One would think that when you rebut the numbers and data it would require you to supply the corrected figures. The POA did no such thing, but did continue their recent pattern of whining to the public like spoiled children.
When I reviewed this year’s City Budget I discovered that since 2004 the Santa Barbara Police and Fires budget has grown from 42,653,000 to 55,564,000. Also since then Full Time positions have been reduced from 343 to 312. Which means that our Police and Fire budget has grown 30% since 2004, while reducing Full Time positions by almost 10%..
Then I decided to look at the city of Santa Marias 2011 budget to compare cost associated to their Police and Fire budget verses ours. You might want to sit down for this next part. We spend over 55 million dollars here in Santa Barbara with our Police and Fire Protection for 312 full time positions. Santa Maria on the other hand only spends 30.5 million dollars for their Fire and Police protection and 212 full time positions. I have links to both city budgets below so that you may do your own review.
Santa Maria has more officers and less cost and deal with more crime, hum something’s tells me the POA needs to stop politicking off false data. Santa Maria's population in the 2010 census was 99,553 while Santa Barbara city has a population of 88,410 more than 10% less. I wonder how Santa Maria handles the pension cost for 160 officers with a budget that is 33% less than ours here in Santa Barbara.

Last Month in a Santa Barbara Independent story it was reported that violent crime in Santa Barbara was down for the third year in a row. It also labeled “Gang Related “crime was responsible for only 48 of the 2199 crimes in Part 1, what does “Gang related” mean?.A portion of that story can be found at the end of this posting. Earlier today in a posting I stated that then 14 year old Ricardo Juarez was framed for murder, stop acting like this is not possible. Until you research what happen in the Efren Cruz case you sound uninformed to me.
In 2001 the Santa Barbara County Dist. Atty. Thomas W. Sneddon and three senior prosecutors were accused of conspiracy and malicious prosecution, for allegedly withholding evidence in a “Gang Related “crime. Prosecutors and six Santa Barbara police officers were also accused of negligent investigation for allegedly failing to pursue evidence that indicated another suspect was the killer.
The cloud that is hanging over our Santa Barbara police department has been there since police Chief Cam Sanchez was hired; think about that for a minute.

Man Wrongly Convicted of Murder Sues Prosecutors

Law: Efren Cruz of Oxnard seeks $120 million. He served four years for a shooting in Santa Barbara.

An Oxnard man wrongly convicted of murder has filed a federal lawsuit against Santa Barbara prosecutors and police officers, accusing them of negligence and conspiracy to keep him in prison. After four years behind bars, Efren Cruz, 27, was freed Oct. 12 when a judge ruled that credible evidence suggests that another man pulled the trigger during a 1997 gang shooting in downtown Santa Barbara.
Last week, Cruz filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles that accuses nearly a dozen law enforcement officials of violating his civil rights before and after his trial. The lawsuit accuses Santa Barbara County Dist. Atty. Thomas W. Sneddon and three senior prosecutors of conspiracy and malicious prosecution for allegedly withholding evidence favorable to Cruz.
Prosecutors and six Santa Barbara police officers are accused of negligent investigation for allegedly failing to pursue evidence that indicated that another suspect was the killer.The lawsuit also charges Senior Deputy Dist. Atty. Hilary Dozer, lead prosecutor on the case, with defamation for blaming Cruz in the media "when he knew or should have known that there was great doubt that [Cruz] was [the] actual shooter."

                                                              True Crime
Attacks on People Down, on Property up
Thursday, September 29, 2011
 The Santa Barbara Police Department reported a 13-percent drop in violent crime over the first eight months of 2010, following an 11-percent drop the previous year. In that same period, property crimes increased by 5 percent. But that comes after dropping 9 percent from the year before. Officer response times in all but one of the four categories have either met or exceeded department goals. And all this was done with the fewest number of authorized officers — 137 — since 1984.
Of the 2,199 crimes the department categorizes as “Part One,” 187 were “transient related,” 133 alcohols related, 48 gang related, and 44 involved domestic violence.

Santa Maria’s 2011 Budget
 Santa Barbara 2011 Budget

What comes next was taken from a posting on my blog. For some unknown reason some of these resources have been pulled from their previous location, WHY?
“ Now the Santa Barbara Police have two Interesting links on their web page about crime that does not involve law enforcement. I suggest before any candidate for City Council Candidate runs their platform on crime and gangs they should review the numbers for themselves. You can literally review the crime data block by block for all of Santa Barbara. “
Crime Statistics
Beat and Report Districts For Patrol and Reporting purposes, the City is divided into 6 Beats containing multiple Report Districts (Neighborhoods) within each Beat.  View these areas by clicking on these links:Santa Barbara Beat MapSanta Barbara Report Districts Map Clicking on beat map takes you here @ 
The next link gives you the choice to review the crime data as a combined whole. Of if you look on the left you may select any section numbered 9-78.
Report District (Neighborhood) Crime ActivityReports taken at the scene of an incident are called Offense Reports, referred to as a GO (General Offense) report. For a history of all GO reports Citywide, or by individual Report District, click here. Clicking here takes you here @
The combined total looks like this.
GO-District Total
Layer 1 Of  66

2011 Jan-May
2010 Jan-May
2009 Jan-Apr
July 2009 - June 2010
July 2008 - June 2009
2010 Total
2009 Total

S.B.C.C.C. The place where COMMON SENSE never goes out of style!