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Excessive force allegations erupt in police department; Chief Sanchez defends officer’s actions,Tony DeNunzio Attorney Responds!

 Witnesses say a Santa Barbara police officer used ‘Excessive Force’ during a traffic stop last Friday. The arrest had been recorded by a dashboard camera system the patrol car and Police Chief Sanchez said the footage has cleared Tudor.The Public is demanding to see the video! You see I and others are no longer willing to give the benefit of the doubt to whomever. To give somebody the benefit of the doubt: is to believe something good about someone, rather than something bad, when you have the possibility of doing either. Or a favorable judgment granted in the absence of viewing full evidence. Sadly it has taken years of alleged abuse by the Santa Barbara Police department with no corrective actions to lose the public's trust. Based on the how the public has openly commented on the Internet today they are insisting on viewing the evidence for themselves rather than take the word of Santa Barbara Police Chief Cam Sanchez AGAIN.

We still have the Peter lance D.U.I. case that I feel not only alleges corruption but proves it! What happen this week in Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Hill's court room in regards to the Unconstitutional attempt to violate the First Amendment? There was no mention of anything about the ILLEGAL EX PATRE motion filed by our District Attorneys office in the media coverage this week. Worse yet that illegal motion came with the endorsement our District Attorney Joyce Dudley. What does it say when your county District attorney is not willing to protect the Constitution of the United States. I must admit all this is not news to me, not after what I have seen. I have reviewed the court records which proves that the Santa Barbara Police, District Attorney and Superior Court Judge Hill framed a 14 year old boy (Ricardo Juarez) for murder.

Where is the media coverage of the third Corey Lyons murder trial? Now get this because the previous two attempts at obtaining a conviction ended in mistrials. The Santa Barbara District Attorneys office decided they had tainted the jury pool and requested that the new jury come from Solvang. In other words because the D.A.'s  case was so week they went out of the area in hopes that the same week evidence would get a conviction this time. HOW SAD IS THAT?

For that matter what ever happen to the former Employee of the Santa Barbara Police Department Karen Flores, who worked for the business office for 22 years and is accused of taking more than $700,000? Turns out her preliminary hearing starts tomorrow. It sure is funny how quiet Police Chief Sanchez can be especially when PUBLIC FUNDS are involved.

The Mayor and City Council must respond!
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Tony DeNunzio Attorney Responce
updated: Oct 26, 2011, 2:05 PM

By Darryl Genis
If the Dash Cam of the incident even remotely supported the police propaganda contained within todays press release, it would have already been released to the Television Media for public viewing. There is no legal or ethical reason for doing anything but releasing the complete audio/video of the cruiser into tonight's television media. The SBPD has a history of releasing video into the media even before a pending case is filed. They almost always do it when it helps their case.
The fact that it has not been released, coupled with the carefully written media spun press release of this morning says it all. Chief Cam Sanchez does not need to say a word. He was not there. He needs to release the complete audio/video from the cruiser to be aired publicly on the news at 6:00 pm tonight. We the public do not need to take his, or any officer's word when we can instead watch and listen with our own ears and eyes as if we were there. Santa Barbara wants to know the truth about this incident, and it wants to know sooner, not later. The good citizens of Santa Barbara deserve nothing less from their Police and its chief.
I, and the rest of the public will watch the local television news tonight to see if the actions of the police match their words.

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 COMMENT 226439P
2011-10-26 02:15 PM
unfortunately I agree with him.
 COMMENT 226440
2011-10-26 02:15 PM
Thank you Mr. Genis. As a member of the community I also demand the video be shown tonight. Our public servants cannot forget they work for us!
 COMMENT 226445
2011-10-26 02:24 PM
But I had a feeling from the beginning that the part of the incident in issue would be outside of camera range.
 COMMENT 226447P
2011-10-26 02:26 PM
Genis seems a weasel but have to side with him on this one, its not like they are concerned about defendant getting to much exposure seeing how they already released his records.
 COMMENT 226448
2011-10-26 02:29 PM
Once again the only person that is going to come out of this ahead is the blood sucking lawyer.
 COMMENT 226450
2011-10-26 02:32 PM
Cam, do the right thing and release the FULL VIDEO! Not the edited version currently being prepared for the trial that is sure to come. Remember, you work for US!
 COMMENT 226452
2011-10-26 02:38 PM
I for one would love to see the footage, but I doubt they will show it.
 COMMENT 226453P
2011-10-26 02:38 PM
I can't take seriously anything said by this guy whose main area of legal practice seems to be based on helping people beat DUI convictions. (His web site is "," not that I'm trying to give him any additional publicity.) Hiring this lawyer coupled with the early comments of purported family members who seemed already to be doing their own "spin" regarding a possible (hoped-for?) payday doesn't put the alleged victim in the most favorable light, IMO.
 COMMENT 226455
2011-10-26 02:39 PM
We do not yeild our sovereignty to the institutions we, the people, have created to provide public safety.
Cam, you're going to have to release it. Sooner is better than later.
 COMMENT 226459P
2011-10-26 02:41 PM
Funny that REWARDS LYING and LAWYER GRINDS are both anagrams for Darryl W. Genis.
 COMMENT 226460
2011-10-26 02:43 PM
The Constitution of this great country was created over 200 years ago. The authors were wise enough to put in place a legal process that includes a speedy and fair trial----including honest prosecution on one side, and access to capable defense for all on the other. Those of you who have already decided that the cop was excessively violent, OR that the defense attorney is a "weasel" for adequately defending his client are not only un-American, but should be ashamed of yourselves. Only if you walked a mile in either's shoes would you understand how unfair you are being.
2011-10-26 02:52 PM
I wish you best of luck with that.
 COMMENT 226447P
2011-10-26 02:52 PM
I do think Genis is a "weasel" in a large part due to his interaction on the comments on the Independents board including it appears to offering to bet a commenter there on the outcome of Lance's case which is still ongoing. That would seem to be unethical for a attorney representing a client so why exactly should I feel ashamed of myself?
I did say I agree with him in this instance.
 COMMENT 226472P
2011-10-26 02:56 PM
What's the deal with not releasing the video? It would be good to back up the Police press release. Also I don't understand not releasing the video in light of the fact the Police Department has a TV show which contains plenty of video of various arrests.
 COMMENT 226476P
2011-10-26 03:02 PM
I'm still going with the Hunter's view of the incident. Today the chief said most of the incident is on tape, but close to a minute isn't. So can we assume it was a minute and a half? This from the original story:
Ellen Hunter said another police officer took witness statements but appeared to be challenging their accounts.
“He said the incident probably wasn’t a minute and a half like we said, and probably not 15 punches or as many Tases as we said,” said Hunter, who along with Restivo stood by their accounts that the man was Tasered at least 10 times.
 COMMENT 226475P
2011-10-26 03:02 PM
Sure...release the video. I got an idea, let's go ahead and try Denunzio and the cop online. Do it tomorrow. Put the video up on Facebook, Denunzio and the cop both get 5 comments, and instead of a Like button there are Guilty/Not Guilty buttons. No need for judges or lawyers. We are well qualified to mete out justice, aren't we?
 COMMENT 226480
2011-10-26 03:04 PM
Three unsigned lane changes should not result in a broken nose and several broken ribs, period.
No witness supports the claim that DeNunzio acted violently. Nothing in his record indicates propensity toward violence.
I have enormous sympathy for the very difficult and challenging job the police do. But there have to be limits to acceptable police behavior, and this incident gets near or over the limit.
DeNunzio may very well have violated the conditions of his parole and may very well deserve jail time. Breaking his nose and ribs does not accomplish that and indeed may result in him being out driving on our streets more prior to his cleaning up his act. That would be awful, but if it happens, it would be the SBPD's fault.
 COMMENT 226482
2011-10-26 03:07 PM
Shouldn't there be a video from Gelson's too? Or was the store closed.
 COMMENT 226483
2011-10-26 03:08 PM
This Lawyer is a slime ball. His website is a joke just read…Handling DUI Sobriety Checkpoints. Mr. Genis would rather help people keep their license and keep on driving drunk then stopping people from killing innocent lives. Obviously he has never had anyone he loves taking away forever by a drunk driver. YOU MAKE ME SICK!
 COMMENT 226439P
2011-10-26 03:14 PM
@476P a minute and a half? the video ( according to Cam) has a entire minute of footage out of view. MAYBE THIS IS BECAUSE HE IS ON THE GROUND GETTING HIS BUTT KICKED!! This Hunter person is just like the rest.
 COMMENT 226489
2011-10-26 03:16 PM
When will you get the story and course of events straight? He didn't get beaten up because he was driving recklessly, not signalling lane changes and driving without a license and under the influence.
Had he cooperated with law enforcement in the Gelson's parking lot, he would not have had force applied.
But since Mr. Denunzio, a scofflaw with a prior record, disregarded instructions from the officer, force was applied to make him obey the commands. The commands given for the safety of all concerned (the officer, the perp and bystanders).
The criminal was knowingly driving on a suspended license while on probation for DUI. That's a crime. Inexcusable.
He had to have known that he would be of interest to the police if he was ever caught driving, (an at risk of a jail sentance and vehicle impoundment) but that's not why he got roughed up. He got roughed up because he disregarded instructions from law enforcement.
2011-10-26 03:21 PM
@489 What people are protesting is whether the level of violence was worthy of his crime. That kind of violence and brutality is simply not befitting of the crime for which he was pulled over, sorry; we don't even do that to gang members or murder suspects, why should we do it to someone who is drunk and fails to get back into their car and doesn't present any visible threat?
 COMMENT 226497
2011-10-26 03:22 PM
I wonder if Genis would still defend DeNunzio if DeNunzio ran over Genis' family in the parking lot while driving drunk... Again.
 COMMENT 226500
2011-10-26 03:31 PM
Isn't Denunzio the same guy that was caught stealing a huge amount of building materials from the Bacara Resort?
 COMMENT 226440
2011-10-26 03:31 PM
The police officer's association gave money to mayor Helene Schneider during her campaign. I don't know if we will hear much from her.
 COMMENT 226505
2011-10-26 03:33 PM
Have to read the Indy. Genis will be ranting in the comments section there shortly.
 COMMENT 226517
2011-10-26 03:43 PM
I am just curious how many of the aforelisted pro-police/justified violence posts are from the SBPD Public Information Officer and/or someone at the SBPD???
Just curious.......
 COMMENT 226518P
2011-10-26 03:44 PM
if tony wins, maybe he can pay back some of the people he owes money to.
 COMMENT 226448
2011-10-26 03:52 PM
SY - Are you kidding? You telling me that if a gang member or murder suspect resists arrest a cop is not going to subdue him with whatever means necessary?
I don't care WHO you are or WHAT you did...if an officer is arresting you and you resist, you WILL get roughed up. And you WILL deserve it.
 COMMENT 226523
2011-10-26 03:52 PM
As much as I would like to see the video as well, there is a very good reason to not show it to the public on the news. Showing video that is intended for a court case can preemptively skew public (potential juror's) opinon. While the video should not be released until after potential litigation is resolved, it should be viewable to the defendant and his representation immediately...Side note, regardless if the SBPD did anything wrong or not, the defendant was driving intoxicated while on a suspended license. I have no pity on the man.
 COMMENT 226524
2011-10-26 03:53 PM
I am just curious how many of the aforelisted pro-police/justified violence posts are from the SBPD Public Information Officer and/or someone at the SBPD???
Just curious.......

So agree.
 COMMENT 226525
2011-10-26 03:53 PM
maybe he fixed the cops motor and when it didn't work told the cop sorry, no refunds.
Pay backs a bi*ch....
2011-10-26 03:57 PM
@448 I'm not kidding you. How often do gang members get broken ribs and tasered TEN times? Short answer: They don't.
There's a difference between someone being roughed up and someone being brutalized. Broken ribs, ten shocks from a taser... that is brutalization, pure and simple. Ten shocks from a taser is completely unnecessary seeing as how two shocks AT MOST is enough to put just about anyone on the floor.
Heck, ten shocks is potentially lethal.
 COMMENT 226533
2011-10-26 03:59 PM
in one of the earlier reports, didn't it say he had 'a drink' at the boathouse before getting in his vehicle? I know he isn't supposed to have *any* alcohol in his system & be driving, not to mention he didn't have a valid license, but I don't think one drink is enough to have people accusing him of driving drunk. And if you all really open your eyes, you'll see that people drink and drive all the time (maybe you, maybe even some of our wonderful officers), on suspended licensees. Even some of our 'upstanding' citizens & public figures are guilty of driving after a drink or two. or seven. they just haven't been caught. yet. or they don't get in trouble for it because they can afford to sweep it under the carpet.
 COMMENT 226476P
2011-10-26 04:00 PM
439P, I'm not sure you got what I was saying, or maybe I didn't write it very well. I agree with you that he was getting beat up for a minute out of camera range. The Hunter's are the couple that reported it to Noozhawk and were challenged by another cop about how long the incident lasted. Today the chief said one minute was out of view, so the entire incident was a minute and a half, or longer.
I think the witnesses were correct and have credibility.
 COMMENT 226546
2011-10-26 04:17 PM
I agree. Let's see it Sanchez.
 COMMENT 226480
2011-10-26 04:20 PM
I believe the witnesses who report that DeNunzio did *not* resist. I believe those witnesses because they have nothing to gain by going to the papers or even by calling 911. They were merely doing the right thing.
In contrast, the police have every interest in spinning the story and testilying. No police officer would be honest after an instance of beating up a person they were annoyed with, and there is no law whatsoever that compels police officers to be truthful; quite the contrary, lying and testifying by police is a recognized and encouraged tactic to increase conviction rates.
Why wasn't the blood alcohol level of DeNunzio released? It doesn't matter, though, it is easy for law enforcement to spike the blood sample with ethanol. Why no video of DeNunzio `refusing' a voluntary blood alcohol test? There is no law requiring police statements to be accurate on such a matter.
 COMMENT 226483
2011-10-26 04:22 PM
518...LOL Or buy some more drinks.
 COMMENT 226555
2011-10-26 04:27 PM
Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha on and on and on we go....
 COMMENT 226459P
2011-10-26 04:29 PM
If you average the ACTUAL number of drinks consumed by DUI suspects who claim that "they only had one", the number would be somewhere between 6 and 7.
If I got stopped and I ACTUALLY only had one, there's no way that I would admit drinking at all.
 COMMENT 226556
2011-10-26 04:29 PM
Well said SY.
And to the others that are critical of Mr. Genius and our legal system, you seem to have forgotten the little "innocent until proven guilty" bit.
Perhaps one day you will be rightly or wrongly arrested for a crime. Regardless, you will want to exercise your right to defend yourself in a court of law.
2011-10-26 04:34 PM
@533....hmmm, if any of us got a nickel for each time someone said they had just ONE drink, I think our financial crisis would be over in a heartbeat...
2011-10-26 04:36 PM
@556...uhhh, Mr. D was driving on a suspended license....I think the cat's out of the bag
 COMMENT 226563
2011-10-26 04:41 PM
This is a cool and calculated statement designed to gin-up the public and poison the jury pool.
I'll look for Mr. Genis to start filling up the Comments sections of articles on the SB Independent's website next, as he has done in the past...and as he might be doing here on this site already.
"Innocent until proven guilty" is quite correct, but all of that takes place in a courtroom, not online.
 COMMENT 226578P
2011-10-26 05:09 PM
It really WAS a nice day at the beach today!
 COMMENT 226581
2011-10-26 05:17 PM
Glad you enjoyed the beach. Maybe, just maybe this drunk dude did resist the officer and the officer performed admirably in the situation. But then again, what would we all have to talk about? May I be the first to thank the officer for getting a drunk off the road. Good job Officer Tudor. This dude is not going to get anywhere with a two or three-bit lawyer. The DA will review the tape, the resisting charge will stick and he will go to the slammer. How boring.
 COMMENT 226523
2011-10-26 05:23 PM
Too all those, that were not at the scene, that are making strong opion pro or against the police...stop it. None of you know if the cops did or did not use excessive force, so stop defending & attacking based on assumptions you've seen in TV's cop dramas...what do we know? We know the defendant was illegally driving on a suspended license, after drinking (stop disputing how much), got pulled over and got roughed up...This isn't The Shield, where everyone is a corrupt cop, but it's also not Law & Order where the cops catch only bad guys within the law. It's the real world. Please, come join it.
2011-10-26 05:35 PM
@523 Being kicked and beaten and tased multiple times counts as excessive force, and we know for a fact that that happened, since it's mentioned in Cam Sanchez/SBPD's release of information about this. So...yeah. We do know that the police officer in question used excessive force.
Unless, of course, being kicked, beaten and tased multiple times doesn't count as excessive force for you. Which is okay. Everyone's got a different POV on this, it seems.
 COMMENT 226497
2011-10-26 05:43 PM
I wonder how many "pro Genius" posts or "Genius groupies" ARE Genius...
 COMMENT 226595
2011-10-26 05:58 PM
480 and 448, you suggest that if an officer is arresting you and you resist, or you disregard instructions from law enforcement, you will get roughed up and you deserve it.
How do you explain the eye-witness testimony of witnesses impartial to either the suspect or the officer? They could have said the suspect resisted and the officer responded appropriately, but that's not what they saw.
In the custody division of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept, a number of cases of excessive force have come to light. Witnesses have observed LASD officers repeatedly yelling "STOP RESISTING" while they kick, punch, and beat inmates.
And you're telling me the law enforcement officer is ALWAYS right? Let's see the videotape, okay? How many times has this officer had 148.9 PC, Resisting Arrest, charges in his reports? Does Officer Tudor personally know the suspect?
 COMMENT 226440
2011-10-26 06:16 PM
Since a minute of the one and a half minute video is missing shouldn't the chief go with the 15 or so witness accounts as part of his investigation? This make no sense. Sanchez doesn't like what the witnesses say so he just imagines that the officer beating the man was following proper procedure although one witness called 911 to get help for the man being beat and tased by a cop. How sad.
 COMMENT 226607
2011-10-26 06:21 PM
It's pretty pathetic when a 6'2" college athlete turned cop has to use that kind of force to get 50 year old drunk to comply. Tudor is a punk and not too smart either. I'm waiting to see the video, hopefully I'll be on the jury when I do.
 COMMENT 226623P
2011-10-26 06:49 PM
People - this is not about whether Tony DeNunzio was drunk, or broke probation, or had a suspended driver's license. It is about did Officer Aaron Tudor use excessive force or not. So far not one witness to the actual event has come forth to say that Officer Tudor did not use excessive force. One and all have stated that what they saw was Mr. DeNunzio being brutalized. Just how does Chief Sanchez explain that? Did they just throw out the witness statements? If this is proper procedure, then maybe the procedure needs to be changed.
 COMMENT 226628
2011-10-26 06:54 PM
Genis is a genius. He is playing the courts, the News-Press, and these message boards like a virtuoso. He's going to be a national celebrity based on virulent attacks on arresting officers. Lots of money in store for him!
 COMMENT 226630P
2011-10-26 06:59 PM
Got Dog? Yes, may the Messengers carry a Message that the TOP DUI COP Kasi Buetel and co-horts at SBPD are covering-up their questionable police practices.
Case in point, I was falsely arrested on 03252011@00:18 a.m. by hot dog DUI top cop Kasi Beutel, Aaron Tudor, and _. Fortuna. On 04072011 I filed a complaint/grievance with SBPD against said officers. On 06162011 DA Lee Carter mailed a dismissal notice for arrest. See my previous blogging comments :
 COMMENT 226631P
2011-10-26 07:00 PM
Violence looks brutal - of course the witnesses reported it that way. It doesn't mean it was excessive.
Genis makes me sick, I can't stand that he is profiting from drunk driving. And now he's trying to rile public opinion to help his case. He knows damn well the PD isn't going to make the footage public at this time.
All the people that keep equating a lack of signal with the beating are amazingly blind. It doesn't matter of the guy was stopped for spitting on the sidewalk or had just murdered 50 nuns with a chainsaw - failing to comply with an arresting officer will cause escalating violence until you are restrained.
 COMMENT 226630P
2011-10-26 07:02 PM
More cut and paste , lets just show the video if it is legit it will show right?
"Let’s focus on a future “Independent Civil Commission”, in order, to solicit and unequivocally rendered an impartial factual determination to such cop practices. Yes, Nick Welsh has used my name as a pawn to offer in his Lance’s rebuttal, but the offer still stands for a news story that I am another of Kasi’s DUI victims! Fabricated lies on false pretense violations, and without video cameras in the patrol cars than it’s her signed word against my word. Place cameras on SBPD patrol cars to mitigate future litigation and kill the “On Patrol” tv cop unreality show."
2011-10-26 07:04 PM
Maybe this is the answer Drunk driving is out of control maybe if more people stomped the HELL out of drunk drivers they wouldn't drink and drive anymore.. I hate to say it because I don't believe in stomping the hell out of people but...
 COMMENT 226636
2011-10-26 07:07 PM
Where are all the pro-police witnesses? Not one has come forward to say the dude was non-compliant. Not a single one. Zero. Yet the SBPD's apologists and justifiers say: "how would you like it if you were the victim of a drunk driver?" Well, how would you like it if you were on the receiving end of a beat-down where not one single witness says you you were a threat? Not one single witness. No video released. Seriously, all the police-union spammers should get lovely "palm-strikes" for their infractions PRIOR to their day in court, as happened here.
2011-10-26 07:09 PM
Lest we forget: DUIs are responsible for senseless and random carnage on our roads,the numbers are legion. Their victims die violent and horrific deaths. They selfishly destroy families, and render their victims brain dead and/or paralysed for life, regardless of age sex or race. Personally I am glad there is one more repeat DUI off the road.
 COMMENT 226639
2011-10-26 07:13 PM
Choosing to drive when you have been drinking alcohol is selfish, ignorant and totally avoidable. I have been an ER nurse for 20+ years and have seen many innocent victims of drunk drivers. Yes, I drink...but I can honestly say that if I ever chose to drink and then drive, I would deserve someone whacking me in the head a few times. It's beyond STUPID, and it doesn't matter if you have to go a block or 50 miles...there are people between you and where you are going that have not made the same decision as you and do not deserve the risk of being run down by your drunk *ss. I feel sorry for the people who had to witness this event, but I have no sympathy for the butt head who was so drunk he couldn't understand the officers instructions. He deserved what he got and more...As I said before, I can only hope that if I ever did the same thing, someone would stop me and give me what I would deserve!!!
 COMMENT 226440
2011-10-26 07:16 PM
If there was already a complaint filed six months ago against Kasi Beutel and Aaron Tudor, why are they still "on patrol"? If Tudor would have been investigated then we wouldn't be hearing about this now. Denunzio would have been stopped by a good cop and he would have still been fined/jailed, but not hurt. These cops are bullies and we do not need them to keep us "safe" anymore.
 COMMENT 226476P
2011-10-26 07:17 PM
Gosh, so many saying the lawyer Genis makes them sick, he's a weasel, or blood sucking bottom feeder.
Except for Craig Smith, can't we describe all lawyers this way?
 COMMENT 226453P
2011-10-26 07:36 PM
630P: Aren't you busy running for something??
 COMMENT 226652
2011-10-26 07:37 PM
Notice how Genis wants this case tried in the media to garner sympathy for his client, yet.....Mr. Genis, (who makes his elder counter-part---another weirdly festooned and flamboyant freak lawyer from Lompoc), is unwilling to address the fact that his client was in clear violation of the law by being on a public roadway in the first place---(sober OR drunk). This man is the Cal Worthington of trial lawyers....BIG bow tie, a loud mouth (when it serves him only) and making thousands off of normal people who screw up and drive drunk...He just needs a pimp....
 COMMENT 226657P
2011-10-26 07:55 PM
Worm out of the wood. What attorney uses the word propoganda 10 words into his statement? Yes, it should be released, and --ick--what a low rent lawyer.
 COMMENT 226476P
2011-10-26 07:59 PM
Snodgrass and 652, you are correct that he was breaking the law by driving after even one drink. However, what I see in this is 11 witnesses, three quoted in the original Noozhawk story that say the cop beat him. And today the chief of police stated one minute of the incident was off camera.
I don't care if he was DUI, had ripped off Bacara or was a drinker. All I want to know is what went on during those two minutes in the parking lot of Loreto Plaza.
 COMMENT 226505
2011-10-26 08:02 PM
I know genis reads this. Please don't wear those ties. They hurt my eyes.
 COMMENT 226480
2011-10-26 08:29 PM
All the eyewitnesses say DeNunzio was *not* resisting.
Only the police offers who have every incentive to testi-lie and spin to protect their jobs and pensions say he resisted.
If the police officers wanted to efficiently get DeNunzio efficiently off the street and save taxpayers laws, they would have made a professional and calm arrest.
The police didn't do that, which suggests that perhaps they want DeNunzio out putting other drivers and taxpayers at risk after a jury acquittal.
 COMMENT 226674
2011-10-26 08:30 PM
to 226639
WOW. I hope to never have you as my nurse in the E.R., your values are completely skewed. Will you give me a couple whacks in the head if I am brought in for one reason but perhaps you suspected it was drunkenness? NO ONE HAS RELEASED HIS BA level yet, have they?
And I would bet $100 you have driven with over 3 drinks in your system at some point in your life, and you made it home just fine. Apparently for a woman that is drunk if you drive within 3 hours. (I am assuming you are a woman, excuse me if I am wrong).
DUIs are a fine way to make money off people these days. In my opinion the cops have become just revenue collectors for the city... in particular Beutel and Tudor. Isn't it totally obvious? And until I am able to see the video and judge for myself, I will side with the witnesses and guess that Tudor has a severe anger management issue.
 COMMENT 226681
2011-10-26 08:50 PM
What do you do for a living? Would you put yourself in the position of any cop anywhere in the U.S.? Would you even qualify for a position or pass the background, physical,medical,physical agility or psyche? Could you pass the academy they go through? I am no cop, I couldn't deal with the likes of many (even some on this blog site), but I know some great people who are cops. The risk the chance of not going back to their families everyday they leave the house or risk being ridiculed by the public and the courts for every action or non action they do on and off duty. Yeah, there are some that can't cut it-most are weeded out. Like any occupation, there are some not worthy, on a whole, they are some of the best citizens we have amongst us- they protect us when the **** hits the fan PERIOD.
 COMMENT 226475P
2011-10-26 09:12 PM
Two Things.... 1. The comment 226630P cut and pasted was from Cruzito Cruz...yes the same one running for city council. Cruz refuses to take responsibility for his drinking problem and his DUI and instead blames everyone else. 2. I'd bet NONE of the eyewitnesses has EVER seen a person resist arrest in person and NEVER seen what cops do to physically subdue someone resisting arrest. I'm sure it was shocking to them. Doesn't mean Tudor didn't play by the book.
2011-10-26 09:19 PM
Edhat posters remember twenty years ago when we saw the video of Rodney KIng's beating by the Los Angeles Police. The beating in Loreto Plaza from eyewitness accounts does not appear to be as brutal as the baton blows inflicted on Mr. King, but a beating is a beating. As with the current suspect, Mr. King was drunk, was a parole violator and resisted arrest. Did King need to be beaten to apprehend him? The same is true here.
 COMMENT 226475P
2011-10-26 09:41 PM
Knock it off with your ridiculously inflammatory remarks, KDEF. This incident in NO WAY resembles Rodney King. Not even close.
 COMMENT 226476P
2011-10-26 09:58 PM
679P, please stop. Your ignorance is your undoing.
Both King and Denunzio were pulled over by police after tailing them for miles. King was a chase, this was not, but it still lasted miles.
King was on parole, Denunzio was on probation. Both exited their vehicles, both ignored commands from officers. Both were taken down with physical force and tazed multiple times.
And, in both cases video captured some, but not all of the episode. So, you were telling KDEF it in NO WAY resembles the arrest of R. King?
 COMMENT 226712P
2011-10-26 10:47 PM
Sorry but Genis has zero credibility from the get-go. He earns his daily bread freeing drunk drivers so they can kill people on the 154. His ads are self promotion thinly disguised as despicable coaching to prospective drunk drivers on how to avoid prosecution.
His moral high ground here is more shameless self promotion. The guy's a creep, and revels in being the the creep.
 COMMENT 226475P
2011-10-26 11:00 PM
That's right, 476P. Not even CLOSE. Why don't you read a little more about the King episode and take a look at the pictures of the two guys faces. Speaking of ignorance. You and KDEF take the cake.
 COMMENT 226472P
2011-10-26 11:53 PM
The Santa Barbara Police Department needs to be reformed. The citizens of this city are clearly outraged by the immoral behavior of the police. No matter how dispicable the behavior of our fellow citizens, you do not pound then to a pulp. This not civilized or moral behavior. It is the behavior that we expect and see in third world countries with out constitutions.
So, what to do? First, relieve the Chief of his posting. What a bad leadership example he sets! Second, fire everyone else. Then rebuild the police force. Hire college grads. Only hire those grads that have taken a full year of constitutional law. Hire back only those cops that have taken constitutional law and any remedial education as necessary. Maybe then we can get rid of this school yard bully mentality that seems so common in the police force all the way from the chief down.
And don't worry about not having any police for a while. The last time the police went out on strike, actual crime went down.
 COMMENT 226738
2011-10-27 06:56 AM
Mr. Genus is not a weasel. He is a kind, intelligent man who happens to defend people against DUIs. I'm sure every person who wrote a nasty comment knows someone who has needed Mr. Genus's services. I do not drink and have never had a DUI, but I have been around Mr. Genus in social situations and know that he is a great advocate for and personal example for people to not drink and drive.
 COMMENT 226746
2011-10-27 07:12 AM
Having known T Denunzio's shoddy work posing as a contractor under his Dad's license, I cannot let him off the hook for his behavior. But should the Officer stoop to his level?? Broken ribs and maybe a broken nose makes him into a martyr like King, which is really stupid. This was a not very smart cop, to beat him up in front of a crowd. A smart cop would have waited for backup before tackling him. "Standard police procedure" should include knowing how to behave humanely as well as responsibly. If Officer thought he had a gun, why did he want him back in his truck?? So SBPD is the one with another black eye!
 COMMENT 226756
2011-10-27 07:28 AM
THANK YOU to law enforcement here in SB. You do a great job. I'm going to copy, paste and save this story and the comments. The next time a drunk or drugged up driver hurts or kills someone here (I'm sure we won't have to wait long), I'll copy and paste it back on edhat along with the inevitable comments about where our law enforcement officers were. Someone always wants to complain. I'm quite glad the situation went this direction instead of reading the obit of my friend or loved one.
 COMMENT 226778P
2011-10-27 07:58 AM
Please everybody calm down and let's try to get the facts revealed and let the facts dictate. Question is how do we make sure the facts do decide this issue?
 COMMENT 226791
2011-10-27 08:18 AM
If we pounce on our police every time they make a move, and assume they are the bad guys, we are just going to train them to be timid and apprehensive whenever they respond. Think about this next time you need them to respond quickly and aggressively to help you. They are not perfect, and I think their union has too much power, but they must make instant judgments under serious stress and we need to cut them some slack within reason folks. That's all I'm saying..
 COMMENT 226792P
2011-10-27 08:19 AM
Actually 738 it looks like Mr. Denunzio is an even better personal example for people to not drink and drive.
2011-10-27 08:20 AM
This is an isolated situation here in Santa Barbara and hopefully it will be resolved soon. In the meantime we should not judge the force as a whole. We should remember our law enforcement men and women who put their lives on the line every day,and appreciate what they do to preserve our safety. They have a difficult and often thankless job handling the low life,the drunks and the hard core criminals. With surprising patience they daily face abuse hurled at them simply because they are who and what they are,and wear the uniform of authority. We need these courageous people to maintain order in our streets and safety in our homes.
 COMMENT 226802
2011-10-27 08:37 AM
We residents of Santa Barbara just have to rid ourselves of this gangleader Cam Sanchez. This man doesn't know the meaning of "public servent". His officers (such as Beutel and Tudor) know that nomatter how violently or manipulately they respond to the public, their chief will white wash all their worries away, and these few wierdos that he empowers and defends to the death, not only stain our local police force, but reveals his true nature as a demigod whos sole interest in anything is "lookin good" with no bad apples under his proprietorship.
2011-10-27 08:38 AM
Now, I may be mistaken, but isn't the SB Police Dept asking for funding to put video equipment in all police cars. They would like the tax payers to fund this, but the tax payers can only see the videos when the police dept thinks it's to their advantage? Something is screwy here ....
 COMMENT 226448
2011-10-27 08:50 AM
CALTEXSB - Videos are to be used in a court of law (not the court of public opinion), just like any other piece of evidence. The public has no right to see any other piece of evidence, so why the video?
 COMMENT 226823
2011-10-27 08:56 AM
489 - You have stated it like it is. If he had cooperated, he would not have been beaten.
 COMMENT 226840
2011-10-27 09:15 AM
Because of this incident I no longer view the police as the protectors of citizens and defenders against crime. They are nothing more than a bunch of creepy thugs who will potentially beat and taser anyone for any reason. Santa Barbara is no longer a safe community for law abiding citizens. Dirty cops like Sanchez and Hunter make all the decent cops look bad in the public eye. If the corruption in the SBPD is not dealth with soon someone could die just because a dirty cop is having a bad day and wants to teach someone a lesson..
 COMMENT 226847
2011-10-27 09:27 AM
It seems clear that the folks toeing the SBPD line are the ones who have not read the commentary by witnesses that brought this story into public view in the first place. Typically when you hear the unbiased view before the self serving one it's hard to take the offending party seriously.
Personally I have no respect for Mr. Genis but he is making his living in the way that is required by our legal system and while I find his defense of Peter Lance's self serving diatribe offensive I have to sympathize with Mr. DeNunzio, not for being DUI or driving on a suspended license but for being assaulted.
Should driving while texting also demand a public beating because of the potential harm that COULD be caused? How about driving without insurance while hispanic and not understanding the officer's demands? Defending this action is a slippery slope.
 COMMENT 226460
2011-10-27 09:29 AM
448: When the cops do a drug bust they display the guns, money and drugs on a table for all the media/public to see. So, what were you saying about the public's right to see evidence???
 COMMENT 226853
2011-10-27 09:32 AM
If what the cop was doing was okay, why were the eye witnesses horrified. Hope all of you that are on your high horse don't have a run in with a cop like this one after you have had a drink. I hardly know anyone who hasn't driven after one drink. And I have seen a police officer drive after downing multiple drinks at Joes and have heard from folks that their friends on the force the smoke the pot they confiscate. Get real people.
2011-10-27 09:40 AM
The guy was wasted. He resisted arrest. He took a beat down. What do you expect? The cops that did the arrest should be thanked for doing a good job.
 COMMENT 226877
2011-10-27 09:57 AM
any of you remember James Begg? He is the man who received a settlement from the city after he received excessive force from the SBPD. There was a warrant for his arrest, he ran from the PD after they went to his residence on the Mesa looking for him. They caught him and while they were attempting to subdue him a youth with a video camera caught the incident on tape. He had a criminal record, he was evading arrest and he did fight the officers BUT he still received a large settlement. Keep in mind, this is a man who in the past had received a bullet wound in his neck while evading the Las Vegas law enforcement, sealed the wound with super glue then fled to Florida. If that type of perp can receive a settlement, then so will De Nunzio. You'd think that the city would have learned it's lesson from James Begg.
 COMMENT 226885P
2011-10-27 10:05 AM
Uh, that's not how you spell "Responce" . . .
2011-10-27 10:13 AM
Eight rogue cops were arrested in New York this week. This does not make all N.Y.P.D. cops dirty. We have to keep things in perspective here. For the morale of the rest of law enforcement who clearly do not deserve labelling "dirty" and "corrupt".
 COMMENT 226448
2011-10-27 10:24 AM
853 - They were "horrified" because none of them had ever seen a person evade arrest and what a police officer has to do to subdue that person. Alone (at first) I might add. Of course the scene would shock them. Doesn't mean what they saw wasn't by the book.
2011-10-27 10:24 AM
I think it's important to remember 2 things:
1) Most cops are great and respond appropriately (without excessive force) throughout their work day. This incident should not be a reflection on the whole police force.
2) No one likes defense lawyers by sheer nature of their job to try to exonerate their clients (often criminals). But...all people have the right to legal representation. IF, this DeNunzio guy ends up with a slap on the wrist and a settlement in the bank it will be because excessive force was used not because his lawyer is brilliant OR sleazy.
2011-10-27 10:25 AM
@448 Broken ribs and multiple tases are not by the book.
 COMMENT 226480
2011-10-27 10:40 AM
Most cops are great.
But in this case a man was not resisting arrest (according to 10-15 witnesses) and got a severe beating and 13 taser shocks by a police officer.
The police officer flashed his lights *as the man was entering a parking lot* according to the police press release. In the crowded conditions of a parking lot, it is easy to be confused if a police officer is trying to `pull you over' (whatever that means in the parking lot). What do you do? How do you know it is even you among the many cars around you that is being signaled by the police?
It is the police officer who conducted the beating who is hurting the reputation of the police department, not the citizens who report what they witnessed.
 COMMENT 226459P
2011-10-27 10:45 AM
226480 - How would they know if he was not resisting arrest? Have they ever graduated from a police academy?
And I assume Sy has read the book, right Sy?
 COMMENT 226917
2011-10-27 10:55 AM
The people of Santa Barbara have become very ugly. Ugly and judgmental. Everyone is a critic. The morality base is crumbling. God forbid you/I should make a mistake and need a jury. You people and your opinions scare me.
 COMMENT 226919
2011-10-27 10:58 AM
Is this about the video or about the lawyer? What really happened in the arrest is what we should be focusing on not who was hired to represent him. WHAT HAPPENED?
2011-10-27 11:35 AM
Comments on here,including those by myself, are by people who clearly were not at the scene. There is a lot of surprisingly vitriolic bias and insinuations of breakdown in moral and physical behaviour. It is not possible to pass judgement without seeing the whole video and reading the transcripts. This is the job of the authorities and the people involved in the incident. We need to drop the hasty conclusion mode and be patient.
S.B.C.C.C. The place where COMMON SENSE never goes out of style!

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