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What happen to Peter Jeschke convicted sex offender and his two open criminal cases in Santa Barbara? 7100 links to this blog people are paying attention! Watch me on T.V. June 17th in Santa Maria!

Well I have finally made a commitment to appear on live television two weeks from this Friday June 17th 2011 in Santa Maria. Because of my health I have not been willing to make a commitment but I just have too much that must be shared. I am sure the program that I appear on will be available on You Tub afterwards as well.

The other day I was talking to an old friend of mine and we came to the same obvious conclusion, I still do not understand a damn thing about women. I do not have a clue when they are attracted to me and worse yet when they are not. So I really suck at being single but I am lucky to still be a work in progress just like my blog.

My sentencing structure and grammar need work but on the other hand my research and data are second to none. I bring this up because I think our elected and hired City and County officials are in the same boat as me. It seems that they have yet to deal with the obvious I am not going away and people are paying attention. Other wise how can one explain that there are now almost 7100 links to my postings @ www.santabarbaracriminalcourtcorruption.blogspot.com . Please keep in mind that this number represents about a 58% increase in links in just a little over 4 months.

Here I go again speaking as if I am the authority on this or that, when in fact I tend to ask more question than I answer. My subject matter often includes the questionable actions of our Santa Barbara District Attorneys office. An example of this would be their decision to retry Corey Lyon a third time even though past jury’s have made it clear they have done a poor presentation the previous two attempts and no conviction was in sight. On the flip side how about the lack of attention given to convicted sex offender Peter Jeschke and his two additional cases that date back to at least February of 2008!

Peter Jeschke

Why has the Santa Barbara District Attorney Joyce Dudley failed to follow through on her own former case load? Than the convicted sex offender picks up additional charges in 2011. I performed a Google search while creating this posting and was unable to find any current news. I did go to our Superior Court Calendaring and could only find a court date for one case. So lets ask the obvious what happen to the second case and why has the media left this case alone. Please keep in mind no less than 4 local media outlets receive my postings by email immediately after they hit my blog. One could say I bring the news to the news media!Please donot forget that Mr. Jeschkes picture is absent on Megans Law web site as well!




06/02/2011 - 8:30 am 1296568 Peter Jeschke R&S/Settlement Conference Jean Dandona SB11

Newer Case with the older case to follow, please take into account there is a third case (the initial charges) that ended in a conviction.

Tennis Coach Convicted of Sex Crimes Back in Jail

Arrested for Allegedly Failing to Register Address and Notify Students' Parents of Sex Offender Status

Friday, January 14, 2011

Peter Jeschke — the former Santa Barbara High tennis coach already convicted on several counts of having sex with and giving intoxicating substances to a minor and facing more charges for allegedly dissuading a witness — was arrested once again Wednesday morning and was still in Santa Barbara County Jail as of Thursday afternoon.

Jeschke — who as part of his first conviction and sentence had to register as a sex offender — was arrested at his residence on Summit Road just before 8 a.m. for failure to register his address with authorities, and for failure to notify parents upon application or acceptance of a position involving children — in this case, giving tennis lessons to minors without telling their parents of his previous convictions, according to Santa Barbara police spokesperson Lt. Paul McCaffrey. The former would be a felony charge.

Charges, which could include a violation of probation related to the new allegations, had not yet been filed by the District Attorney’s Office as of Thursday evening. Prosecutor Tony Davis, who is handling Jeschke’s other case, said he hadn’t received the reports that had come in. Deputy Public Defender Michael Hanley, who is representing Jeschke, said in an email Friday morning that Jeschke would be in court Tuesday. “I'm confident these hearings will provide a fair opportunity to find out what really happened and whether there was a violation of law or a violation of Peter's probation,” he said.

In November 2009, Jeschke, who was facing more than seven years in state prison on the crimes related to inappropriate relationships with his tennis students, was instead sentenced by Judge Frank Ochoa to five years of probation. If found guilty of a probation violation because of the new allegations, however, Jeschke could be looking at prison time.

In May, Superior Court Judge Bruce Dodds found sufficient evidence during a preliminary hearing that Jeschke should stand trial on a conspiracy to dissuade witnesses during his first trial. Authorities allege that Jeschke sent text messages to two people, asking them both to commit perjury on the stand and also to send messages to witnesses in his trial, dissuading those people from testifying against him. Jeschke is supposed to be back in court on those charges February 2.

Older Case

Former Tennis Coach Faces Intimidation Charges

Prosecutors Claim Peter Jeschke Tried to Dissuade Witnesses From Testifying Against Him

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

“Peter Jeschke, a former Santa Barbara High School assistant tennis coach found guilty by a jury in 2009 of seven of 11 counts held against him—mostly sex crimes—will now face trial for allegedly dissuading witnesses who were slated to testify against him at his previous trial.

Judge Bruce Dodds found sufficient evidence that Jeschke could have been involved in a conspiracy to dissuade witnesses at a preliminary hearing Monday afternoon. According to testimony from Santa Barbara Detective Jaycee Hunter, the only witness called by prosecutor Joyce Dudley, Jeschke had been in contact with a former female tennis player who was 19-years-old at the time of communication. Documents of recorded phone calls as well as text messages sent back and forth between Jeschke and the former tennis player were presented to the judge. Hunter, after obtaining a search warrant for the defendant’s phone, found text messages that he said proved the defendant was in communication with the woman as well as her younger brother, also a former player of Jeschke’s.”

Well my initial intention tonight was to write about some new issues I have with the SBCERS pension fund both past and present. An just like so many of my thoughts I will have to save that for another day. All I can ask is that if you find value with my concern please share it with as many people as you can.

Larry “Magic” Mendoza

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