Thursday, May 5, 2011

Second mistrial declared in second Corey Lyons double murder Trial

So a second mistrial has been declared 7-5 not guilty in the Corey Lyons double murder. Probably for the first time a majority of my readers can see there is validity in my challenging the criminal court system here in Santa Barbara. Both Criminalist Ullemeyer and Sheriff’s Corner Olsen should be embarrassed and must shoulder some responsibility for the out come.

 Please believe me, from what I was able to learn about what went on behind the scenes in this case. I am lead to believe that any evidence to convict Corey Lyons that the prosecutor may hold, could be challenged by a real criminalist thus making a guilty verdict almost impossible to obtain.

 D'Sant Angelo Case‏ also know as the “Nun Scammer” case is next on my things to do. Yes I will challenge tactics used by the prosecutor and evidence gathering again. How ever I will also be sharing concerns about the actions and non actions of her on attorney Joe Allen. Now Mr. Allen and I have indeed shared correspondence before and he receives my postings via direct email. Based on those facts Mr. Allen as is every one will be welcome to clear up or challenge anything I post.  

 We need real police work as well  proper actions by our Superior Court and the Judges that preside over them, that has not been happening for far to long. So long in fact I feel my most loyal followers are in fact the “Good Guys” of law enforcement. I was beaten on 11/23/05 and still swimming in a heated pool 12/10/05 to deal with the kidney area pain.  If any one has a public forum to speak out pick me up and I will be glad to do so. We are still in the process of trying to diagnose what has happen to my health but I still have some fight in me.
Maybe now the media will start to cover the second trial?

Larry “Magic” Mendoza

Next up for today; reviewing some past false numbers with the SBCERS pension fund. The question should not be why I am challenging these figures. The question should be why our Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors have not joined me?  I have also followed up with Chief Counsel Richard J. Chivaro of the California State Controllers office and asked where my 29 years of audits are this past week.

Wow, nothing on KEYT last night
Verdict in Corey Lyons Case
Story Created: May 5, 2011 at 12:25 PM PDT
Story Updated: May 5, 2011 at 1:21 PM PDT
Santa Barbara - A verdict has been reached in the murder trial involving Corey Lyons.

The jury handed down a 7 to 5 decision for not guilty, resulting in a second mistrial. The verdict was read in Department 2.

Lyons was on trial again for allegedly shooting to death his brother, Daniel Lyons, and sister-in-law, Barbara Scharton, inside their home on the Santa Barbara Mesa on May 4, 2009.

The first attempt to prosecute Lyons ended in a mistrial last December. Prosecutors will be back in court May 17. It is expected they will announce then how they will proceed in this case.
Lyons had been involved in a civil lawsuit with his brother who filed a worker’s compensation claim for construction on the couple’s home, and involved a reported $1.2 million in unreported wages.
Second mistrial declared in Santa Barbara double-murder case
Posted: May 5, 2011 12:31 PM by Bethany Tucker, KSBY News
Updated: May 5, 2011 12:37 PM

A second mistrial is declared in a double-murder case out of Santa Barbara.
Thursday morning, a jury came back to court following deliberations in the case against Corey Lyons, and announced it could not come to a unanimous decision on a verdict. Lyons is accused of murdering his brother, Daniel, and Barbara Scharton back in May of 2009.
Following Thursday's announcement, a judge declared a mistrial in the case.
An NBC reporter in the courtroom says the jury was seven to five in favor of coming back with a not guilty verdict. One juror said he wanted a verdict of not guilty because he didn't see any evidence that put Lyons at the house in which the killings occurred. Other jurors said they were in favor of a guilty verdict because prosecutors presented evidence that Lyons had gunshot residue on his hands following the alleged murders. Lyons is due back in court on May 17th. That's when Senior Deputy District Attorney Gordon Auchincloss can announce whether he will re-file charges against Lyons.
A mistrial was also declared back in December 2010, due to testimony from one of Lyons' other brothers.
We'll have more on this story on KSBY News at 5 and 6.

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