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what goes on behind closed doors at the Santa Barbara County psychiatric health facility, I was beaten!

 Do I believe 15 year old youth in Santa Barbara are targeted, damn right I do.

Subject: RE: There is a lot of Amazing Things about Law Enforcement in Santa Barbara and why I was given a beating!
Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 21:23:27 -0700

This IS the most amazing case (Lyons Double Murder) I have ever heard of – absolutely crazy in every aspect.
How are you at writing a book?

Well People,
of course we would need a proof reader but I am up to any challenge. I rate the Corey Lyons case as 2 out of 4 stars in the amazing category for Santa Barbara corruption.

Try this on for Amazing People. In 2005 I go to Morgan Hill as I have shared with you before. I have never been involved in anything illegal. I decide to stay at the Morgan Hill Extend Stay Hotel that is under a remodel and offering studios with full kitchen for 899. a month. I did not know at the time that the day before I get my room a counter fitting ring was arrested there. My instincts were telling me I was under surveillance by some type of law enforcement. One night when my cam was on and my room was not well lite I saw 3 laser lights going from one wall to another on my computer screen. From the picture over the bed to the mirror across the room that is called optical bugging. Of course I did not know that at the time.  

So after two long months at this hotel I am heading back to Santa Barbara and I see a dark 4 door sedan following me on the freeway. I park at a rest stop go to the restroom and when I come out the vehicle is parked next to me. I was an auto repair manager before real estate and I noticed the temporary D.M.V. sticker on the windshield of the car is from Santa Barbara. Upon my return to Santa Barbara I happen by the police station and there are four brand new identical 4dr sedans with the same temporary registration in the window.

  People try to keep an open mind here. I have left nothing out because I nothing to hide. However when accusations of mental health issues have been made by law enforcement some may view this with a closed mind. Regardless of what treatment I was in need of a beating was not one of them. Now after my release from the facility i stayed at a hotel with a heated swimming pool. I would often swim up to 5 times a day because that seemed to stretch and treat my sore kidney area.

  I am beaten (11/23/05) as I try and get internal affairs to investigate why I was followed back from Morgan Hill by law enforcement. I still have the description of the Santa Barbara police officer who followed me. Now during this time my Dad is concerned I was paranoid  and on drugs so at his request the police perofm a second 5150 mental health evaluation and take me to Cottage Hospital (11/18/05). 5 days earlier I had went through the first evaluation because out of frustration with life I was beating my truck, I was just venting from frustration and some depression too. I was cleared and released from  the first evaluation, both times a drug test was performed and no drugs where found in me or on my possession. The second time the SBPD kept me and placed me in the Santa Barbara County health facility. After 3 days there I requested that a writ of habeas corpus be filed on my behalf. It was simple to me that the police placed me there to teach me a lesson. No matter what people thought of my mental capacity at the time I knew I must have rights and tried to implement them. The correct procedure would have been to have the public defender come in and represent in Superior court.

  So people you want Amazing guess what I did next? I advised the staff that if they did not follow the law I would escape, AND I DID. Escaping was simple and the reason I did that was because I felt that the Law Enforcement officer who had placed me there had no proper documentation and that this act by me would throw a wrench into there plans. I went home showered and ate something. I was cooking for my dad when 5 sheriffs and dog showed up for me. I put no kind of resistance but I did ask for the Court order or warrant, they had neither. Now that was odd since the hospital staff had told me they were in court that day obtaining a court order to keep me for an additional two weeks. Now People why would any American allow themselves to be taken against there will when law enforcement had no legal document to do so? What if they wanted to take me  to jail instead and claimed I was a molester or bank robber with no charges or crime committed would my dad have just stood to the side than, no because he knows better of me. But label this drug and a mental health issues and people do not see the abuse for what it is.  You see because  I was being stalked by law enforcement I can see were family would think I was going through some type of break down which is what they wanted everyone to see.

So upon my return to the mental health facility there is some type of hearing at the hospital and I am found not to be a grave danger to self or others as was claimed when they placed me there. But they did find that I was unable take care of myself and no place to go. I have the documentation for this.  Than later that night after my family had left it starts,  I am over medicated and repeatedly beaten. At one point it was like a dream to me and I can remember being on the ground after being struck. Not one to give in I ask if that is all they have and mock them. I push the issue and am struck again. Now I have an extremely high tolerance to pain medication and must not have passed out as they had planned. I fought through there drugs made it out of my room and someone there had to have placed the call for the ambulance. Again what of the camera in my room and I must find who placed that911 call. As luck would have it guess what happen last week Bryan? I just noticed after 5 years that the ambulance corporate office is a half mile from my home. So I need to go into there office and see what documentation I can come up with.

At Thanksgiving night my son visits me in the facility and we shoot basketball. I have to stop and causally mention to him that my kidney area is sore and getting worse and I have no idea why. You must remember as a father and given the situation and the affect the drugs had on me what choice did I have but to play along and get my self released. Even with  my  being over medicated I knew to get my treatment records immediately after my release from the S.B. county mental health facility. I have two bills for the ambulance one each  way and for the cat scan that was perform. As it turns out my ex wife's health insurance was billed for all of that occurred on 11/23/05. Now the medical records from the mental health facility have no mention or notation of my ever being taken to the local hospital but they did record my escape. Bryan my mom and dad were on there way to visit me when I was being taken to the other hospital so I even have witnesses. No Law Enforcement agency will investigate.

   Now I recently shared how the Santa Barbara corners office has not given a cause of death for another mental health facility patient. C Detty found dead in his room and 8 months have already passed since the death. People the whole facility is monitored by security cameras including the patients room as well as where I would have been removed by ambulance. It would be very easy to produce the video from my stay as well as Mr. Detty's death and put an end to any challenges!

Now how my divorce, my staying in Morgan hill and the interaction with Law enforcement here in Santa Barbara is all related is beyond me. What I do know is that one month after returning from Morgan Hill and investigating why the SBPD followed me back from there I was beaten. What I do know is that for the next eight months that I investigated why I was beaten I was charged with 7 strike-able felonies. It does not take a genius to see that there is something there that someone does not want exposed.

How is that for Amazing!

Larry “Magic” Mendoza


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