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Denise D'Sant Angelo,David Abraham, and there is support for our youth and the abuse they face.

What does it say when I am charged in court with 7 strike-able felonies and no felony convictions? What does it say when we wake our 7 year old children up at gun point? What does it say when a Mental Health facility has cameras and no explanations for the beatings and deaths that take place in there facility? This all cannot just be me. Young old white and brown you just might be the next victim to the corruption in the Santa Barbara criminal courts! What does it say when Denise  D'Sant Angelo is forced to face 11 years in prison with 5 charges.Than read what a insurance scammer was sentenced to with over 60 victims ad only 1 felony charge, how the hell can that be?. Now mind you the "alleged victim" had filed for a bankruptcy and clearly made his intentions know he would give up  the house. Now in the bankruptcy process credit counsuling is manditory at least 180 days before filing thus the district's attorneys time line is false. If you think  ate the Lyons case up wait till  finish with the D.A. in this case. These dummies just make it to damn easy for me to pick apart.

Thursday, July 16, 2009
David Abraham, 48, was pled guilty on 7/9 to charges of grand theft relating to a scheme in which he sold annuity policies and then transferred them to another company, creating fines to the policyholders but commissions for himself. Abraham was sentence to 90 days in jail. He must also repay the $2.1 million in funds he took from over 60 clients, many of whom were from the Santa Barbara area.

"A criminal prosecutor is not only an advocate but, as a representative of the sovereign, has a duty to seek justice, which includes the responsibility of seeing that the defendant is accorded procedural justice." (Berger v. United States (1935) 295 U.S. 78, 88 [79 L.Ed. 1314, 1321, 55 S. Ct. 629]; County of Santa Clara v,. Superior Court (2010) 50 Cal.4th35, 48.)

Nun Scammer on Trial for Elder Abuse

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 Denise D'Sant Angelo—previously convicted of felony grand theft for stealing $2,800 that donors had intended to help three nuns find housing—is finally back in court facing new charges of financial elder abuse and grand theft. D'Sant Angelo and the court heard opening remarks from Deputy District Attorney Brian Cota who alleged she told a couple in their seventies—whom she met while going door-to-door for the nuns—that she could save their longtime house that was about to go into foreclosure. She allegedly took $30,000 from them over the course of a year and a half for services never rendered, and used the money to pay her rent. She faces seven charges of financial elder abuse and grand theft, and one count of unauthorized practice of law. She faces a total of 11 years in jail.

Can you see the lack of balance here, there is no justice in Santa Barbara?

I always use the craigslist when I put a posting on my blog. Here is another person agreeing with you.

RE: the abuse our youth

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My heart goes out to you! I KNOW how SB sheriffs operate, even though I don't live in SB, but Orcutt I have had a similar experience with their ways, even though it was NOTHING like this, it was bad enough. My son who is now 24, was such a good kid never got in trouble in school, nothing. It started when he was 11 yr. old little boy. Was playing across the street in front of our eyes, guess he found a book of matches, he lit a match at the same time a man was walking in the field and approached him and then because this man was on probation and lived in a recovery home there he contacted the SB Fire chief (who he was trying to impress, he had done community service for him) and made a big deal out of it, was no fire, mind you, ever, no evidence of fire, just his word. Anyway, the police then show up at my son's school, it went on and on. They put him on probation, and he had to do community service. Because of that, when he was 14 he was in a friends garage, later, not that day, the kid had a party and someone burned a hole in a mattress and a neighbor called the police, to make it short it started a ONE YEAR investigation! 20 kids and their parents were drug into it Court, all kinds of BS, it turned out that a girl from across the street had actually burned the mattress and her mom was dating a cop and he didn't want her implicated so drummed up a phony story about these boys partying in the garage. It was ridiculous! Time off work, scared kids! Harassment! There is more, but because of all this stupid crap my son became a recluse and didn't even want to leave the house. One time a kid borrowed my sons bike after school and rode to old town market, he stole, someone told my son the cops were there and he went to get his bike. He and all the kids (who weren't even there!) got arrested, thrown in a cop car and taken to police station. When I went to get my son the cop slammed him into a wall right in front of my eyes! They tried to charge all the boys with "commercial burglary", and they weren't even there. But because they had been hanging out together earlier! It was so stupid and corrupt! I know how the SB sheriffs operate and I wouldn't call them if I needed them because they drum up their own story and they lie! Then you go to court and they start to make deals, "if you will SAY you did this, we will do that". And it will be a charge they didn't even have or some ridiculous plea deal! It is all about a corrupt system and MONEY! I am sooo sorry you are going through this. As a mom, and experiences of my own, my heart hurts for you. It is as if, by the time your (good kid) turns 12 the cops decide to turn him into a bad kid and are not happy until they have either accomplished that or broken his spirit so much that he can't feel like a normal young man and he is terrified. I will pray for him and for you. I don't know how I could survive what you are going through - I will pray for you to have strength and for your son to somehow get out of this situation. Looks impossible, I know, but remember that NOTHING is impossible with God. So I will be praying for you and him. I did last night. Just want you to know that. God Bless you. If you need someone to talk to just respond (RE: our youth)

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Anonymous said...

I was incarcerated with ms. D sant. Angelo and I got to know her quite well. She does not deserve to spend another day in custody. She is not guilty of anything accused of, I saw a letter from the alleged victim stating that she was not a dick n and nothing was stolen from her, I have seen people get last time for attempted murder in santa barbara county it is very unfair what they're doing to this women, she is a great person and helped me in so many ways, I pray the truth will be revealed and people can see that she is innocent.

Magic said...

Comments from People like yourself and other friends of Denise's, is why I began to look into her case. I truly feel the District Attorneys office can be guilty of malicious prosecution at times. When that happens, one might consider the whole criminal court proceeding that follows nothing more than a made for T.V. production. With the verdict already predetermined and the actual facts and evidence hidden from both the jury and the public.

How can one court say everything is fine (our Santa Barbara Superior Court). While advocates of the next court disagrees? As it turns out the California Appellate Project shares some of the same serious concerns that Ms. D'Sant Angelo presented during her first and second Trial.

During the second trial Ms. D'Sant Angelo tried to remove Attorney Joe Allen as defense council with a pretrial-Marsden motion. Among other things Ms. D'Sant Angelo questioned why the opening brief for her appeal case was never filed in the proper fashion? When questioned by Judge Ochoa defense attorney Joe Allen simply stated 'because he did not feel there were any grounds for an appeal.”

Judge Ochoa went on record and testified that defense attorney “Joe Allen did a fine job at the first trial. Judge Ochoa denied Denise's pre-trial-Marsden motion to remove Attorney Joe Allen as defense council. Well the California Appellate Project (CAP) felt different and filed a Appeals Motion. Which you can view at the link below.

People Vs D'Sant AngeloAPPEALmotion

It is the opinion of the California Appellate Project (CAP) that it was a conflict for Mr. Allen to represent D’Sant Angelo in the 2nd case. After reviewing the first case and the uncompleted appeal that followed. Defense attorney Joe Allen “failed to provide competent counsel and he abandoned the appeal process as well".

The media can play a role in this choreographed farce as well. Which is why I always try to provide my research material and location when creating a posting. I would never expect someone to take my uneducated view on a matter as important as sending someone to prison.