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Mayor Helene Schneider, Peter Lance,Tony Denuzio, Efren Cruz and Richardo Juarez they are all related.

Kudos to Mayor Schneider!!!!!!!! Barbara Mayor  Helene Schneider said the video tape from an in car camera of the controversial police stop at State and Las Positas last week, that left Tony Denuzio with injuries should be released for public viewing”
SB Police Officers Speak Back
updated: Oct 26, 2011, 8:50 PM Source: SB Police Officers Association
Police Union Claims Don't Add Up
updated: Oct 22, 2011, 12:31 PM  By Dale Francisco
 “ Police Union television ads claim in an ominous voice: "While Santa Barbara crime has gone up public safety has dropped. In that time the amount of firefighter and police has been drastically reduced. It's time we had city council members who really want to keep our city safe..."
The Santa Barbara Police Officers Association recently responded to City Councilman Dale Francisco’s article in which he stated the Police and Fire Unions claims don’t add up. One would think that when you rebut the numbers and data it would require you to supply the corrected figures. The POA did no such thing, but did continue their recent pattern of whining to the public like spoiled children.
When I reviewed this year’s City Budget I discovered that since 2004 the Santa Barbara Police and Fires budget has grown from 42,653,000 to 55,564,000. Also since then Full Time positions have been reduced from 343 to 312. Which means that our Police and Fire budget has grown 30% since 2004, while reducing Full Time positions by almost 10%..
Then I decided to look at the city of Santa Marias 2011 budget to compare cost associated to their Police and Fire budget verses ours. You might want to sit down for this next part. We spend over 55 million dollars here in Santa Barbara with our Police and Fire Protection for 312 full time positions. Santa Maria on the other hand only spends 30.5 million dollars for their Fire and Police protection and 212 full time positions. I have links to both city budgets below so that you may do your own review.
Santa Maria has more officers and less cost and deal with more crime, hum something’s tells me the POA needs to stop politicking off false data. Santa Maria's population in the 2010 census was 99,553 while Santa Barbara city has a population of 88,410 more than 10% less. I wonder how Santa Maria handles the pension cost for 160 officers with a budget that is 33% less than ours here in Santa Barbara.

Last Month in a Santa Barbara Independent story it was reported that violent crime in Santa Barbara was down for the third year in a row. It also labeled “Gang Related “crime was responsible for only 48 of the 2199 crimes in Part 1, what does “Gang related” mean?.A portion of that story can be found at the end of this posting. Earlier today in a posting I stated that then 14 year old Ricardo Juarez was framed for murder, stop acting like this is not possible. Until you research what happen in the Efren Cruz case you sound uninformed to me.
In 2001 the Santa Barbara County Dist. Atty. Thomas W. Sneddon and three senior prosecutors were accused of conspiracy and malicious prosecution, for allegedly withholding evidence in a “Gang Related “crime. Prosecutors and six Santa Barbara police officers were also accused of negligent investigation for allegedly failing to pursue evidence that indicated another suspect was the killer.
The cloud that is hanging over our Santa Barbara police department has been there since police Chief Cam Sanchez was hired; think about that for a minute.

Man Wrongly Convicted of Murder Sues Prosecutors

Law: Efren Cruz of Oxnard seeks $120 million. He served four years for a shooting in Santa Barbara.

An Oxnard man wrongly convicted of murder has filed a federal lawsuit against Santa Barbara prosecutors and police officers, accusing them of negligence and conspiracy to keep him in prison. After four years behind bars, Efren Cruz, 27, was freed Oct. 12 when a judge ruled that credible evidence suggests that another man pulled the trigger during a 1997 gang shooting in downtown Santa Barbara.
Last week, Cruz filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles that accuses nearly a dozen law enforcement officials of violating his civil rights before and after his trial. The lawsuit accuses Santa Barbara County Dist. Atty. Thomas W. Sneddon and three senior prosecutors of conspiracy and malicious prosecution for allegedly withholding evidence favorable to Cruz.
Prosecutors and six Santa Barbara police officers are accused of negligent investigation for allegedly failing to pursue evidence that indicated that another suspect was the killer.The lawsuit also charges Senior Deputy Dist. Atty. Hilary Dozer, lead prosecutor on the case, with defamation for blaming Cruz in the media "when he knew or should have known that there was great doubt that [Cruz] was [the] actual shooter."

                                                              True Crime
Attacks on People Down, on Property up
Thursday, September 29, 2011
 The Santa Barbara Police Department reported a 13-percent drop in violent crime over the first eight months of 2010, following an 11-percent drop the previous year. In that same period, property crimes increased by 5 percent. But that comes after dropping 9 percent from the year before. Officer response times in all but one of the four categories have either met or exceeded department goals. And all this was done with the fewest number of authorized officers — 137 — since 1984.
Of the 2,199 crimes the department categorizes as “Part One,” 187 were “transient related,” 133 alcohols related, 48 gang related, and 44 involved domestic violence.

Santa Maria’s 2011 Budget
 Santa Barbara 2011 Budget

What comes next was taken from a posting on my blog. For some unknown reason some of these resources have been pulled from their previous location, WHY?
“ Now the Santa Barbara Police have two Interesting links on their web page about crime that does not involve law enforcement. I suggest before any candidate for City Council Candidate runs their platform on crime and gangs they should review the numbers for themselves. You can literally review the crime data block by block for all of Santa Barbara. “
Crime Statistics
Beat and Report Districts For Patrol and Reporting purposes, the City is divided into 6 Beats containing multiple Report Districts (Neighborhoods) within each Beat.  View these areas by clicking on these links:Santa Barbara Beat MapSanta Barbara Report Districts Map Clicking on beat map takes you here @ 
The next link gives you the choice to review the crime data as a combined whole. Of if you look on the left you may select any section numbered 9-78.
Report District (Neighborhood) Crime ActivityReports taken at the scene of an incident are called Offense Reports, referred to as a GO (General Offense) report. For a history of all GO reports Citywide, or by individual Report District, click here. Clicking here takes you here @
The combined total looks like this.
GO-District Total
Layer 1 Of  66

2011 Jan-May
2010 Jan-May
2009 Jan-Apr
July 2009 - June 2010
July 2008 - June 2009
2010 Total
2009 Total

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