Friday, October 14, 2011

ARLINGTON WEST Santa Barbara, Project of Veterans For Peace SUNDAY, OCTOBER .16th 2011 at STEARNS WHARF

ARLINGTON  WEST  Santa Barbara,
Project of Veterans For Peace,
will set up at STEARNS WHARF SUNDAY, October .16.
We need YOU to help with setup, take down, or mid-day!
SETUP is 7:30-9:30AM
TAKEDOWN  is 3:30-5PM
Veterans to speak with the public needed all day.
We GREATLY appreciate your support by volunteering!
See you Sunday!  November 6 will be next setup after Oct. 16...

We Are the Antidote – Every Choice a revolutionary Act
S. Brian Willson, June 5, 2008

There is a deeply uncomfortable but clearly structural explanation for the pattern of historic U.S. war-making that continues to this very moment. US Americans, people like you and me, are addicted to insatiable consumption that makes the American Way Of Life totally dependent upon massive exploitation of others and their resources, and the earth herself.
The political-economic market system we have grown up with and support with our tax dollars and voting patterns is a significant contributor to the problem.
Part of the revolutionary antidote, if it occurs, will be in radically changed choices each of us
makes as to how we travel, what we eat, what we consume or don't consume, etc. Take travel, for example.
Air and private auto travel not only emit massive amounts of carbon molecules, accumulating as particles of mass destruction
in our biosphere, they also consume inordinate amount of petroleum for each passenger mile traveled.
If we are not committed to taking radical leaps in our own consciousness that manifests in corresponding radical changes in our lifestyles, then we choose complicity in business as usual, i.e., continuing to live as we have been conditioned and to which we are now addicted - comfortable materialism. It is absolutely and totally unsustainable. We now have an evolutionary opportunity for a leap in consciousness to integrate ourselves into a cosmological reality of living in mutual respect with all other life.
But we are the antidote, not the government or the market. As we become conscious, each daily choice we make from eating, traveling, and consuming, or not, is a revolutionary act.

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