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Don't forget about the D.A.'s Office too Craigslist‏

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What the Hell is going on with Mr. Sanchez and our courts (Santa Barbara)

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Date: 2009-05-06, 12:04AM PDT

The city council is only doing a partial job with investigating Cam Sanchez chief of police. What the hell was the District Attorneys office doing going along with this madness all the way to a trial. At some point you set a side the idiot Mr. Sanchez's ego and DROP THE CHARGES. Cut your loses and protect the cities funds from a law suit.
How ever the problem goes beyond what Mr. Scoles has been exposed to. You see he received just a small taste of what myself and even the so cold Gang bangers he complains about go through. You see Mr. Scoles those gang bangers you proclaim Mr. Sanchez protects are exposed to 10 times the treatment you received. How about turning 18 and being transferred from Juvenal Hall to county jail to find a 5 year suspended prison sentence waiting for you as a birthday gift. Oh the alleged charges are from when you were a Juvenal but now you are forced to accept an illegal deal. Now the co players in this drama are the Judge, D.A., Public Defender and pre sentencing probation report that all play along as if this were legal. There will be a waiver of rights one must sign that will bare those co conspirators signatures of this crime. An I will prove this in the not to distant future.

Try going to the F.B.I. And pulling your depart of justice criminal report or ' Rap Sheet” only to find the Santa Barbara court system is afraid to perpetrate there fraud that far and your charges are non existent to the F.B.I.. Meaning the felony I am now held to never really happen but the Judge and all parties in his court room played a long as if it were legal. Simply check Judge Hill and case # 1189598. Find our why Michelle Tinsley the court clerk changes the terms of convictions. Better yet why do Mary Barron, an Greg Boller of the District Attorneys and Karen Adkins of the Public Defenders office Play a long as if it were legal. Oh don't for get the missing court minutes from 08/24/06 or better yet more breaking of the law by having the pre sentencing probation report also be missing from this court file. Oh but wait it gets better as the court reporter Sharron Reinhold for the felony transcripts and she will claim she can't find or produce them.

Deal with that Mr. Scoles as an American who had never had a criminal record before the age of 45 and you will see what all Americans regardless of race must face from Mr. Sanchez and his cronies.

You mean to tell me know one in our Grand Jury has thought on there own for the protection of all Santa barbarians these and many other things need there total attention right now.

Change is coming Mr. Scoles and I thank you for your major role in making it happen but it is long over due.


Lawrence Zuniga Mendoza

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