Monday, March 29, 2010

Real Estate Foreclosure Fraud in Santa Barbara no N.O.D.'s being Published, WHY?

Real Estate Foreclosure Fraud in Santa Barbara

As it turns out yesterday as I often do I miss a chance to be more complete or exposing than I am. You see here I was explaining that during the Foreclosure of my property a new Notice of Default or “N.O.D.” was not filed or published. I than went on to share with you that as an average during the past 12 months 86 transfers occur due to these types of sales based on the date collected by our County assessor’s office. Now it takes 90 days for a N.O.D. to be completed and a sale at the court house to occur, are you with me so far? Than why is it if 110 N.O.D.’s are filed every month as an average do we not have any records being published as these actions occur? I mean the Independent and Santa Barbara classifieds should be over loaded with N.O.D. notices. Now last week I saw 6 N.O.D. notices in the Santa Barbara paper and that was all. Seams to me the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office via there Real Estate fraud division has some work to do. Oh an by the way Google Real Estate and Foreclosure Fraud in Santa Barbara and it seams we have an epidemic of Corruption, but are you really surprised.?

Larry Mendoza

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