Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Joyce Dudley from S.B. District Attorneys Office says the MAGIC Words!

In an interview from last Wednesday Santa Barbara District Attorney candidate Joyce Dudley made some very loud and clear statements . It is only my opinion but I felt her message was made as much for our Judicial system as it was for the general public. In her closing remarks Mrs. Dudley was very clear in stating that both the prosecuting of crimes and our criminal courts must be JUST! This is clearly something I have been stating for years now that is just not so. Even more important than that when posed the question of the Gang Issue" Mrs. Dudley clearly stated the problem with Gangs is in the North county. Now what she does not say speaks volumes to us here in Santa Barbara and I hope every Gang out reach coordinator, probation officer, and even police officers share that message with our youth. It seams for the first time in a long time our youth are going to be treated on face value of there crimes and not on the media story impact as in past regimes. You see if you take 3 murders out of the media and there over lapping effect what other issues do you have that were not created by the previous District Attorney,city council or police chief Cam Sanchez? 2oo arrest via gator roll based on 6 robberies and 1 burglary, were are the drug sales, stolen property or crimes against our society that would justify the federal act called Gator Roll? This must be the reason why to date there has been no public disclosure of the federal indictments for review and the media failed to expose there stories to the scrutiny of the public by sharing there material to the wire services or the Internet. If they had maybe more than just Magic would have been able to piece everything together by simply reading the lies and transgressions in the media such as I have done!

Let us not forget there are still many areas our District Attorneys office has failed such as in my second arrested when they broke into my hotel room at Gun Point. Some where along the line a phone message of mine while being made into transcripts was altered and created a very dangerous situation and I could have been harmed. When you take into account during the previous 4 days over 6000.00 was stolen from me as I was stalked by a select few with badges that consider there illegal actions against me acceptable. My room was broken into with neither and arrest or search warrant and that case was resolved by me being forced to accept a suspended prison sentence. Which is exactly why I have forwarded my concerns to the State Bar for review along with several other case's not necessarily dealing with me. It is very odd some funds were returned while I was oddly transported from the arrest site in Santa Barbara to a holding cell in Carpinteria. The term ' Hot Pursuit " was used to by pass the legal process in my situation, something I hope to clear up with a review of that days dispatch log and dispatch recordings as well as the never produced phone recordings or security video. We can break down my 5 arrest, in which I was forced against my will to sit in jail almost 3 months with no legal charges, or the beating I took while being treated for depression, which once again should be on security video. No matter how you review them all actions taken against me are illegal.

I know many people think that these things don't happen but from my very first false arrest and felony charge I realized our court system was not Just. How could a 170.6 motion to create the situation an have a former prosecutor from the local D.A. now Judge be advantages for young Mr Juarez during the Angel Linares murder trial. How can we still be exposing minors in the media by releasing there names before there are convicted as adults as we currently do? Innocent until proven guilty unless you are in the Santa Barbara criminal court system. Good thing my sister the than probation officer would rather discredit her brother and protect corruption than deal with matters on face value. I have worked hard during my 49 years to raise and protect my Son's and have them believe in the law.

Much worse than that is everyone is willing to look the other way while our Judicial system violates there every responsibility. How could any Gang issue be heard in our local court system with out the request of Change of venue? We have illegal actions in our court system dating back to 1997 and Efren Cruz that should more than allow Gang cases to be moved to a more Just court system. Why was Ricardo Juarez not granted bail thus allowing him the freedom to express what really transpired 03/16/07/? How can any current case not be utilizing the change of venue or 170.6 motion to keep cases out of Judge Hills over seeing of them? An what of District attorney's like Dozer, Barron or Boller and all there past transgressions, why are they allowed in any court room? Does the term Public Defender not explain there responsibilities within there title? One would not know based on there court room actions or lack of.

Now this past Sunday I posted a challenge of comparing crime data between State Street on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings versus Alleged Gang territory and I have had no takers to date. You see when we begin to take away ones freedoms such as with injunctions, than the question becomes when do you stop. If it's ok in the Hood than surely it is ok on State Street, and than it would be ok in Isla Vista on Del Playa. In fact social drug and alcohol abuse is far greater in non Hispanic areas of our county and the data will reflect that.

So be careful when you Judge because some one out there might just do the research and hold you to your wishes. If your wishes are to truly have a safe county than let the real data dictate were out problems lye. 3.4 arrest a week sounds like wishful thinking, hell the homeless are a bigger arrest issue that our current 'Alleged Gang Issue".


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Anonymous said...

Great blog Larry!
I want to know how does the DA give interviews to the press about pending cases? And allowed to prosecute the case via the press in an effort to taint the jury pool? I thought DA's are not supposed to discuss pending criminal cases with the press prior to trial?
It seems to be a tactic of the DA to hold people in jail illegally so they cannot get out and speak the truth as well as file restraining orders so the alleged "criminal" cannot speak to their friends whom are potential witness's to the truth.
You havent talked about how the DA intimidates bail bond people into NOT bailing people out so they cannot get out and speak the truth.

There is no such thing as innocent until proven guilty in Santa Barbara.