Wednesday, February 10, 2010

See what happens when you steal private property?

Well my appraiser won his lawsuit, he is lucky Lafferty passed on. You see part of what happens here in Santa Barbara is the power of the attorney and money matches up with the power of the courts and they bleed you dry. So in the middle of my brief alleged criminal career 4 years ago a person tried to take a gift back of a house but he claimed I stole it from him. Mary Barron tried to charge me with this allegation as well. Well nothing could have been further from the truth and like everything else here that is a long story. ALL THE CIVIL CASES OVER MY PROPERTY WERE DEFEATED WITHOUT ME EVERY HIRING AN ATTORNEY OR HAVING REPRESENATION PRESENT IN THE COURT ROOM HOW BRILLIANT IS THAT? All I had to do was to add a hard money second on my home at the last possible second to protect myself from criminal and civil matters. I had figured that they would fight it out over ownership and since they (the lenders) were vested partners with me I would receive the benefit of protection by default, and it worked. Mind you know all during this time allegations that I had threatened to kill no less than 5 people and of course drug abuse was flying every where. Being Jose Canseco Mendoza calling me names was the least of my problems back than. You see the hard money second filed an NOD or notice of default on my property. I had put the home up for sale with Prudential Reality to save the 250,000 equity and I received an offer the first day. But the next day I was arrested and of course that is the same day a civil lawsuit (all planed) was filed. Now Prudential on the advice of the Santa Barbara Police pulled my home off the market all with out my consent thus breaking there contract to me. I knew I was in such deep trouble that if I had lost a civil case prison was in my future, I also knew that stupidity and greed was behind my troubles from all sides and I guess I was the smarter person. Now mind you had my friend Bernie just included me the real owner of the property in his civil actions we probably would have had the property returned to us mortgage free. I still have those intentions but I have a ton of work a head of me. So any how the NOD is filed and the court puts a stay or in other words blocks the sale until the civil matters were played out. Now mind you know no less than 3 separate parties are fighting it out in court and that does not include myself and not a single day was I invited or did I appear in court room while they fought about the ownership my property!

So the Judge finds for the lenders and all civil matters are cleared and that is a Thursday afternoon. With out re filing a new NOD, or following the Department of Real Estate Laws my home was sold on the following Monday in a non judicial foreclosure, which is not close to being legally possible. First a new NOD must be filed, and a sale date posted at the court house and in 2 publications. I must be notified by certified mail of what is happening, if or how much would be needed satisfy the NOD. An that must all happen at least 10 days prior to the sale by registered mail, this with out the 20 notification by regular mail. So before the stay and when the first NOD was filed I owed 55,000 to keep the home the first lender was not involved at this time. Now from the Thursday the stay was removed to the Monday of the alleged sale at the court house the amount needed to clear the NOD had risen to 85,000. You see I was charged additional legal fees with out notification and with out cause since I had not brought legal action on anyone. So I worked hand in hand with the appraiser and the lawyer to defeat this frivolous lawsuit. I think that now I should file all there false acts with the Department of Real Estate and look to see who has legal responsibility for the 250,000 equity lose. I had to wait a year for this court proceeding to play out so that my future actions are fortified with what just transpired in court.

Oh by the way there were no buyers at the court house that day so the home was transferred over to Anthony Urwick the investor of the hard money second thru the Santa Barbara courts. Oh about the lawsuit and the appraiser. Well some how at the end of 2008 a full 2 years after the transfer of the property to Mr. Urwick The first lender’s distressed property division claims I sold the house in a short sale and have become responsible for the taxes owed the IRS in trade of what the lost in principle. Oh it gets better the lender and new purchaser of my home have a title report that claims all there alleged actions of the sale did indeed happen. How can one man be involved in the amount of cluster fucks ( sorry for the language) as I? You see that is were we always come back to why screw with Larry Mendoza in the first place? Oh and just in case your wondering Colleen Sterne the new Superior Court judge used to work for Henderson & Borgeson the attorneys who represented Mr. Urwick. An by the way a dear friend of mine has an old work place injunction from C Sterne not worth the paper it was written on, oh wait she forgot to issue the ruling with in those matters, it pays to learn procedures that’s all I know.

Larry Mendoza

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