Friday, February 5, 2010

I can expose Judicial and Prosecutorial Misconduct by Judges and D.A.'s in S.B.

My Name is Larry Mendoza and if you would like documents reflecting the corruption in our Santa Barbara courts I can provide them upon request. I have documents such as when the Santa Barbara District Attorney Gerald McCFranklin gives immunity to a murder (Juarez trial). Than has the person receiving immunity (stomper) testifies in court against the wrongfully accused defendant. Or how about when a public defender in another court document asks how much the term is possibly gang related means in revenue to the local police and District Attorneys office, the replying document was not found. Or a more relevant document where the Public Defenders office requests the District Attorneys office to be cited for Prosecutorial Misconduct and also request for Judicial Recusal based on the Judges Misconduct. Deputy District Attorney Josh Lynn who is running for the office of District Attorney felt it best to make web sites for Misconduct but only for his political gain. He has shown no intention of following the law himself or having other colleagues do so as well. Why do you think Deputy D.A. Mr. Dozer was so upset with the web page concept to begin with, purely bush league. During the Juarez Trial and very similar to Mr. Lynn in the Hollywood trial, defense Counsel had pointed out that both the prosecutor and Judge had misled the jury. In regards to the issue of sentence in that a range of sentences is not available for the charges alleged as implied by the two of them, and this can be grounds for mistrial. There is no ambiguity in the Jury instructions as supplied by the California Judicial Counsel. The document you are looking for Mr. Lynn is dated 07/18/08 “MOTION RENEWING REQUEST FOR MISTRIAL AND CITATION FOR PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT AND REQUEST FOR JUDICIAL RECUSAL’. I look forward to the web page you and your supporters can create for the true benefit of the Santa Barbara public. Our youth are committing suicides in having to deal with all this misconduct and yet no counseling web page is being supplied by anyone. An what of all that federal money for Gang INTERVENTION work by our probation department we have yet to hear anything, is that the stat padded so as to qualify for these money? Speaking of which while reviewing the Official Court Statistics report I find felonies are down almost 25% IN Santa Barbara yet our local police and district attorneys office would have you believe just the opposite. Worse yet is that based on dismissals or acquittals depending on the year reviewed as high as one in four is falsely accused of a felony to begin with. When you factor a 22 million dollar Judicial budget we sure seam to be wasting a ton of tax payers money. I have a Super Bowl posting coming out Sunday that will reflect much more than what I have just shared. I sure hope the Santa Barbara Independent can finish the Sarah Palin School of journalism soon and learn to include the ‘ 5 W’s” in there future coverage of our local courts and actions taken by them. How serious can you be when you forget to name the Judicial Officer or the Judge to us and his department in all your stories? This action alone makes me wonder why we cannot look up criminal cases and there Dispositions on the internet like every other county in the State? Maybe a letter to Gary Blair Superior Court administrator can fill in that gap of information.

By the way the Latinos in this county do need a wake up call since we make up nearly 38% of the county and receive 0 percent representation. I am visited by people with Badges all the time and I call them friends. Be it white brown or black Cam Sanchez and his ways are not appreciated by our local law enforcement and they freely share that with me when ever we chat. If you are to view his ‘On Patrol’ T.V. advertising you would think he only represents the white population. Our Local Hispanic law enforcement does not condone the illegal actions being committed against anyone but especially when targeting Hispanic youth. In two days this week I received two warnings from law enforcement visitors that the targeting of our youth was about to get worse and talk of Gang Injunctions has turned into action. We need to seek convictions on all those who commit a crime regardless of race. Including those employed by our criminal courts, regardless of position. The more I share these facts the harder it is for me to understand, WHEN THE HELL IS THE EASTSIDE GOING TO WAKE UP?


Larry “Magic” Mendoza

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Anonymous said...

You hit it once again Larry. May I add after having to sit in court this past week and witness the joke that is our legal system here in Santa Barbara... welcome to the "Good Old Boys Club"! I ask of the Mexican Community, how much longer are we going to allow them to get away with this?! How is it that the public defenders and private criminal defense attorneys get away with lying? Just because they went to law school we are suppose to believe them when all of the facts paint a very different picture here? These are our children people! Stand up and get involved!