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Santa Barbara Public defender Karen Adkins must explain her fears of Judicial and Procutorial Misconduct in our Judicial System

Well in my last posting I spoke about how the Santa Barbara Public Defenders Office is serving up our youth to the District Attorneys Office as if they were playing a game of baseball. They are serving them up fat, slow and right down the middle of the plate. An even with all the concern over youth gangs there is one area we all seamed to have missed. I am speaking of the older Gang and it’ leaders we call them mentors. Just who belongs to the older Gang of mentors teaching our youth to commit crimes and become outlaws just like them? I am sure in some backward kind of way this must all seem like a joke to this older group of gang members. Now don’t get me wrong I have always said if anyone youth or adult commits a crime follow the law until you obtain a conviction. It has always been my belief we must all be responsible for our actions and what ever that may entail. Now recently I commented on the internet about something that Ernie Salomon wrote in the Santa Barbara News Press. Ernie and I than exchanged emails and he asked that I write some of my thoughts down so that I might later share them on his show. Well Ernie here they are: you are correct we must aggressively address the two Gang issues we have living right here in Santa Barbara. Now I could get assaulted by the adult gang as I have in the past for even mentioning that they exist but as usual I will just have to take my chances. You see the mentors have taught our youth to lie to law enforcement, to give false testimony during trials, and to even threaten physical harm if there demands are not met. These mentors are known to abuse our judicial system in ways we could only dream about. They have been shown or so they think that you can break the law and get away with it anytime you want and that society is helpless to do anything about it. . So I ask you all just what are we going to do to stop the law breaking action and mentors and the messages they are sending our youth? What I am saying is who is really to blame for our youth and there law breaking ways. Well I guess it is time I name the leader of these mentors and his name is Cam Sanchez and anyone who follows him by breaking the law. Law Enforcement has taught our youth it is ok to have someone give false testimony as in the Juarez case. When these mentors like Senior District Attorney Dozer go out of there way to convict the wrong defendants than you tell me than what have our youth been taught? Why than must we hold our east side and west side youth to higher standards than we hold law enforcement and other leaders of our community. Is it not true Cam Sanchez has been accused of perjury while on the stand and those charges have yet to be cleared? All I am doing is pointing out a view that many can consider unpopular but sadly is filled with the truth. Marty Blum is another fine example of a community leader inept at her responsibilities. It was her City council while she sat as mayor that fielded the question of Mr. Sanchez’s alleged perjury and failed in her tenure to secure an answer. She just recently went on T.V. and for the first time I can recall referred to the Gator Roll action. I have asked why if there are positive effects to that action have we not advertised how that action can benefit the community as a hole. My concerns to date have fallen on deaf ears. I am sure my Father and Uncles may be old enough to remember when you might be labeled a Pachuco or for my Grand fathers a Zoot suiter , my how time changes and everything remains the same fear and ignorance on the Latino’s, Hispanics. For there is no prouder American than a G.I veteran from world war II with Mexican heritage, There is no prouder American than when the President of the United States holds your Latina Grand Daughter in his arms right Matt Sanchez. You see President Bush Sr. American is proud of President Bush Jr American who is proud of his grandkids oh wait did you miss this one that are Mexican American. You see it is already in America’s future and I want my son to be the first American president with Mexican heritage so America needs to wake up. 1.6 trillion dollars in fraud and immigration is this country’s down fall. We are Bi-cultural by the design of our Forefathers yet we act as if our own history is a mistake. We must be able to accept and appreciate our histories of where we come from and were we are with out prejudice to either.

Now many people look to me as some kind of investigator of injustice and nothing could be further from the truth. Ernie you mentioned that the Adults should be punished for crimes committed by there children as well, If that is to be so than what about this Ernie. If we can prove Law Enforcement and judicial officers have committed crimes against society is it not fair than to hold there supervisors accountable also? You see people to understand what I have uncovered you are asking the wrong person to explain the injustices to you. Ask the Author of the missing 80 page motion from the Juarez murder trail that details the Prosecutorial and Judicial Misconduct that currently exists in our Santa Barbara Superior Court rooms, ask Karen Adkins for her opinion. She has in detail giving example after example of illegal actions by our District Attorneys office as well as Judge Brian Hill. Mr. Salomon Before I earn the write to appear on your T.V. show lets get Miss Adkins to give us her reasons for writing such powerful documents in regards to the mentor gang’s abuse of our youth. After all kids copy what they taught and Cam Sanchez is only teaching our youth that crime can get you what you want. I am also puzzled because where Gregory Paraskou the head of the Santa Barbara Public Defenders office in regards to better training his staff in dealing with these injustices. Now just yesterday there was a story in the news press about another one of judge Brian Hills cases that sentencing has been postponed. German Acosta is the defendants name and I know nothing of the case except Judge Hill has a problem getting through a single case with out procedure issues. Now get this Tara Haaland-Ford wants to review the transcripts for errors. First off she is Steve Balash’s partner and I believe part of the CDA. She was also involved in the 17 year old youth who was tried as an adult even though special allegations were denied. You see Ernie even though you feel the parents are not parenting I can show case after case were the parents are not allowed legal access to there children to even get involved, I can bring you case and documents to verify every single statement I make. The case I refer to above the youth was taken from juvenile hall to adult court all with out his parent’s knowledge or involvement that you claim they are negligent and not willing in there parenting duties, not being allowed is more like it.

I am sorry to keep referring to Mr. Salomon when I trying to make my point with all off you that chose to read this. I just tend to think we as a society have come to accept anything and everything that is put before us by the media print or Television in what ever cookie cutter fashion they chose. Take last week for instance. U.S.C. football announced the hiring of there new coach since Pete Carroll had resigned and was to be taking over as football coach for the Seattle Seahawks. U.S.C. named Lane Kiffin hiring him away from the University of Tennessee. Right away the media’s second installment of this story was about how Mr. Kiffin’s recruitment coordinator had made some questionable phone calls to the possible current Tennessee recruits. The coordinator had advised the recruits that if they followed through with there plan to enroll early at Tennessee that very next day there could be consequences to these actions, should they decide later that the new coach was not a good match for them or there skills. You see because of N.C.A. A. rules had the new incoming freshman recruits attended class there eligibility clock would have started ticking on the spot and that has a five year shelf life. So E.S.P.N. and the Athletic Director from Tennessee went on and on how underhanded the recruitment coordinators actions were, and I wondered to myself about this. First of all I felt it was the nature of the beast because when Tennessee fills there void well you can see a chain reaction that hiring would create. Second I noticed not a single other school or coach made a negative comment about what the coordinator had done, and that did not bother me. You see in the College sports world you would expect an all out effort to create your product number one or you hired the wrong person. That’s not to say nothing bothered me about the whole incident. You see College athletics is a Billion dollar industry and is quite frankly not a fair bargain for student athletes. So than my point is this: as a society should we have not been upset that the Tennessee Athletic director did not have the Morals to give the possibly new enrolling students the heads up as to the possible ramifications of there actions on there lives? Does he not have the obligation to say as of today we cannot meet our obligation to you as promised? Should he have not allowed them to pull there commitment until the coaching vacancy was filled and at the same time holding there scholarship until all parties involved could make an educated decision? Now for me the minute I heard the story that is what bothered me, and now that you have seen my view do you not also agree with me than.

Ok fine so than how does that media story relate to our current crisis right here is Santa Barbara? Well there is a charge against a lady for allegedly stealing 2700 dollars from some nuns who were evicted from there residence. Now what surprises me is that based on recent cases like Orson Mozes in a adoption scam that has 57 families victimized, yet is only charged with 17 felonies and further yet is only sentenced to 3 years 7 months in prison. Or how about David Abraham with 17 felonies charges, this man steals 2.1 million dollars and is to serve a total of 90 days jail time. My question here is, are there not a minimum prison time if convicted of X amount of felonies and why has our tough on the youth D.A. consistently taken it so lightly here. Now there are no less than 3 more embezzlement cases with a minimum of 400,000 in each case were just probation was ordered. I doubt all the alleged gang problems amounts to a cost near one tenth of any one these crimes yet we constantly make them the center of our media attention. Why is that ok with all of you I ask? It is like allowing Wall Street to steal 1.6 trillion dollars than complain about immigration. Or better yet why are we willing to spend 1.6 trillion dollars on what we do not even have one conviction yet we will not spend it on ourselves for better health care. Oh that’s right that is socialist program is it not? So than let’s keep funding the losing proposition of the United States post office heaven forbid we do not think of that as socialist (my sons college education teaching his father). So back to the nun story and what bothers me. First off the fact that District Attorney Perlin was on the case after he had taken a county deal to retire early, I have seen similar activity’s in other extremely corrupt cases were Mr. Perlin was involved with. My next concern is that Cam Sanchez for sending or corresponding with the defendant in a negative and threatening fashion, highly unethical and such is his way. No what really bothers me is that the need for funds even existed for these ladies of the church. You see the church had to sell the property where the nun’s resided to help pay for the settlements of molestation charges by the priest who had served Santa Barbara in the past. So they create a new sin to cover for an older and even bigger sin, to me that is the real story.

So jeers to “On Patrols’ new advertising for the new and upcoming season. You see Mr. Sanchez as a community we already have come to accept illegal use of force by those you over see and I see no reason for you to advertise it. Debate me or Karen Adkins on your patrol show and let us work to clearing up the mounting concerns over your past actions. In closing Marty Blum I lived here when Harriet Miller was involved with our City and you are no Harriet Miller. There is Magic in creating a better life for us all and I believe in Magic. If you like what I have shared please share it with others.

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