Friday, January 8, 2010

Ernie Salomon please teach me a solution for this Corruption our youth face

January 7, 2010

Wow was I upset, agitated and quite possible even pissed off when I read Ernie Salomon’s letter to the Santa Barbara news press on page A8 today. I read it again and did some thought, I read it again and thought some more. The part that angered me was “The local Mexican gangs and the punks “ . Than he goes on to say “the mayor. City council, schools, and police are not baby sitters”. I would agree with that because those he has mentioned are involved with corruption and murder and must be held accountable. I than started to think how I could best apply his view and put a positive spin on it with out sinking to his level. Now folk’s that is not easy for me but I think it will gives us the power to rise above such views no matter how strongly I disagree. So my first thought was if Ernie and his wife went to a marriage counselor he would never introduce his wife as my ho and expect positive results. What his remarks reflect to me is; hey how did the fire get to the point were it caused so much damage? So there fore I am taking a risk in saying he is not really interested in solving anything but rather keeping some type of blame alive as the reasons for what must be his unhappiness regarding Mexicans. I than have to ask you all is it me or does Ernie just like to pour gas on the existing flammable situation? As I was doing some more thinking I thought maybe I should say Thank You for the Ernie Salomon’s in Santa Barbara for making my point for me. You see Ernie Salomon is an American and as it turns out it is has a god given right of free speech. No matter how strongly I disagree or even find his remarks rather ignorant for a man of his stature. It is the very same god given rights I practice of free speech when I call for Cam Sanchez’s job based on the political games being played on our youth here in Santa Barbara. At this time though I don’t feel Mr. Salomon has to be wary of vendetta justice as I or Gil Armijo or any of our youth that were witnesses to the needless death of Angel Linares are exposed to.

I have just returned to reread Mr. Salomon’ remarks again and that is when my heart grew heavy. You see some times he my haste to being condescending I to can miss what is truly important. Here is how Mr. Salomon’s full paragraph read.
“ The local Mexican gangs and the punks are mostly a result of parents who do not parent. In the mix are unwed mothers, single mothers and other parents, many of whom do not understand there duties.”
After rereading that all I can say is who in the hell does this ignorant bastard think he is making such a bold and asinine statements. Please Mr. Salomon tell me how to teach the parents of 4 east side youth families to better deal with the deaths of there son’s. Damn it Mr. Salomon I did not hear you speak at one funeral, did not see one police man or city official even comment to the sadness of these youth that would rather commit suicide than deal with your brand of justice. I have yet to hear Cam Sanchez or our school offer grief counseling or better intervention to prevent such sad and needless deaths. You are telling me a parent that there is no stone I will not over turn to bring those responsible to justice, you are a bigger fool than the words you wrote earlier. You said the result of parents that do not parent hum. I say the result of leaders who do not lead; I say the result of policy makers not being held accountable. Mr. Salomon you arrogant man tell me how many children arrived at school today and asked to have there dream smashed, how many kids asked for there parents to be ridiculed because when they did seek assistance in regards to there children and they would get humiliated for attempting it. How many of the 149 federal violations in regards to our local education were caused by bad parenting? Or Mr. Salomon was the true cause the bad implementation of federal guidelines to suit the abuse of local government? I see where you have offered up blame yet with no offer of work or effort to a solution. It must be easy to step out side get wet from the falling rain and than be so bold as to call yourself a whether man.

About a week ago I wrote a post and said the corruption I am investigating was not my idea but once again I am guilty of not thinking things all the way through you see I missed a great opportunity to talk about what really happen. My post should have read; Karen Adkins American felt that Ricardo Juarez American was having his rights violated by Judge Hill American. 14 American Attorneys also agreed with Miss. Adkins American so that they wrote the local American D.A. and told her. In all my research I have yet to find the prosecutor or the defense refer to any one involved with young Angel Linares death by using the term punks or Mexicans so Mr. Salomon why do you find the need?

As I sit here I can only wish for the strength of those east side parents and what the must tolerate just to get by day by day. I spoke with my friend Gil and I reminded him that as grown men he and I have had a tough time dealing with our injustices but again we are grown men. How can I have been beaten and rushed by ambulance in a facility full of cameras and yet no report or witnesses to allow me to charge those who thought they could harm or deter me or my efforts of justice. How can The Juarez family speak of the American dream and as you call it live up to there responsibilities as parents when there son was paraded illegally and just morally wrong.

Let me ask you folks a question. If you are not legally charged with a felony until the conclusion of a preliminary hearing; how than could the media be allowed by the Judge, D.A., County Counsel, Public defenders office or City Council to cover the event of a 14 year old not yet legally charged with a crime for the media? When you review the lack of police intervention with the abuse that followed in the media it smells of political games at the cost of one life that day, How could everyone involved violate not only Juarez but every juvenile involved or not involved for that matter? A preliminary hearing is also known as a probable cause hearing and even during a trial if presumed innocent until convicted would that not be further violation of his parents right to protect there child? So Mr. Salomon with your obvious vast knowledge on the lack of effort by our “ Mexican parents” what tips could you provide to help them see through the troubles of “Your Justice” Because it was about Politics and riding our youth innocent or guilty for the maximum exposure. I hope that makes sense to you all because it sure pisses me off. I am only just beginning, I promise you that. Now if I could think of this and it makes sense to you do we really have to be a lawyer to know it was wrong and illegal?

Truth be told every single person that I have asked now about the Juarez media coverage agrees with me100% that our children were used and everyone responsible to prevent that from happening just allowed it as if they were throwing out the paper. Mr. Salomon please in all your wisdom demonstrate the proper parental techniques needed for the above described abuse because that chapter is missing from my parent duties book 101. In closing let me talk about someone who does protect this country. I am speaking about on of the leading environmental Attorneys the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. has, in fact one of the best in the country period. His name is Jeff Prieto just another throw away Mexican or wait maybe if our youth is served one of our future leaders of this Country. Sorry to name drop on you but maybe there is more to his story than I am willing to sharing with you all write now, ask around for yourself because I am just getting started. This was not how I wanted to start the Year of the Magic but I fill these things needed to be shared. If you like what I wrote please share it and tell others.


Larry “ Magic’ Mendoza

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