Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Prosecutorial Misconduct Complaint follow up letter against the Santa Barbara District Attorney

January 5th 2010

Office of the Chief Trial Counsel
State Bar of California
1149 Hill Street
Los Angeles California 90015-2229

To Whom It May Concern:

I am left wondering why my complaint filed last December 09 has not been acknowledged as having been received yet. I have also learned that there are or have been several grave concerns regarding Prosecutorial Misconduct by our Santa Barbara District Attorney and her Office. Including attorneys practicing as or for the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office after having accepting an early retirement offer from said county that included public money as a bonus for doing so. I keep records of my concerns on my blog @ www.santabarbaracriminalcourtcorruption.blogspot.com as well as a long list of email friends. If and when you review my blog it will be quite clear my complaint was indeed mailed early last December 09. If for some reason you claim to not have received it yet please notify me by phone since it is in regards to the serious crime of Misconduct and falsifying evidence and sentencing the wrong defendant during a murder trial. It also is in regards to a beating I took that neither the local law enforcement or our local Public defender office would investigate. I have enclosed a copy of that complaint so as you can reference the materiel discussed in my original format.


Larry Mendoza
7465 Hollister Ave
Goleta Ca 93117
2#Hm 805-845 wk 805 685-0320

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