Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Search Google an not a trace of what transpired in our Santa Barbara Superior Court with the drugs cases of Erik Bjorklund, Kelsey O'Reilly an William Paxson. Sounds pretty suspicious to me!

Erik Bjorklund, Kelsey O'Reilly an William Paxson what happen to there (criminal drug case's?)
Date: 2011-01-25, 8:41AM PST
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Erik Bjorklund, Kelsey O'Reilly an William Paxson . I went to our local Superior Court calendering web page and could not find a trace of them. I mean a 9 million dollar drug case an poof they all just disappeared. I guess it pays to make campaign contributions to Josh Lynn for district attorney. I even tried to Google them an all I could get was the media coverage from there first arrest date and nothing else. Not one single print or television media follow up story, not one. What happen to all the months an month of man hours spent on these investigations by law enforcement? All that hard work and tax payers dollars wasted. I guess it is off to the court house to pull more criminal case files. Damn when it was I being falsely prosecuted no expense was spared!

The Independent , Edhat, the Santa Maria Times , the Daily Sound, KEYT noozhawk.com they all forgot abut these huge drug cases?

Larry Mendoza appeared frustrated in Court today, new Felony charges to follow! Wow they must be so proud of Mary Barron, Greg Boller and Judge Brian Hill for all that I went through.

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