Monday, January 31, 2011

Concerned comments found on the Santa Barbara Craigslist. They question why the soft handling of Erik Bjorklund and Kelsey O'Reilly from arrest to criminal prosecution?

Re: Eric & Kelsey (SB)

Date: 2011-01-31, 9:27AM PST

Someone needs to show up at this hearing and find out what's going on with the corruption in our local government offices. First of all, Kelsey moved out of his house and packed everything he owns into a truck which he suddenly added a camper shell to. This sounds like the actions of someone who is going into hiding. I seriously doubt he will be appearing in court today. Unlike Eric, Kelsey wasnt spending his money wildly. So where did it go? He has it on him and is able to go into hiding for a long long time. Does our local police department or bail bondsmen frown upon someone moving suddenly and not reporting their new address? Is anyone paying attention to the fact that he has had a month long start to go into hiding?

Second, will Josh Lynn be representing his friend Eric? If so, they will claim its pro bono. But you can be sure Josh has a family to feed and Eric also had money hidden. Its pretty likely Eric will be feeding Josh unreported cash and who will know about it????? How do you all feel about the fact that our previous DA is involved in this case? It sure does stink and why doesnt the local media care about this? This is our local scandal that could be a reporting windfall and yet not one "reporter" is talking about it. What else is being hidden from us? Corruption is right.

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Re:Re Eric & Kelsey (Santa Barbara)

Date: 2011-01-31, 10:41AM PST

I too am not sure why law enforcement an the media have acted as they have. Are they afraid that upon the conclusion of a real investigation one of the parties it may indict was previously employed by the D.A's office. The handling of Erik Bjorklund and Kelsey O'Reilly from arrest to criminal prosecution is a microcosm of the illegal back door actions that take place far to often here in Santa Barbara.

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Anonymous said...

Kelsey O'Reilly is the biggest asshole in Santa Barbara-good ridance

Anonymous said...

I regret doing business with Kelsey O'Reilly