Friday, January 21, 2011

Peter Jeschke is in protective custody, why is that? Other random thoughts of mine.

So my latest posting about convicted sex offender Peter Jeschke new charges was a huge disappointment to have to write. An it seems the general public and my readers where just as stunned in disbelief that he would be allowed the chance to commit more crimes against our children. I was also not very surprised that the news press story that covered Mr. Jeschke' new charges fell all the way back to A-6 of the front section. Had the term “Gang Injunction” some how have been included you could be sure front page coverage would have followed. An did any of you happen to see the picture of Mr. Jeschke clad in county jail orange? The reason that I mention the color of his county issued garb is that even the local sheriff's that watch over the inmates understand the significance of Mr. Jeschke's crimes. You see the orange outfit in our local jail when worn by an inmate means that Mr. Jeschke is under protective custody. No not from the public but from the other inmates who if given a chance would teach him a lesson that would assure society he would never again harm our children.

But wait we live in a civilized society one that would surely not allow for vendetta justice or do we? I ask that because I have written about the framing of a 14 year old boy and the needless death of another youth for politic gain. Or you may chose between Larry Mendoza or Gil Armijo an in either file you will find that vendetta justice presently exist in our civilized society.

Than one might ask how is it that I so easily am able to keep track of the going on's in the criminal courts here in Santa Barbara? Well when it takes two years for cases to not reach a truly legal conclusion. I guess one might suggest to the powers that be they should considering moving these case's along.

I speak to law enforcement, lawyers, government officials on a daily basis, but it is the growth with concerned citizens that I am most grateful for. It seems I have reached a level of credibility one needs when seeking to create true change in our society. I am beginning to shed a light on the fact that our troubles in this county may have the same origins as in Santa Clara or any other California county. The issues of property taxes and public pension funds and the faulty books that our elected officials keep seems to have caught on. We should be upset 168 people had just applied for 1 open position with the excellent U.C.S.B. Police department. The first thing that comes to mind when hearing of the amount of applicants for that position is how many teachers and counselors are fighting just has hard to regain there employment here in California. What social service that we are missing may have the same cause county by county?

Have any of you seen that television commercial with famous residents that says come visit California and ends with the old Governor and his wife asking when can you come? It is extremely well written , an I also find it very witty and entertaining. Having said all that I also understand why our California economy is in so much trouble. I swear I must have seen that commercial 100 times if I have seen it once and yes I leave in Santa Barbara CALIFORNIA. Not much of a reason to show me that commercial over an over again. What was the last Governor trying to convince me he was on the job?

I am not please with this posting and yet I hope it is filled with enough of my concerns to make them yours. I have been asked more than a few times am I scared to write about the things that I do? Truth be told it started out as a way for me to seek justice on a personal level and has grown to a place where I would rather write about the pension plan before an illegal divorce.

I shared this with a couple of people the other day and I am not sure what they thought about it. Since 1990 I have reached success in any arena I have chosen to study. I have gone from a machine shop operator to running auto repair shops, from there to real estate and the mortgage business. From renting a home to buying a home and my point is this. You really don't want to challenge me because I will be successful, no doubt about it!

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MattyBlack said...

Not always true. I hate Sex Offenders but SBCJ as well as other jails, put high profile cases in Isolation Cells. Put in use for celebrities, Gang Leaders, Prison Shotcallers. And that would be a complete top to bottom Orange Jumpsuit. Now if he was wearing an orange shirt (hospital scrub) with blue pants, thean hes is definitely in protective custody and, as I look back at the pictures I see you are correct. It is more of an orange scrub shirt and not a jumpsuit. I agree with you whole-heartedly.