Thursday, October 21, 2010

How important is this Election? Ervin "Magic Johnson and me!

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So here we are another week closer to our Country's elections and I have to wonder how this one compares to other past elections in terms of importance for our Country? With out any resource or expertise my guess would be that this election must compare to pre civil war days in regards to the effect it may have for our future. Than having said that I have to wonder; If we should not have paid closer attention to the results from Florida during the 2000 Presidential election. The 500 + votes that eventually gave us a second term President named Bush rather than a first term President named Gore An if we had elected a new President Gore back than would we be here now in this economical mess now? I would think one has to wonder?

Some times I feel the only thing recognized as history is yesterday. An that may only apply if the media prepares our notes for us. Some of you might recall I have in the past called that 2000 Presidential election the greatest night in our Country's history in my view. That night I was just so impressed with our election system and in awe that with over 300 million Americans it came down to 500 voters. Or in other words every person still counts and can be the deciding factor in any practice of Democracy in these United State. God Bless America!

I have in the past drafted my comments as if the President might hear them and shared those thoughts with all of you my captive audience. Last week I spoke of President Obama possibly taking a different course action even though that action might buck conventional wisdom. I feel when that is done there is a certain Nobleness added to that act or feat and I want to share to recent Class Acts that may reflect just that.

I am not the sports fan I once was but this next example of Class does come from the sports world. Donavan McNabb used to be the quarterback in Philadelphia for the Eagles and was traded this past off season to division rivals the Washington Redskins (my team). I have seen many young sports announcers call this trade the biggest blunder in sports history. To trade a player especially of that caliber to a rival could have a negative impact on your team should his efforts against you the following season lead to defeats. An that has for the most part has been conventional thinking in sports when dealing with trading players. Now Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and Coach Andy Reid said what a minute. The class and dignity in which Donovan McNabb played for our team goes beyond a business relationship. An he will be treated with the same line of respect he showed while playing and interacting with our community. Young sports casters there was no blunder here and one should applaud the Class act of the Philadelphia organization. Winning at all cost may not be winning at all. An to the Philadelphia fans who greeted Mr. Mc Nabb upon his return against you with that thunderous applause ,you are the class act of the leagues as well. 
  Do any of you remember where you were the day Ervin “Magic” Johnson announced he had the AIDS virus and was retiring from the Los Angeles Lakers. I was living in Stockton CA. and had come home for lunch when my Julie told me the news. I am not going to say I was a big Laker fan but I had Julies permission to get remarried in the Purple and Gold of the Lakers. Do you know what I remember most about that day? It was Mr. Johnson's feeling that God had given the AIDS virus to the right person. Never a question or doubt that he would defeat what others would call bad luck.

I will try and finish this up so I may share it before I go to work. 5 years ago this week my nightmare with corruption had started. At one end of the week I stopped my brother in the hall of the Morgan Hill hotel and told him I got this handled, this will not beat me. At the other end of that same week I saw Julie for the first time since I had returned to Santa Barbara. I was scaring her because she had never seen me frightened before. I looked her in the eyes and with my most serious look I tried to comfort and reassure her not to worry about me. That no matter what things looked like I was the man that would defeat the madness I was experiencing, never a doubt in my mind. You see when you have someone believe in you like I had in Julie, well lets just say my upside was limitless. I have never said poor me nor will I, in fact all this is just part of my walk. This battle I fight to wake up America calls on all my past life experiences to accomplish. An none will prove more valuable than my curiosity to understand how things work.

How do things work, I am not sure? How does the front page of the Santa Barbara news press brings us sad news of drug abuse in our local schools? Yet a 9 million dollar drug bust creates no negative response. How or what was a registered sex offender to do with his drugs, pray on our children some more? How is our Josh Lynn formerly of the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office tied into these drug dealers?

How does a man get up and say to the Board of Supervisors yesterday there may be a future unfunded liability with the SBCERS pension of one billion dollars? Oh that's right he may have read the report our Board of Supervisors have seating on the shelf. An just for the recorded there is no such thing as a “Unfunded Future Pension Liability' that beast does not exist. There maybe an under performing pension fund that has created ADDITIONAL liability but all pension funds have been to date over funded not unfunded. Think about that a moment. The Republicans by the way are not the only ones needing a qualified candidate. All we have here in California to vote for Governor is Dumb or Dumber. As always if you enjoy what I write I ask that you share it with others.

Larry“Magic” Mendoza

There are a lot of different views we can take on story's. On a side note based on the recent play of the remaining Quarterbacks in Philly is it possible Mr. McNabb might have been only third string?

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