Monday, October 25, 2010

People are afraid of retribution in Santa Barbara if they expose corruption! Read this anonymous comment from my Sunday posting.

1 comments:People are afraid of retribution in Santa Barbara if they expose corruption!

Anonymous said...
Magic, Since we all know how corrupt our courthouse, DA, and law enforcement is in Santa Barbara county, I wouldnt be surprised that the QUAIDs are in fact telling the truth about their property being stolen from them illegally. The senior SB judges (one deceased and one starts with an A)are notorious for for stealing peoples property either for themselves via knowledge of properties in probate (and hiding them in shell corporations) or via real estate attorneys acting alone or with family law attorneys known to be skilled at taking them away so as to ensure their ongoing fees. All one has to do is find the right SB Attorney and judge that will help steal away someones house. That's with the occasional help of a few law enforcement. I know of one such judge that deleted someones name from a deed in the historical records of ownership to cover his tracks after illegally taking a house away. I know of another woman whom our dearly beloved deceased judge ordered under duress and without council to quit claim her ownership of a Montecito home over to her husband so he along with a well known real estate attorney could do some sort of back door real estate deal at what appears to be a rock bottom price so she will not receive her equity share. Those SB Courthouse clerks are hard at work altering the records on a daily basis, taking files off the shelf, and filing faulty documents for those working hard at stealing others homes from them. Meanwhile they obstruct pro-se litigants from fighting back. All in a days work at the Santa Barbara Superior Courthouse. Not surprising since our real estate has been so highly valued. The sharks come out where there is money to be had.

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barbara said...

I began a blog shockedbythyne - about this exact scenario - I have heard it many times in the past three years - sick abusive less than just legal games - we are pawns in the SPORT of law not COURT of law - I discontinued my blog due to LAS - Legal Abuse Syndrome - a condition now recognized as a disability!! The very system which abuses us, gives the sickness it imposes a Disability Code, then sends a monthly check for "f"ing us over and ruining our lives