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Randy an Evi Quaid arrested in Canada. Are they seeking protection from Malicious Prosecution in Santa Barbara.

Now that Saturday has passed let me share a rumor I heard from Law Enforcement Last Week and that was also reported on the internet. That President Obama might be stopping in Santa Barbara yesterday. Now if our President Obama had stopped here yesterday and his advance team did read the local Craigslist. What would they think about my observations about Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Sterne and her failing to be placed on last Junes general election? As we have all just recently witnessed I am a target for spelling corrections and my poor writing skills. An that is the part that has me puzzled this morning. I know some might consider me a pain in the ass yet none of my facts are ever challenged.
Did Judge Sterne fail to act according to the law by not placing herself on last Junes Primary Election.
If I am wrong please correct me.
Are  preliminary hearings the responsibility of Criminal Court thus eliminating Superior Trial Court Judges Ochoa and Hill from presiding over them.?
If I am wrong please correct me.
Was Ricardo Juarez framed by the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office based on the documentation placed on my blog?
If I am wrong please correct me.
Is there a 60 page motion filed 12/07 by public defender Karen Adkins on the behalf of Ricardo Juarez missing from his Court House file?
If I am wrong please correct me.
Are arrest  and pre-sentencing reports missing from most alleged gang files at our Santa Barbara Court house? An did you know there are pre-plea reports as well that the Santa Barbara Probation Department are responsible for?
If I am wrong please correct me.
Should former Santa Barbara public defender Karen Adkins be called by her own office to defend there alleged Gang defendants based on her past experiences ? I am talking about both Superior Court Judge Brian Hill and the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office and her accusations?
If I am wrong please correct me.
Was I beaten and taken by ambulance to the hospital?
If I am wrong please correct me.

In other words forget about my ten year old intellect and correct my subject matter.

I wish that Santa Barbara Independent reporter Chris Meagher would begin to act like one an begin following up on his own story's. He has incredible titles to his features than fails with the follow through. Mr. Meagher just when did the Santa Barbara District Attorney decide and actually file charges against Randy and Evi Quaid? If felony charges had not been filed as of October 14th, as per your own story, from an indecent last September 18th. Just how would the Quaids know they were due in court at all? The reason I mention this is that normal Santa Barbara Superior Court procedures would require charges being filed 48 hours before your required Court appearance. After all Mr. Meagher you do have the responsibility here. I am also also wondering if you have taken the time to visited the Santa Barbara Court House yourself? An are not just taking our Santa Barbara District Attorneys office at there word as to when charges were actually filed? Since I am at it when will we get a follow up story about a Ponzi Scheme being played by our Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors? You quote Supervisor Gary in the June 2010 story below. Yet once again fail to follow up on what should be the most integral part of your feature. The accusations that Supervisor Gray cast against the rest of the Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors must be looked into.

You may crack all the jokes you want about the Quaids and there sad state of affairs. I just wonder if the real joke is the media failing to get the real issue here. What does it say that the Quaids are having to seek protection from MALICIOUS TACTICS and  PROSECUTION from there own Country. By seeking protection from another Country,Canada?

Time To Follow Up With The Quaids! They are arrested in Canada, story at the bottom of the page.
Quaziness Continues

Montecito Homeowner Slaps Couple with Restraining Order
Thursday, October 14, 2010  believe

By Chris Meagher (Contact)The District Attorney’s Office has yet to file charges against actor Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi, who were arrested on 9/18 for allegedly trespassing on a property they once owned but apparently sold in 1994.

Thursday, June 17, 2010
By Chris Meagher (Contact)
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Fourth District Supervisor Joni Gray blasted the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors majority Friday as the quintet conducted their final deliberations on what to cut for the 2010-2011 fiscal year’s $833-million budget they were finalizing to go into effect July 1

“I’d like all of you to leave this hearing with three words,” Gray said, actually using four words to initially describe her cryptic message. “Bus, bridge, and Ponzi scheme.”

She continued, “I feel like I’m speeding down a highway in a bus and there’s a sign that says, in half-a-mile the bridge is out,’ and yet nothing is being done to stop this bus.” While people everywhere are cutting back, she said, the board was “not taking their foot off the gas.” Gray then addressed her Ponzi scheme comment, saying the board was moving money “here and there,” even making reference to Bernie Madoff. “You’re all very bright and well-meaning, but I cannot support this bus going off the bridge,”

Quaids Arrested in Canada
Warrants Jacked to $500,000; Dog the Bounty Hunter Throws Down Gauntlet

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Actor Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi, who have warrants out for their arrest here in Santa Barbara, were arrested in Vancouver, Canada, on Wednesday.
According to a press release from the Vancouver Police Department, officers made contact with a man and woman during an assistance call and “learned that the two were wanted on outstanding warrants from the United States.”
The Canada Border Services Agency arrested the couple and brought them to the Vancouver Jail. They were scheduled to appear before an immigration board Friday afternoon, with some Canadian television stations reporting the two could be seeking refugee status in Canada.
Friday morning, Judge Donna Geck, at the request of Deputy District Attorney Anthony Davis, increased the couple’s arrest warrants from $50,000 to $500,000 each, “based off the fact they fled the jurisdiction,” said Davis, who found out yesterday of the Quaids’ arrest.
They both face charges of felony vandalism as well as trespassing. In addition, Evi Quaid is facing a resisting arrest charge and probation violation. Last Monday they failed to show up for an arraignment on the charges. Against the request of attorney Bob Sanger (who said he hadn’t been retained by the Quaids in the new case, Davis said), Judge Geck issued a $50,000 warrant for arrests. The two allegedly were squatting in an East Mountain Drive home they at one time had owned, and apparently believe they still own.
Evi Quaid pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of defrauding an innkeeper earlier this year. Authorities had originally charged them both with the crime, and they missed various court dates then as well. Charges against Randy Quaid — best known for his role of Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation — were eventually dropped.
The couple’s arraignment was continued to this Tuesday at the same time they are scheduled to appear in civil court, where they face the possibility of restraining orders being levied against them. One of the owners of the home in which the Quaids were allegedly squatting, Lanette Turicchi, filed for a temporary restraining order against the two after they mailed a letter to her Pasadena home in which they wrote, “You are trespassing. You must vacate immediately. Please leave our keys in our mailbox along with our remote gate opener.”
The Quaids claim they never sold the Mountain Drive property and were never paid for it. “You both must have known or feared this day would arrive,” they wrote. “This is what happens when you purchase a house from someone who doesn’t own it.” Evi Quaid also apparently showed up at the house after she bailed from Santa Barbara County Jail following her September arrest.
It remains to be seen if the two will be back in town for their Tuesday appearances. Davis said he is waiting to see what needs to happen to get them back to Santa Barbara County in terms of extradition or deportation.
The arrests in Canada might come just in time for the Quaids, however, because famed bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman said in an appearance on a talk show Thursday night that if the couple didn’t turn themselves in, he and his family would go after them. “I hope Randy Quaid and his wife are watching right now,” he said.

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Anonymous said...

Since we all know how corrupt our courthouse, DA, and law enforcement is in Santa Barbara county, I wouldnt be surprised that the QUAIDs are in fact telling the truth about their property being stolen from them illegally. The senior SB judges (one deceased and one starts with an A)are notorious for for stealing peoples property either for themselves via knowledge of properties in probate (and hiding them in shell corporations) or via real estate attorneys acting alone or with family law attorneys known to be skilled at taking them away so as to ensure their ongoing fees.
All one has to do is find the right SB Attorney and judge that will help steal away someones house. That's with the occasional help of a few law enforcement. I know of one such judge that deleted someones name from a deed in the historical records of ownership to cover his tracks after illegally taking a house away. I know of another woman whom our dearly beloved deceased judge ordered under duress and without council to quit claim her ownership of a Montecito home over to her husband so he along with a well known real estate attorney could do some sort of back door real estate deal at what appears to be a rock bottom price so she will not receive her equity share. Those SB Courthouse clerks are hard at work altering the records on a daily basis, taking files off the shelf, and filing faulty documents for those working hard at stealing others homes from them. Meanwhile they obstruct pro-se litigants from fighting back.
All in a days work at the Santa Barbara Superior Courthouse. Not surprising since our real estate has been so highly valued. The sharks come out where there is money to be had.