Monday, October 18, 2010

People do care about the abuse and Corruption in Santa Barbara, Thank You!

Below are some emails I have received recently, I just want to say Thank You to everyone for everything.

Dear Magic, Great work!
another reply said;

I keep up with all your emails & postings..I don't answer them due to time at work but believe me I pass them on either by paper or email to make people more aware of your findings! I congratulate you on all your time input and investigation on uncovering all this corruption! My respect to you on doing all this knowing you put yourself in danger because of all those hypocrite people you bring out to the public eye and uncover their dirty disgusting acts! I'm happy in particular with the Josh Lynn discoveries you brought out! That dirty sac of unlawful corrupt deserves to be brought out in the spot light for all his cold hearted wrong doings in order for him to make all believe he earned everyone's respect because of his so called good work as a DA when all he was doing is thinking about himself and how to gain power regardless of who's cost innocent or guilty! I applaud you Larry!! Nice work! Good job!!

Another response to my concern regarding the Santa Barbara Independent having two versions of one story.


I was thinking about the Independent and its articles and how you are noting it changed its articles, but did not include the names of the Donors to one of the Candidates for DA.

There are a few possible reasons (that I can see).

1. The Independent may have connections.

A few years back, the main owner of the Indy, (I think Maryanne Partridge is her name) was busted for having a huge plantation of pot. Charges were never brought against her. I think this is due to the fact that the Indy endorsed Sheriff Brown and DA Stanley. It is also possible that she may have connections to the guys who were busted! So, naturally, as editor, she may want to draw as much attention away from them as possible.

2. Moneys for ads.

Larry, what you have uncovered here is a major scandal (or at least should be treated as one!). There should be a huge investigation. The reality is, this type of thing may be rampant (and probably is). This is what old time journalism is supposed to uncover. At the same time, there are economic realities. Newspapers barely make it these days. Most ads run on the internet at little cost for the advertiser and it is difficult for the papers to make it. They depend on municipal notices for ads. If a newspaper starts digging up too much dirt, those ads could be pulled.

It might be self-preservation that is stopping this investigation!

My reply
What I have not shared with anyone xxx is that this has been going on for years. I first noticed post dating and reediting stories by the Santa Barbara Independent when I was re investigating my concerns in the Ricardo Juarez case. Facts seemed altered or deleted, so I would than reinvestigation my postings. As chance would have it I would have the original link and or have down loaded the story in original format and that would prove the post alterations of story's and facts.

In simple terms Big Brother and propaganda come to mind. Are you surprised or just more of the same, America is eroding away right before our eyes.

Larry " Magic " Mendoza

Back to what I have borrowed from Father Boyle of HomeBoy Industries;
"Is it not in every Americans Job description to protect one another and our Country?"

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