Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm Glad buying the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office buy drug dealers is a joke!

Two main contributors,Eric Bjorkland and Kelsey O'Reilly to than hopeful candidate Josh Lynn for Santa Barbara Barbara District Attorney have been arrested. The two along with several others have been accused of being as Major Drug Traffickers!

Funny how I received an anonymous tip 6 months ago on the Santa Barbara Craigslist that the Josh Lynn for District Attorney contributors were A. Drug Dealers an B. had just purchased another 100 acres to grow there pot. Yet here it is a week since the arrest and the only person asking about ties to Josh Lynn and Drug Dealers buying the D.A. office is me. I mean when you think of all the people like form D.A. Tom Sneddon and C. Stanley endorsed this fool it has to make you wonder. Next on my work load will be Muni bonds and the contradictions they represent in regards to to County Financial s and the SBCERS pension fund. I guess when Josh Lynn said "they must fear him" he meant kids from the East Side and not his Millionaire friends that supply the illegal drugs to our society?


Be sure to read the comments left after the story below from today, 62 in all. There is a lot of Hispanic jokes but not much that makes any sense. Do you think Law Enforcement is laughing today? Kudos to the Santa Barbara Sheriff's office for arresting criminals regardless of who they ride motorcycles with or they make political contributions to! Is it just me or does Josh Lynn have a sense of humor. His first case as a criminal attorney was a marijuana bust, did you know that?

Marijuana Operation Taken Down
updated: Oct 12, 2010, 2:26 PM
Source: SBSO
After a year long investigation, a large scale marijuana trafficking organization has been dismantled by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department Narcotics Unit.
During the investigation, it was found that the primary suspect, Erik Bjorklund, was growing marijuana at his residence in the 2900 block of San Marcos Pass Road. Additionally, Bjorklund also had a property in the Tepusquet Road area of Santa Maria where he was growing marijuana with another suspect, Kelsey O'Reilly. The investigation found that Bjorklund was exploiting Proposition 215 / Senate Bill 420 and selling mass amounts of marijuana throughout Southern California for profit.
An additional business partner of Bjorklund's, Jeffrey Vines of Ojai, was found to be bottling large quantities of a liquid mixture with alcohol and cannabis for Bjorklund. He was also found to be a high-risk sex offender on active CDCR Parole with GPS monitoring. A large amount of suspected child pornography was located at Jeffrey Vines' residence in Ojai.
Search warrants were served at (7) separate locations in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. The following was located and seized at the Santa Barbara and Santa Maria locations:
• Over 900 active marijuana plants. (Indoor and outdoor) Outdoor could yield over 4 lbs per plant. Rarely seen in SBSO history.
• Over 300 pounds of processed/bagged marijuana for sales.
• Over 50 pounds of hash.
• (28) 5 pound containers of hash oil, full hash/hash oil conversion lab (worth several million dollars street value).
• Over $125,000.00 cash, (1) 2010 Porsche Panorama, (9) motorcycles seized pursuant to State Asset Forfeiture laws.
It should also be noted that several pounds of processed marijuana were located in a child's room at Bjorklund's residence.
The suspects arrested and booked with the charges requested are as follows:

Erik Bjorklund DOB: 09/02/55 (of Santa Barbara)
Arrested at the San Marcos property and Booked on a $2,000,000.00 Ramey warrant for 35 counts of Money Laundering; 11370.9 H&S / 186.10 PC, Additional Charges: 11360 H&S Sales / Transportation of Marijuana, 11358 H&S Cultivation of Marijuana. 11359 H&S Possession of marijuana for Sales, 273a (a) PC Child Endangerment, and 11379.6 H&S - Hash conversion lab.
# # # #

Rachel Ziemer DOB: 09/19/86 (of Santa Barbara)
Arrested at her residence in Santa Barbara and Booked on 11360 H&S Sales and Transportation of Marijuana, and 11359 H&S Possession of Marijuana for Sales
# # # #

Jeffrey Vines DOB: 07/24/48 (of Ojai)
Arrested at his residence in Ojai and Booked on 3056 PC Felony Parole Violation, 11358 H&S Cultivate Marijuana, 182 PC Conspiracy, and 311 PC Possession of Child Pornography
# # # #

Christopher Hawkins DOB: 12/14/50 (of Santa Barbara)
Arrested at the San Marcos property and Booked on 11360 (a) H&S Marijuana Sales, 11358 H&S Cultivate Marijuana, and 182 PC Conspiracy
# # # #

Kelsey O'Reilly DOB: 08/02/77 (of Santa Barbara)
Arrested at his residence in Santa Barbara and Booked on 11360 (a) H&S Marijuana Sales, 11358 H&S Cultivate Marijuana, 15 counts of Money Laundering; 11370.9 H&S / 186.10 PC and 182 PC Conspiracy

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Marijuana Operation Taken Down
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2010-10-12 02:40 PM

Political Optics.

COMMENT 112460

2010-10-12 02:44 PM

Remarkably non-Hispanic.

COMMENT 112461

2010-10-12 02:46 PM

Stilwell is a hottie! Yes on Prop 19!


2010-10-12 02:51 PM

I wonder what kind of gel that last guy uses in his hair?

COMMENT 112463

2010-10-12 02:54 PM

Great bust!!! Gross that the one guy is a pedo in addition to all his other crimes. Glad to have him behind bars!


2010-10-12 02:55 PM

Here is their ring leader.

COMMENT 112465

2010-10-12 02:59 PM

464 too cool....

COMMENT 112466

2010-10-12 03:00 PM

to 112464P...I just about lost the food I had in my mouth on that post!

COMMENT 112468

2010-10-12 03:06 PM

Funny how people blame drug trafficking on Hispanics. Why don't I see any in this article?

COMMENT 112469

2010-10-12 03:07 PM

It was all about the asset forfiture SBSO ca ... ching! The would make the Sheriff of Nottingham blush. Even more reason to vote no on S.

COMMENT 112470

2010-10-12 03:09 PM

My girlfriend at the time and I rented a room on this property way back in 96-97. Nice people, Eric and the others living on the 'compound'. But insane stoners. Never been much for dope myself so I never got into their clique, but there was always good food being offered from one of the modulars or another. The communal hot tub had a great view too.

Bummer for them, this fixation with pot that our fair leaders are imbued with is so unbelievably silly. I fear we just have absolutely no representation by our true peers anymore.


2010-10-12 03:11 PM

112470 - If by "peers" you mean rabid stoners, then thank god none represent me.


2010-10-12 03:14 PM

SHAKEY - There's Something About Mary comes to mind....

COMMENT 112474

2010-10-12 03:21 PM

as far as you know 471P...


2010-10-12 03:22 PM

112468 - I think the last report posted here by the Sheriff was about the Mexican nationals they nabbed growing insane amounts of pot up near Lompoc (I think?). Remember the pics of the pot in sleeping bags? Interesting (and good!) to see our law enforcement maybe being a little "color blind" and getting all offenders.


2010-10-12 03:23 PM

473P, you said it before I could.

And 464P, I hear the first miner in Chile is about to rescued. Any photos?


2010-10-12 03:23 PM

Thank you law enforcement.

This is just the tip of the iceberg...stay tuned.


2010-10-12 03:41 PM

Looks like a bunch of hippies got busted.
Anyone else noticed the rapid flurry of pot busts recently? Does the upcoming election and referendums have any bearing on this?
No, that would be wrong. Our police would never get busy to send a message and provide future job security.

COMMENT 112484

2010-10-12 03:47 PM

Yes on 19


2010-10-12 03:51 PM

Dan, yup...Cigar Guy is in Chile too...

COMMENT 112501

2010-10-12 04:27 PM

Drugs ages people badly. Nice company.

COMMENT 112504

2010-10-12 04:49 PM

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen

COMMENT 112506

2010-10-12 04:57 PM

I wonder if former DA Josh Lynn will represent Mr. Bjorklund ? Bjorklund is a friend of Lynn and contributed money to Lynn's failed campaign. Tangled it gets.

COMMENT 112509

2010-10-12 05:37 PM

Good people getting busted for growing what about 37% of the population smokes. In a town where we have a liquor store near every school, this is a joke. Yes on 19. I don't even smoke and think this sucks.

COMMENT 112512

2010-10-12 05:44 PM

well, the newspress official position is YES on 19.

maybe I'll buy the Sunday Paper on occasion now.

COMMENT 112513

2010-10-12 05:45 PM

The Dutch learned easy pot has been disastrous for their country and are now cracking down. Check out the news from the Netherlands and see what is in store for California if Prop 19 passes. Dead end state, huge social costs, lowered productivity and lost generations. That is what the Dutch learned and they tried to make it work. It didn't.


2010-10-12 06:20 PM

Damn that was a lot of Hash......If I am not mistaken it too is smoked and is a oil.Marijuana in its true form is actually not all that bad comparingly.......but smoking THC as a oil base must be terrible on the users system.That must have been a couple lifetimes supply.....or proof that they were not using it as personal consumption.Well this goes to show that given a inch,some will take a mile or two and its just not Marijuana growers....its all facets of business.Sad to see that busts like this give a black eye to the honest medical use growers.I still believe Marijuana can help those truly in pain from a huge variety of disease's and without it,those who cannot afford the pharmicutical bill associated with pain......will suffer.


2010-10-12 06:33 PM

513, that's not what I heard today on CNN today. They interviewed a former police chief of Amsterdam and he said 5% of the population identified themselves as pot smokers. While here in the U.S. the number is 6%. Percentage wise, fewer people smoke in Holland than in this country. And this is a quote from Wiki,

Most policymakers in the Netherlands believe that if a problem has proved to be unsolvable, it is better to try controlling it and reducing harm instead of continuing to enforce laws with mixed results. By contrast, most other countries take the point of view that recreational drug use is detrimental to society and must therefore be outlawed.

COMMENT 112525

2010-10-12 06:47 PM

Fight on Jah warriors!

COMMENT 112526

2010-10-12 06:51 PM

YES ON 19.



2010-10-12 06:59 PM

I'd like to know what % of the population writes anti-cannabis posts on message boards.

Yes on 19

COMMENT 112537

2010-10-12 07:22 PM

Looks like one of them should have been hosting the smokfest not the stokefest


2010-10-12 07:27 PM

Wow reading the charges, one could make a great case for Marijuana as a gateway drug to other very serious crimes.


2010-10-12 07:54 PM

Yes...No. Knock it off with marijuana as a gateway drug for otter serious crimes. Everyone knows darn good and well, a pot smoker could not commit a serious crime.


2010-10-12 07:59 PM

Yes Tracy, one could. But do you?


2010-10-12 08:01 PM

Roger, you're right about that... most of the serious stoners I know can't commit to anything!


2010-10-12 08:17 PM

NIce guy here:


2010-10-12 08:22 PM

I'm committed Soooooooo There!

COMMENT 112567

2010-10-12 08:52 PM

Forgive me, I'd like to stir the "pot" a little here. Published public information has Erik Bjorklund and Kelsey O'Reilly as the largest single person contributor(s) to Josh Lynn DA's campaign. I wonder if Mr. Lynn had won the election, would that have conflicted with prosecuting this case? .... It's a non-issue, but wow - great table fodder.


2010-10-13 12:20 AM

Knock it off with marijuana as a gateway drug period.

There is no are already there...comfortably living your life as a drug addict.


COMMENT 112588

2010-10-13 06:13 AM

Maijuana-shmarijuana...the locals have been smoking pot responsibly forever, and it's not going anywhere so get used to it and pass prop 19...even the local Chumash Indians used to cultivate and smoke marijuana, and used it as a daily ritual of thanksgiving at the end of the day...also used it in each household to meet visitors at the door and have a ritual toke before they entered to harmonize the vibes. Alcohol is the serious problem, and everyone knows it.


2010-10-13 06:45 AM

Dopamine which is a chemical found in some drugs, is not not found in marijuana. Technically marijuana shouldn't be called dope. So you should not call marijuana dope nor should you call someone who ingest pot as being a "doper". Yes on 19.

COMMENT 112597

2010-10-13 07:43 AM

Roger smokes, and Roger talks to his I guess this means that marijuana use must be a gateway substance that leads to talking to cats...uh oh!'s also a gateway to being mellow and occasional food-crimes...also enjoyment of music concerts and walks on the beach. If we're not carefull the whole world is going to turn into mellow cat-lovers who like to have a snack while they're walking on the beach listening to music on their their ipods!!!

COMMENT 112602

2010-10-13 08:00 AM

Oh no....I talk to my cat(s) too....although the habit started before my medical cannabis use....but maybe it's a retrograde gateway? I did once try a snort of cocaine.

To the uninformed: Cannabis is a medicinal plant. Our bodies have an endogenous cannibinoid receptor system that responds favorably in most people to the substances of this plant. It is not considered addictive in most users. It has far less culpability in crimes, motor vehicle accidents or violent assaults.

There are no "alcohol" receptors in the brain. Alcohol is a toxin to our systems. Cannabis is not. Get your facts straight.


2010-10-13 08:11 AM

Exactly why are drugs made illegal? Oh yeah, to stop accidental death. If the government wanted to stop people from wasting their lives than sugar and tv would be illegal.

Whats that? 5000 years of extreme use and not one death with marijuana as opposed to 1000 a year from Asprin? Oh wait, something doesn't add up here....

Whats that? You can grow opium poppies legally? With seeds at any nursery? Oh wait, that doesnt add up either - why would something deadly and addictive be obtainable in any store when something that cannot kill you is being controlled like its deadly.

Become aware of double standards and re-evaluate old law.

Dear lord, please allow weed to be studied properly in a lab so this retarded rhetoric can end.


2010-10-13 08:41 AM

2006 Scripps Research Institute Press Release

Marijuana's Active Ingredient Shown to Inhibit Primary Marker of Alzheimer's Disease

Discovery Could Lead to More Effective Treatments

LA JOLLA, CA, August 9, 2006 - Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have found that the active ingredient in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, inhibits the formation of amyloid plaque, the primary pathological marker for Alzheimer's disease. In fact, the study said, THC is "a considerably superior inhibitor of [amyloid plaque] aggregation" to several currently approved drugs for treating the disease.

The study was published online August 9 in the journal Molecular Pharmaceutics, a publication of the American Chemical Society.

Vote YES on Prop 19!

COMMENT 112623

2010-10-13 08:41 AM

112590P - Fine. Then I'll reserve the term for you instead.


2010-10-13 08:50 AM

When weed is outlawed, only outlaws grow weed.


2010-10-13 10:04 AM

Don't you find something odd in arguing with people about marijuana on a community message board? Do you know people who still spew the lies about cannabis? Have you ever thought about the greater implications of how the drug and alcohol laws are currently structured, and thought that something wasn't right? But then you probably stopped there and just got back to your daily routine.


2010-10-13 11:16 AM

Wow- what a huge amount of potential tax revenues gone up in smoke. We could get the whole state out of debt if we just legalize something you cant stop anyway. Pity. Legalize it and tax the hell out of it. A lot less people will die in gang related violence, too. I dont smoke, but it simply makes sense. Either that or make alcohol and cigs illegal too- they do way more damage.

COMMENT 112681

2010-10-13 11:27 AM

Fight the power!

COMMENT 112686

2010-10-13 11:42 AM

Yeah, 112651P, I know a lot of people who are still spewing lies about cannibis. You and 112674P are two of them. The state won't benefit from taxing marijuana. People will grow their own, and bootleggers will sell it tax-free. And when the state does tax it through the roof, stoners will scream bloody murder that they are being taxed too high, pun intended.

Your rationale is to legalize it because it can't be stopped? You can't stop the abuse of every other drug out there, so why don't we legalize all of them? Can't stop domestic violence...heck, let's legalize that. Drunk driving? Sure...raise the BAC ceiling to 0.24.

Every stoner excuse for legalizing marijuana sounds exactly like what a stoner would say when high as a kite. Simply ridiculous. Don't let drug addicts dictate the laws in our state.

COMMENT 112699

2010-10-13 12:10 PM

Police should go after the gangs. Leave the pot growers alone.

COMMENT 112707

2010-10-13 12:26 PM

686...people won't grow their own, i can bake my own bread, grow cucumbers, raise pigs for pork chops, do my own gardening, dang i could clean my own house...but don't and won't. easier to buy goods and services.

same with mj. i'll wander down to the local mj store in november and pick up some primo bud like most other consumers. and as for taxes, i'll gladly pay the taxes to ensure i'm getting good quality organic bud.

you need to relax a little..or move up a size in your shorts.

COMMENT 112717

2010-10-13 12:55 PM

I'm plenty relaxed, 112707. And I'm that way without the use drugs. Unlike you and the rest of your stoner brethren.

COMMENT 112723

2010-10-13 01:05 PM

Without pot I am too relaxed and unfocused. I need a toke so that I can concentrate. I have AADD and the big pharma made pills made me into an idiot. Puritans get the hell out of my business.

COMMENT 112740

2010-10-13 01:41 PM

The minute it is legalized big biz will step up. You don't thiink the Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds crowd won't have a trick up their sleeve. Bye bye little mom and pop shop.

COMMENT 112743

2010-10-13 01:49 PM

513, have you been listening to Limbaugh again? To your room and no supper for you mister!


2010-10-13 02:59 PM

A word of advice - don't trust anyone who makes sweeping generalizations about a group of people.
Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Two main contributors,Eric Bjorkland and Kelsey O'Reilly to than hopeful candidate Josh Lynn for Santa Barbara Barbara District Attorney have been arrested. They two along with several others have been accused of being as Major Drug Traffickers!

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