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Yearly review of All California City, County an State Pension funds are available. SBCERS, CalPers, STRS, LACERS, OCERS, SCERS, UCRS, ACERA, CCCERA, KCERA, MCERA,

California State Controllers Office, Just what is there role in over seeing two of the Nations largest Public State Pension Funds? If CalPers is part of there job description below why has no one from the Controllers Office been criminally charged as well?

About Us ( Office of Controller for the State of California )

The Controller is the Chief Fiscal Officer of California, the eighth-largest economy in the world. Elected every four years, the Controller makes sure the State’s $100 billion budget is spent properly, helps administer two of the nation's largest public pension funds, and serves on 78 State boards and commissions. These are charged with everything from protecting our coastline to overseeing crime victim compensation.
Yet the fact that they gather data for every City, County and State Pension funds has slipped there minds. Take a look for yourself. I will be uploading these reports Year by Year at my other blog @
Public Retirement Systems Annual Report, prepared by the California State Controllers Office. Is it me or just odd none of the County Pension web sites make any reference to these yearly reports being available for public review.
Public Retirement Systems Annual Report

* Fiscal Year 2006-07
* Fiscal Year 2005-06
* Fiscal Year 2004-05
* Fiscal Year 2003-04
* Fiscal Year 2002-03
* Fiscal Year 2001-02
* Fiscal Year 2000-01
* Fiscal Year 1999-00
* Fiscal Year 1998-99
* Fiscal Year 1997-98
* Fiscal Year 1996-97 (Summary)
How might one take advantage of the data in these reports?

1- Compare the yearly growth of another County or City to your Pension plan and see if the percentages match, For example When Santa Barbara County's Pension Fund obligation grows one year at 9% from the following year at 25% why such a discrepancy growth spurt between the 2 years?
2- Compare Pension Fund values to others with similar sets of values. For example Santa Barbara with it's 4500 members could be compared to Sonoma, Stanislaus, San Joaquin County Pension funds. Compare amounts of yearly County employer employee contributions, or the Growth of the Pension fund obligation since the Counties I mention above are all within a few hundred members of each other.
3. Compare the Data and see how other Cities and Counties treat there employee's. For example right here in Santa Barbara  our County really treats the Santa Barbara Sheriff Deputy's and there families not very well when you compare benefits to other unions.
$157.50 biweekly = 4095. A Year looks like the Sheriffs have a little one. I wonder why this County is so disrespectful?


$216.42 biweekly = 5626. A Year Opps!


$236.51 biweekly = 6149. A Year bigger Opps


$225.31 biweekly = 5858 Opps

$230.24 biweekly = 5986

FIRE FIGHTERS, LOCAL 2046 Bargaining Units 12 & 13 MOU Expires 03/03/2013

$270.15 biweekly
270.15 biweekly = 7023.90 per year
Here is the current job posting I found@
Job Title: Firefighter Trainee (Paramedic) Closing Date/Time: Fri. 10/08/10 5:00 PM Pacific Time Salary: $3,910.57 - $4,774.11 Monthly Job Type: Full-time Location: County of Santa Barbara - All locations, California

2000 California Pension Fund data for all Counties and City's as well as CalPers and Teachers Pension

In closing I am working on a posting that will follow Pension fund data from Wall Street to our State Controllers Office high lighting the contradictions and flaws with these reports when compared to each other. Billions and Billions of our Dollars being stolen by the very elected Officials we have entrusted. Bell California is a baby scandal compared to Santa Barbara Superior Court Judges and Elected Officials criminal behavior here.

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