Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TMZ is up to speed about the arrest warrant issued for for Randy and Evi Quaid. An all the Quaizness in the Santa Barbara Superior court here in there Criminal Division!

Don't laugh we spoke at length and the TMZ person was very well versed in the going on's in Santa Barbara.

TMZ is in the job. I brought them up to date on Josh Lynn, drug dealers and the Quaziness Randy and Evi Quaid go though in Santa Barbara. You never know where the break will come from. Santa Barbara media should be called M.B.M. or Make Believe Media!

I guess I need to be calling on the media now , maybe the L.A. Times or S.F. Chronicle? My stories are to good not to get the real media attention the deserve and not the attention from MBM here in Santa Barbara.

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