Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is the Santa Barbara Independent covering of for drug dealers with million dollar labs and friends of Josh Lynn? Why than the different versions of the same drug bust?

The Independent printed story differs from the Internet version at the link below, why is that?

Two main contributors,Eric Bjorkland and Kelsey O'Reilly to than hopeful candidate Josh Lynn for Santa Barbara District Attorney have been arrested. The two along with several others have been accused of being a Major Drug Traffickers! Funny how the Santa Barbara Independent is the only print media in Santa Barbara to leave the names of the arrested out of there Internet story. Funnier yet is why does the above internet version of the story differs from the printed version in this past Thursdays edition at all? How did I received an anonymous tip 6 months ago on the Santa Barbara Craigslist that the Josh Lynn for District Attorney contributors were A. Drug Dealers an B. had just purchased another 100 acres to grow there pot. Yet here it is a week since the arrest and the only person asking about ties to Josh Lynn and Drug Dealers buying the D.A. office is me. Are you telling me if Josh Lynn had won District Attorney he would not prosecute this case. Why is everyone making light of great Law Enforcement work IN THE FIRST PLACE? Next on my work load will be Municipal bonds and the contradictions they represent in regards to to County Financial s and the SBCERS pension fund. I guess when Josh Lynn said "they must fear him" he meant kids from the East Side and not his Millionaire friends that supply the illegal drugs to our society? You see this Internet story has left off the 28 Five gallon jugs of processed hash oil and the several million dollar lab required to produce these illegal drugs. Ask Law Enforcement if they want to deal with suspects high out of the minds from this hash oil before you make more Hispanic Jokes. This man below hide drugs in his children s rooms let us send him some more praise.
Erik Bjorklund DOB: 09/02/55 (of Santa Barbara)
Arrested at the San Marcos property and Booked on a $2,000,000.00 Ramey warrant for 35 counts of Money Laundering; 11370.9 H&S / 186.10 PC, Additional Charges: 11360 H&S Sales / Transportation of Marijuana, 11358 H&S Cultivation of Marijuana. 11359 H&S Possession of marijuana for Sales, 273a (a) PC Child Endangerment, and 11379.6 H&S - Hash conversion lab.
Kelsey O'Reilly DOB: 08/02/77 (of Santa Barbara)
Arrested at his residence in Santa Barbara and Booked on 11360 (a) H&S Marijuana Sales, 11358 H&S Cultivate Marijuana, 15 counts of Money Laundering; 11370.9 H&S / 186.10 PC and 182 PC Conspiracy
Larry "Magic" Mendoza.

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