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Lawless America…The Movie began as a project, quickly became a mission, and now it is a MOVEMENT.

Journey for Justice - The Experience of Three Young Adults with Lawless America
From Jonathan Kudzmas of Hey Mom! Productions comes a short documentary detailing 3 days spent with Bill Windsor of Lawless America. In order to understand the cause, you most first understand the man…
Added on 10/03/12

Lawless America…The Movie began as a project, quickly became a mission, and now it is a MOVEMENT.

Please take 13 minutes to watch a short documentary about the filming of Lawless America…The Movie produced by the 19-year-olds who served as our film crew in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, and Marty South Dakota --  Please share this video with everyone you have ever known; we can get a lot of publicity if we can make this a popular YouTube video.

The unity, camaraderie, and enthusiasm at most stops is heart-warming and infectious.  We must now take all of this to another level.

We have an opportunity to save America.  We must all pitch in to help.  We have follow-up that we need to do in the states where we have been.  We have preparation to do in the states we are yet to visit.

I know what we need to do to blow this wide open.  I just need all of you who have been or are to be filmed to do some basic things.

One of the things we need to do is a BLITZ of the major media – Nancy Grace, Anderson Cooper, John Stossell, Scott Pelley, and many others.  We need thousands of emails, letters, and faxes. 

We need posts about Lawless America on every group and website that is involved in some aspect of battling corruption.  We must reach EVERYONE as we are outnumbered.  Therefore, we have to build our numbers every way possible.

I need for each of you to send me every name and email address that you can come up with for people who are victims of corruption or who support our cause.  We need a database of at least a million.

PLEASE review every day, and click on every LIKE button.

Please be on the TalkShoe calls to discuss what we can do.

I (we) have been nominated for several honors.  If you can also nominate me (us) for the Fearless Changemaker, it could help us get a lot of publicity --

I (we) have also been nominated for CNN Heroes --

If you can volunteer to help in any way, please email

Please plan to meet me in DC – January 9-10, 2013.  We will deliver the testimony we are filming to every member of Congress.  There will be several special events.  Email to confirm that you will attend.  We need one victim for each member of the U.S. House and Senate.

There’s so much to communicate and little time to type.  I’ll just stop for now and get this headed out.

My friends, we are REALLY accomplishing things, and I have big plans and announcements to share with you soon, including how we will confront all the crooks who have damaged each of us.

I love you guys,


William M. Windsor
Movie Trip Phone: 770-578-1094

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