Friday, July 9, 2010

Portecting all innocent Americans, and there is more we can do with Santa Barbara's Eastside!

I have so many thoughts to cover today and am really struggling within myself about all my efforts. Sadly some one called me a coward to a few select people and that was a disappointment. You see no matter how flat out bluntly I present any type of corruption I feel I owe no apology for that nor should I. If that was all I accomplished some might consider that enough but not me. With out an effort to work on the corrections of that corruption all I would simply be doing is a whole lot of bitching. No we have far too many positive things to be thankful for and living in this Country might be at or near the top of the list maybe only behind Family. I really try to make my concerns American issues and create an understanding why what I share should be important to all our county residents. I know my stories might be about alleged “Gang’ issues or trials like what I am working on for later today, yet another might be about a non Hispanic victim. The whole while I hope that when I create a posting in regards to any issue I do so with the same passion I show for my own. While doing some of my research I came across a document that spoke of the power of the Jury in regards to Civil and Criminal trials and I found this;

“So you see, as a juror, you are one of a panel of twelve judges with the responsibility of protecting all innocent Americans from unjust laws and practices.”

I hope you can see the correlation I am trying to make here. Be it a black alleged rapist such as Eric Frimpong, or a white murder trial such as Jesse James Hollywood, or a assistant to a Santa Barbara Board of Supervisor like Gil Armijo or just a nobody like me who lost everything unjustly. Our Courts are the final protection from unjust for All Americans and we must fight to keep that so. We cannot allow even the smallest of laws or procedures to be abused. I practice the freedom to report corruption while praising the Men and Woman who protect society the right way and wear a badge, is that wrong of me? I do so with heart felt sincerity I hope, you all are the Judge of that?

Well to get this posting moving forward I found an old News Paper clipping and thought what an upbeat positive story about our Eastside. To those that get my email direct I am including the original news press story, but I did retype the clipping below for all to see.

“Milpas Fiesta offers alternative

Customized automobiles and bicycles, hoping lowriders , music, dance, and food were featured at the first Milpas Street Fiesta on Saturday.

Although not an official Old Spanish Days activity, the six hour festival and car show offered citizens the chance to spread the Fiesta sprit to the Eastside.

Nearly 1000 people turned out to view 18 shined and primed cars that vied for trophies, sample tasty delicacies from booths and dance to the sounds provided by a local disc jockey and two bands.

At the car show, Gabe Carbajal won the best all around award; George Navarrez won the most original category; Gullermo Aguilar won for best interior and Michael Carrillo won the lowrider hopping contest. Jorge Trejo took honors for the best custom bicycle and Raul Requeso had the best semi-custom bike.

The event sponsored by the Greater Eastside Merchants (GEMS) and the Eastside Youth Company. The event was held on Milpas Street, between Gutierrez and Haley Streets, which was blocked off to through traffic during the afternoon and evening.

The Eastside Youth Company is a group whose intent is to get Eastside youth “away from drugs, alcohol, vandalism, knife and gunplay” and into positive activities, according to Vince Mandese ( rest in piece my friend you are not forgotten) one of the organizers of the event.

Mandese who is a Milpas Street merchant and head of the GEMS said the members of the company organized the event, built the booths and cleaned up the area afterward.

Members of the group include Jaime Maldonado, Larry Mendoza, Mike Salazar, Anthony Lopez, Norma Torres, Tina Torres and Joe Velez.” The End and by the way that was accomplished with a minimum of law enforcement presence!

Is it just me or does that sound like just a great time had for our citizens on the Eastside, I might add none of that could have come about with out the help and support of non Hispanic’s. I personally had the assistance of the than Police chief since our first request we denied. So what can I hope to bring about by sharing this today? How about this thought for you all to ponder over. We need help from society with our youth problems and yet you alienated the Hispanic community with so many back handed racist attitudes and actions. This may seam a simple idea to you but I feel it would have a great impact in the community it is meant for. Simply allow cruising on Sundays as in times past. I belong to the late 70’ and early 80’s era and I never remember a shot fired or a knife pulled. So why do I think this would have an impact? Because the men and woman who would enjoy the privilege being given back would also have to participate in the protection of not losing that right. Do you not think if graffiti would take that cruising day away there would not be some type of self policing? It would give our youth something that they, maybe not you could relate to. To own a car requires a job, credit and being a good productive citizen. It requires maintaining employment all the things we are currently trying to instill in our youth. In a perfect world maybe some of our older community would learn the impact they could have in our community as well. The above mentioned values are they not exactly what Josh Lynn or Cam Sanchez have failed to create in there half hearted efforts in dealing with our young ones? I am wondering what would it hurt to contact local car clubs and share this idea with them and ask what they would be willing to do? In a news story on KEYT this morning about someone pulling a knife out at a local Westside park the police man interviewed had this to say; ‘ we do not have a problem on the Westside with youth or Gang members pulling out knifes in the day time in fact no where in Santa Barbara is that a problem’. Wow what a contrasting statement than those repeatedly made by recent losing District Attorney Candidate Josh Lynn.

Well as always I am in the middle of about 40 postings so I will go for now and all I ask is please keep an open mind. As I have said before we are the guardians of our freedoms, please do not pass that responsibility on to those that don’t care.

Larry Mendoza


Barbara Mandese said...

I just stumbled upon this article that mentions my dad (Vincent Mandese)who passed away about 10 years ago) and it was a bit bittersweet. Its nice to know he is still remembered after all of these years. Thank you, Barbara Mandese

Magic said...

You are very welcome. I am sorry that I am just now replying to your comment about your Dad. He would not allow me to ever play the poor me or race card. I am American and everything is possible, an that's it. So I have always worked hard and your Dad was a positive influence in my life.

Larry Mendoza

Barbara said...

And I too apologize for not seeing your response. I guess there is no notification. But thank you for responding.

I'm happy to know that my Dad was helping out youth back then. I was a bit of a wild one myself back in the day. (wonder if it inspired my Dad some to get involved)

I have begun the process of writing a book, and he is a huge part of it. He was a positive influence in my life as well, when I was older. He is missed. Are you on Facebook by chance?

Magic said...

Barbara, Yes I am, page down the bottom left of my blog and there is a link to my face book. You may also email me @ tell me who it is and I will forward my contact information.

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