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People are following my blog here. Further research into Real Estate Fraud at the Santa Barbara Court House

In the last 3 weeks I have had a lot going on.  I had a 1 on 1 meeting with one City Council member. I was impressed with this members genuine concern with several different subject matters that I have written about. Even though the SBCERS pension is a County issue they felt it deserves further attention. I also had a chance to briefly talk with a few other City Council members and the Mayor, all of them were very nice. I am always amazed when a person walks up to me and introduces themselves as a fan of my blog. Which happen a few times when I attended the Peter Lance D.U.I. proceedings a few weeks back. I have found a sponsor for television who will allow me to produce my own show. Where I will present my pension research and findings. I saw that former F.B.I. agent Robert Eringer has added a link to my blog on his website! He is heavily involved in exposing corruption here in Santa Barbara. Another friend is trying to put me in contact with yet another former F.B.I. agent and I am really excited about that.

Well recently I made another new media contact and they too see the importance of my SBCERS pension value contradictions. So my question is why has our local county government not yet contacted me about my findings? Please remember even the California State Controllers office has made contact.
Thanks for the updates, Larry! I forwarded the pension info to my boss.
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It seems that the Santa Barbara Civil action (purposed gang Injunction) for the people is running into more opposition. The fact that the new attempt at a civil gang injunction has been sealed seems a bit absurd. Twice now local Government has failed to provide city residents with a forum to air their opinions on this matter. It seems I am not the only one doing the math as to how little City residents this injunction is about.

PUEBLO Chief Opposes Gang Injunction

Says Anti-Gang Task Force Started Several Programs that Need Time to Work

Thursday, September 8, 2011
Mark Alvarado, the executive director of grassroots social justice organization PUEBLO, announced that his organization now formally opposes the gang injunction launched by the City of Santa Barbara earlier this year. Alvarado, who previously expressed an openness to injunctions under certain circumstances, said his board voted to oppose the initiative launched by City Hall shortly after two non-gang members were killed in high profile murders by gang members.
One half of the 30 people on the list are already incarcerated. Of the rest, six or seven seem to be “turning their lives around already and have had no criminal contacts since becoming adults,”      

Gang Injunction Civil Rights creates Concerns with the Fund for Santa Barbara Board of Directors.

On June 23rd, the Fund for Santa Barbara’s Board of Directors sent a letter to top City of Santa Barbara leaders to express civil rights concerns associated with the civil gang injunctions requested in Superior Court by the City of Santa Barbara. The letter from the board is attached to this email and can be found @ or @
The Fund for Santa Barbara Board of Directors take their concerns to the next level by providing supporting documentation against the present wording of Santa Barbara's attempt at a Gang Injunction. I do not feel they oppose the idea of an injunction. To me it just seems they oppose an Unconstitutional attempt at a injunction!  The opt out wording providing here to the City of Santa Barbara was a collaboration with the A.C.L.U. and members of the City of San Francisco's legal staff.  Read @ or @
I have been doing some additional research at the Santa Barbara Court house concentrating on the illegal foreclosure of my former home at 1721 Chino street. I also took the time to look into several other property's that have recently had ownership transfers for what ever reason. Now in the case of my former home there are 9 different documents associated to my home from 04/06 and 11/10/09. In two of them they clearly show that I have lost all my interest to the home and others now have those rights. In fact from 04/14/06 and 11/10/08 there are 8 different documents filed on my former property by 8 different persons or entities. 
 It seems the Santa Barbara Court House is very busy recording all types of Real Estate transactions. Which is all fine and good except for one thing. The original first and second deeds of trust from loans I took out when I owned Chino street, are missing from the Santa Barbara court House records. Why is that?
As for the other real estate records I reviewed. They too are missing notes from mortgages taken out by the previous owners. There are plenty of transfers to trust recorded afterwards  but no original deeds. Now because I know there were previous notes I search for Reconveyance deeds. Which would show when these properties notes had been paid off.  Seems they too are no where to be found.
My point is this: I looked into 3 homes where the property rights had been transfered to some type of Living Trust. And all three homes had previous mortgage information removed ( which I have) and all 3 did not have a reconveyance deed showing that the notes had been satisfied. This is a very clear sign of fraud and I am sure if I spent a day at the Santa Barbara Court House I could find 100 examples of this type of Real Estate fraud. Just ask Tim Delaney of Prudential Reality what his role was in stealing my home. I am not afraid of any one. 
Now I know this last issue is a complicated on but I guess what I am trying to share is that. All the illegal documents to take ones property are present when you review records at the Court house. All the original notes and deeds of trust from the previous owners are missing. Why is that!

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