Thursday, July 26, 2012

Please Help Monica Lea Roberts Gul at this Weekends Blood Drive

Monica Lea Roberts Gul

Many have you probably know me from my work in the Paseo Nuevo Santa Barbara where I did hair and makeup and worked there for nearly 5 years at the hair and makeup kiosk. I've worked with your mothers, wives, and your daughters. I loved every minute of it.

Last year I found out thatI have a genetic blood disorder called hemochromatosis. I lived my entire life with it and never knew until May of 2011. It started by causing esophageal verisces. It then attacked my liver rendering it non-functional. At this time I had the TIPS procedure done which is essentially a shunt in my liver. As my disease progressed it then caused pancreatic failure and because of this disease I will be a diabetic for the rest of my life. It is now causing an added problem with my heart.

I get regular blood transfusions, I go through many procedures to keep me alive, and I am traveling back and forth to UCLA for additional treatment. God only knows where it will end. I have been told to prepare that my end is near but I refuse to go without a fight.

I am getting involved with the blood bank because without blood I know I would not be here right now and there are many others that are in such great need of transfusions and blood every day. We really need to be sure that our blood bank is able to support the demand for blood.
The blood bank, Citibank bank services, La Cumbre Plaza, Office Max, Denny’s as well as many other local businesses will be sponsoring a blood drive and benefit fundraiser for me Saturday July 28th from 11 to 3 pm at the Santa Barbara La Cumbre Plaza parking area between Vons and the shopping plaza. Please join us, you can leave a charitable contribution to help offset travel and treatment expenses on site, at any Citibank location or online, but please join us most importantly to donate your much needed and very valuable blood. Be a hero and keep life going for so many of us. The ABA routing number is 322271724-checking account number 42002433292. All donations will go to medical and travel expenses. Thank you for the support.

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