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Pascual Gamboa we will miss you my friend!

You will always be remembered Pascual Gamboa (Santa Barbara)
Date: 2010-09-24, 4:00PM PDT
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There have been quite a few write ups these past 10 days all speaking in high regard about Pascual Gamboa and how we all felt about him. I was probably just ten or eleven when I first met Pasqual. Going every Saturday to his restaurant on Carrillo for my mom's standard order of his Chili Verde burritos.. I have lived here in Santa Barbara most of my life but I did leave for about ten years. An there is one visit in particular that every one seams to be remembering. You see Pascuals was were you went when you came back home. If it was Fiesta's and Bob Burton was in Florida you might here Bob was here last night. Maybe Jerry Palacios was in from the Navy and his brother Mike was with him. You might run into Pancho and Virginia and every one knew when her cousin Michael arrived with his million dollar smile and new Fiesta shirts. My friend Hank would be at the door and wonder woman would be working. Randy Equihua might be there talking about how I could never make the Kool aide when I lived with them. I might drag my brother and Tim Lopez in or say high to Barbara. So what drew us all to this establishment. It was the man Pasqual himself and how every one was treated. I might not walk in that door for six months or a year but when I did arrive it was always just special.

Oh about that one visit everyone seems to be talking about happen with me and Julie sitting in booth six. If you read the Independent story from yesterdays edition it almost get's the story right. The most amazing part about when Pascual went into the restaurant on the horse for fiesta was missed by almost everyone. You see as the story in the independent says Pascual was sitting tall in the saddle and all of a sudden the horse started bucking as they were turning him around. Steve Cordero's dad was a booth or two away, I had to dive to my right. Richard Avila's cousin was holding Julies arm so tight that when Julie stood up on the seat in the booth she pulled her right up with her. Tables were busted and it seamed to take a bit for the horse to be calmed. That's when I noticed that the person guiding Pascual and the horse had the reins in his hands. Pascual was puro Charro staying on that horse showing no fear until it was over with no reins! 68 year old Charro, it was awesome. Any how of course Pascual felt bad and kept coming over to us in our booth. If I recall it was 3 beers, 3 shots and he sang 3 songs to the ladies. On my way back to Galt that Sunday we stopped in Kettlemen city. In the gift shop at Harris Ranch was the leather horse, it sits in my living room to this day a reminder of that Fiesta. I love you Pasqual, you will never be forgotten rest in piece, I will always remember the fun (the ones 1 can remember)I had with you and your Crew. Thanks Lucky!

To Pascuals Family my thoughts and prayers, I am sure you have been hearing memory after memory from all his friends.

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