Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To my Santa Barbara Craigslist Critic

To Magic's Critic (I am here for the good fight)

Date: 2010-09-19, 5:50PM PDT

Well it seams I have struck a nerve with someone who wishes to correct me and challenge my intelligence here on the Santa Barbara Craigslsit. So lets clear that up first. I am here to state as fact “ I am dumber than a rock”, hands down no questions asked! Now I hope that clears that up for my most recent critic to climb out for under a rock. So lets do a quick review of just a few of my concerns and hope my critic can reply in a honest manor.
1- Are the police currently not under a contract which can last for up to 1 year with the City of Santa Barbara?
2- If I am not mistaken the Santa Barbara police have also hired some type of firm to review the city budget for mistakes, fraud or misrepresentation of Tax Payers funds?
3- Have I not been a team player regardless of the illegal and past criminal acts against me by a select few Santa Barbara police officers and already shown the P.O.A. how to find a discrepancy in how much funds have been allocated? The Bond market financial VS the City Budget!
4- One day I was sent to City Hall and Santa Barbara Police Chief Cam Sanchez had a big smile for me when I got there, is he smiling anymore?
5- Is it not true one of the main reasons for the actions above against City administrator J. Armstrong on the budget is because he is the Supervisor in charge of Cam Sanchez?
6- An is it not fact Mr. Armstrong in his duties as the BOSS of Santa Barbara Police Chief had to use CITY FUNDS to investigate Cam Sanchez for possible Civil Rights violations over 16 months ago by a firm out of Ventura? Funds that are no longer available in a budget that could be used by the Santa Barbara Police department?

Mr. Critic I have a question for you. Why did the Santa Barbara Independent decide to use a picture of Ricardo Juarez for the recent Issue cover while reviewing “ Gator Roll? It is almost comical that they decided to review the media hoax “ Gator Roll” in the first place. Mr. Juarez is the 14 year boy that was framed for murder by a select few in the offices of Santa Barbara's D,A., Police, Public defender, and even a Superior Court Judge by the name of Brian Hill. I have issues with the picture they used for several reasons.
1- He has never been charged with a R.I.C.O. Crime.
2- In the photo he is clearly handcuffed and wearing gloves. These gloves would be used in the trial as having blood evidence on them. So when he was handcuffed was that missed by the officer?
3- In order to make all Mexican youth look a like for the make shift line up that day, Mr. Juarez had to remove the shirt from the picture. Is that not misrepresenting the facts?
4- If the had used the picture that his tennis shoes appear in they are clean and white. I only bring this up because like the gloves they will later some how “Magically” have blood evidence on them as well.

To frame a 14 year old boy to prove your worth in order to obtain your share of budget allocations is a crime all unto itself. That effort was in part needed because of the crimes by our Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors in there illegal actions behind the SBCERS Pension fund. I have unclosed a 2 Billion dollar problem that I will not let go away. Instead of a 1 Billion dollar unfunded future liability I find the SBCERS Pension has been allocated enough funds in past County Budgets to actually have over a 1 Billion dollar surplus.

So Mr. Critic in closing this last thought was shared to me by a dedicated Law Enforcement Office and he said “ with out the extra benefit of the Pension why would I want to do this Job”? He went on to explain he leaves his home wife and kids every day so that he can be challenged and forced to fight with 20 year old? Who will do the Job when we lie to the very people entrusted with enforcing the Law? Maybe my critic is smarter than I ?

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