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We already know how Josh Lynn ran the D.A's office. Joyce Dudley it is time you separate yourself from the past and carve out your own "JUST' History!

Well like most of you I was all ready to sit back and enjoy the Super Bowl today. An what did I see when I turned my television on? An awe inspiring reading of the Declaration of Independence, performed by N.F.L. Legends and the People of these United States! It is with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye that I begin working on today’s posting. Sometimes I wonder just how people take my postings when I get all patriotic about being an American? An than go on to write about the privileges and responsibility’s that comes with it. Yet if you review President Obama's recent State of the Union address and today’s N.F.L. Presentation maybe just maybe having a sense of Patriotism has not grown out of style. An that is what this posting is all about. About challenging the current District Attorney to separate herself of an ugly time gone by here in Santa Barbara. Reminding Joyce Dudley of her campaign statement that “the Courts must be Just” and me wanting to believe in her. We must stress with the current Santa Barbara District Attorney that the past illegal and corrupt acts of her predecessors Sneddon, Stanley and Lynn are no longer acceptable by any of us!

Recently I have been revisiting how two past sex offenders Jeschke and Johnson seem to have been given preferential treatment through out there criminal court process here in Santa Barbara. What I have been withholding from you was that Josh Lynn was the acting District Attorney at the time. Mr. Lynn had been hand picked by Christina Stanley to cover for her while she was out on medical leave. I wrote at the time of Peter Jeschke's sentencing how disappointed I was that acting D.A. Josh Lynn did make his own statement of displeasure to Judge Ochoa's soft sentencing. I felt Mr. Lynn missed an opportunity to put politics down and start serving society first as it should be. By supporting Joyce Dudley in her seeking a harsher sentence from the courts.

Later on my blog I would share an anonymous tip that contributors to the Josh Lynn for D.A. Campaign seemed to be buying influence for some unknown reason, an that reason needed to be clarified! I went on to say I had been told both Erik Bjorklund and Kelsey O'Reilly were major drug dealers. Five months after my post both men and others have been arrested with almost Ten million dollars in drugs. Just in these last two weeks I have diligently looked further into what was transpiring in there court case's. Only to come up cold in my search for automated calendering information until my break through last Monday. An the Attorney for at least one of these defendants Josh Lynn. Did you know if you where to Google 'Erik Bjorklund in court' today you will end up at my blog before you woud come up with any kind of recent news about Mr. Bjorklund and the case against him.
  Now the winner for Santa Barbara District Attorney Joyce Dudley and her opponent in the race Josh Lynn ran a fierce and at times hostile race. At one point the open debates had to be canceled because it was too taxing on the employees of the District Attorneys office. Kiss my ass, I am sorry for being so rude but what the hell do I care that criminals judging criminals had there feelings hurt. We can all see how a Josh Lynn s District Attorneys office would have been run, with more corruption and illegal favors to a select few, regardless of there crimes.

During my first arrest my charges read “On or about January 24th 2006 in the County of Santa Barbara
the crime of CRIMINAL THREATS in violation of PENAL CODE SECTION 422 A FELONY, was committed by LAWRENCE ANDREW MENDOZA”.Sorry about all the capitalization but that is how my charges read.

You know I never could find the words that put “a Felony” into perspective so that my family might understand the harm it carry's until a few weeks ago. An it is because I have finally come to realize the devastation a felony can truly carry and I implore Joyce Dudley to change the ways of her office.

It was while reviewing a summons for jury duty and the reasons one may be excused from having to serve that I found the words that best describe the effects of being convicted of a felony. “ SINCE MY BEING CONVICTED OF A FELONY MY CIVIL RIGHTS HAVE NOT BEEN RETURNED TO ME”, there for I cannot serve on a jury. Wow when you put it like that I think everyone can begin to realize why all these false charges from our District Attorneys office must be stopped.

There is a ton wrong with my charge and I really want to make you feel and understand how all this is related. I know many in my family really do not understand my stance during this time and that is all my fault. An your are 100% right it was my fault back than.Because I never understood how crazy all this must have looked to them. Folks those days and excuses are no longer available for you to rely on. I feel far better about my recent attempts to help you understand my refusal to give up on any aspect of what I have been through.

Not many are aware that before I was arrested January 24th 06 my than wife was visiting me at my hotel room and do you know why she left? I had to ask her to leave because I could see she was emotional distraught and being there was hurting her. I had no idea why she was feeling that way but I could not stand that her being with me was hurting her so. So after she left I am served unannounced divorce papers and of course that is when and why I went to her house and supposedly caused my first arrest. The 911 call went out as a disturbing the peace to law enforcement when they responded to Julie. The 911 CD and transcripts exonerate me of everything and at no time did I threaten Julie nor did she ever tell the 911 operator she had been threatened. I knew even than that all I was experiencing was a simple and powerful divorce tactic and I challenge Julie even today to say it was other wise. Now that covers the first felony but we still have six more future felony allegations to cover(at a later date).

I would never hurt Julie and I like most of my family could not understand anything that was happening around me. I loved her so deeply that any time a thought or mention of her comes up even today after all the allegations. My first reaction is that of appreciation and a fondness for what we did share. Having said that please understand this, I am so ready to move on!

Now as for the illegal divorce well if that is all I am after no one should be afraid of my plans to have the old illegal divorce thrown out by a Judge and a new and just divorce to be completed this time. An as luck would have it that will be done in a fair and impartial court I promise you that!

I find that extremely fair on my part since her illegal actions have come at a huge cost to me. Not only was I not invited to my son's wedding but to never even being told about his plans? How could that even be possible is beyond my comprehension. I will be the first to admit that it is a lot to put on a child’s shoulder but I am sure Julie has convinced herself that it was of my own doing, BULLSHIT!. Next up is my youngest son Vincent’s painful and complex knee transplant that I will be excluded from. An as is Julie’s formula I am sure she will use my friends and family to hurt me, Sorry girl I love my son's far to much to have them pay for our stupidity.

I guess my real sin was that my sister Mia who is involved in local law enforcement does not take care of her family legally the way Josh Lynn does his friends and clients illegally.

As for the files I was searching for at the court house that I described in last weeks posting. Well they had something to do with a mortgage I helped my than ill father in law obtain. He felt he might die from his battle with cancer and I as a man and husband I could understand his desire to make sure is wife would have no troubles with his passing. An yet some how that good act on my part and the illegal acts of others pulling those mortgage records from the courthouse records are also the reason my son's wedding invitation never came. Julie all a new divorce will do is provide the correct actions of you towards me. It is sad to think it will take a Judge and new lawyer to make you follow the law. You should go purchase the 911 CD and have Mia or Josh Lynn coach you on what illegal act or contribution will be needed to keep your lies alive.

Joyce Dudley I must admit to being so embarrassed and ashamed right now. You see even though missing my son's wedding was hurtful I have not suffered like the mothers of Angel Linares or Ricardo Juarez both of whom it appears lost there son's 03/16/07. One from murder, an the other was framed by your office.

It is time to separate yourself D.A. Dudley and recognize America and Americans will not allow the corruption to continue. I have been followed, shot at, beaten and rushed to the hospital and twice illegally incarcerated and not you , Mia or anyone will investigate, why is that?

God Bless America!

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Anonymous said...

Why is our local media or police department or district attorneys office or probation/parole department NOT letting the community know about Josh Lynns friend Kelsey O'Reilly being on the run? Kelsey didnt appear in court, he skipped out on his bail, his house is empty and he is GONE! Isnt this news when a HUGE drug dealing friend of our previous DA is on the run??? Imagine if you were arrested and left town never to be seen again. Isn't that a BIG deal? Where is the outrage? Where are the wanted posters? Where are the news reports saying 'have you seen this man"?????