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What is considered real news in Santa Barbara? Compare my Data to the California State Controllers for the SBCERS pension fund. I have proven we must investigate all California public Pensions and we can do this with other County's well!

      So just how much news do I really watch to share what I do with all of you? Would you believe I only try to catch the first two minutes of KEYT news when I remember and I read the Santa Barbara Independent weekly. I may scan the Santa Barbara news press when I work but currently I am off work with an injury for 3 months now. That is how little an eye I keep on the County an City of Santa Barbara and the media. In fact most of what is reported or that I read actually solidify s to me that my thoughts are in fact a far more accurate view than what quote “THE MEDIA” is reporting. Case in point one of the leading news story's reported by KEYT T.V. News earlier tonight February 8th 2011.

Local Student Caught with Knife on Campus!

Jim Bunner

Story Created: Feb 8, 2011 at 3:33 PM PST
Story Updated: Feb 8, 2011 at 5:38 PM PST
Santa Barbara - KEY News has confirmed that a female student who attends Santa Barbara Junior High School has been suspended for bringing a knife on campus. School officials emphasize at no time was there a threat to any other students. According to Principal John Becchio, other students and parents brought the information to the attention of school officials. The knife turned out to be small "pocket knife". School officials, following protocol, contacted the police department as a precaution. The unidentified student now faces an immediate five day suspension and a recommendation for expulsion. That decision will be made by the Board of Education. No word on why the student brought the knife on campus.

Wow are you as impressed as I am a story about nothing to alarm who about what? The story I would like to see is how many teachers, staff and classified employees carry a pocket knife or other form of protection? An which percentage of those who have some sort of protection have reported that inventory to the proper administrator? Lets take that one step further are there even any guide lines by our schools or county as to what is and is not acceptable for any adult to carry while interacting with our children?. Present that news story to me and I will be impressed.

So how hard is it to present a true news story? Well please read what I have assembled below and you tell me. I bet not many of you have heard this story. Please keep in my mind that Ron Zonen was involved with the soft handling of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Johnson cases..

Michael Jackson 05 Prosecutor Zonen admitted it was just a “Shakedown”before a crowd of attorneys and law students who where attending a continuing education seminar fall of last year!

September 10th 2010
EXCLUSIVE: Today in the presence of Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Rodney Melville who presided over the Michael Jackson trial. An while both attended the LACBA(Los Angeles County Bar Association) "continuing Education" seminar for Lawyers and Law Students . Ron Zonen from the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office and prosecutor in the Michael Jackson case stood up and said; “ Basically the case against Michael Jackson in 2005 was a shake down by the Santa Barbara District attorneys office”. Now my friend William Wagener of Santa Maria and a fan of my blog www.santabarbaracriminalcourtcorruption.blogspot.com was the ONLY person to break the news. Watch his you tube video as he interviews an attendee of the LACBA seminar and she recounts what Ron Zonen had to say that day!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObwNTnNgiTQ
Part 2 - Prosecutor Ron Zonen admits 2005 was a "Shakedown"of Michael Jackson! Or You may see all the parts of the Ron Zonen statement as well as 100's of other interviews and story’s including myself @ http://www.youtube.com/user/williamwagener
On Second Thought TV a William Wagener Channel!

Have any of you seen that story? My point is this we all need to stop counting on the media to provide us with what is important. We are all far to smart to allow that to continue any longer. I know just a lucky break right well than check out this bit of news I reported on 5 months ago. I am going to insert two pictures dealing with the SBCERS pension fund and its value. Please print both of them so you can best examine my point. The first insert is a chart I created on my own using a value I found on Wall Street for the SBCERS pension way back in 1989. I took that value and only add contributions than multiplied that by the documented return on investments percentage earned per year by the fund, and guess what? If you print the second sheet taken from the State of California Controllers office my value and there value are nearly identical. 1.087,496,400 is my value. The Controllers office report 06/30/98 1,062,000,000 Wow how can that be ten years into my own personal calculations?. The reason I mention this is because at the end of my calculations in 2010 I show the SBCERS pension  would not only be 100% funded but have about a 1 Billion dollars in surplus!

It's not Magic but hard work and we need to get our tax payer dollars and our economy back. So we can invest that money on our children s future with teachers and relevant programs.

If you click on the picture below and you are visiting my blog at www.santabarbaracriminalcourtcorruption.blogspot.com they will open up to there own window.

Please print this chart.

Please print this Data!

The data below was taken from my blog@
  www.santabarbaracriminalcourtcorrption.blogspot.com  today
176 Pages , 18,021Impressions January 5th – February 5th 2011
Well I am not sure what those numbers mean but I feel good about them..

 In closing my Thoughts and Prayers go out to the Gray family for there recent lose of George Gray. I do apologize for me not being more thoughtful earlier this year.


Larry Mendoza

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