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Mr.Fred Butter's I disagree with your comments about the "Nun Scammer" case in part but Thank You for Sharing!

Mr. Butter's I disagree with your comments about the "Nun Scammer" case in part but Thank You for Sharing!
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 00:50:14 -0700

Fred Butters

you wrote.

“I reviewed the “Nun Scammer “court case and evidence. Based on my back ground with Real Estate and the fact the money had been returned.”
Great, you reviewed it and you have a background in Real Estate. So? When you used your knowledge from your Real Estate background while reviewing legal documents (no, I get it. That qualifies you to be an expert in our legal system) did you miss the part where she did NOT return the money given to her for an “investment” because she used it to pay her rent? Must have also skipped over the part where she charged an elderly couple $30,000 to “collect documents” that she claims to have in some infinite storage space in Goleta – one that’s so large she can’t find “several boxes” full of documents after years of searching, and for some reason can’t find that money you claim she returned.
“The juror was eventually reprimanded and discharged. This alone is grounds for a mistrial.”
That’s not grounds for a mistrial. This is one reason why our courts have alternate jurors.
By the way, that font is way too big.

My Response

Mr. Butters
I can show you exactly who had control of the 2500 dollars, would you like to see?
With your expertise would you like to view the the legal documents I have obtained actually show that the alleged victim in Denise's second case show he actually had control of the 2500 dollars in question.   He claimed control of the funds with his bankruptcy paper work, which I have a full copy's of. Further more in the second case the alleged victim had filed for bankruptcy and stated his intention was to give the property back months before the alleged crime occurred.. This of course happen after several cash out refinances and by than the house was upside down before he lost it. It is my understanding that when the defendant was asked on the stand where the hundreds of thousands of dollars that was pulled via refinances went he had no idea. Oh one more thing, at least 6 months before anyone can file for Bankruptcy they must attend credit counseling and try to work out there debt. So why the need for Denise's service?

Let us not forget the victims wife claimed she and her husband had not been cheated by D'Sant Angelo but Judge Anderson testified on the stand and basically calls the victims wife a liar, it is part of the news press coverage. I never challenged the second trial I simply shared a friend of Denise's letter to a reporter. The second case was a civil matter at best! My observations pale in comparison to the allegations made by Mr. Lance against the Santa Barbara police and the D.U.I. officer in question.  Except for I do agree with you about the font being to big, thank you for that observation.

  In closing any time you want to compare my local criminal rap sheet vs. that which was reported to the United States Department of Justice, I will gladly sit down with you. Before my divorce I had never been arrested. After my alleged brief criminal career I was told I would serve two life sentences.

"A criminal prosecutor is not only an advocate but, as a representative of the sovereign, has a duty to seek justice, which includes the responsibility of seeing that the defendant is accorded procedural justice." (Berger v. United States (1935) 295 U.S. 78, 88 [79 L.Ed. 1314, 1321, 55 S. Ct. 629]; County of Santa Clara v. Superior Court (2010) 50 Cal.4th35, 48.)

Six months before this happen
"Two main contributors,Eric Bjorkland and Kelsey O'Reilly to than hopeful candidate Josh Lynn for Santa Barbara Barbara District Attorney have been arrested. They two along with several others have been accused of being as Major Drug Traffickers!"
I was anonymously tipped that the above were indeed drug dealers and reported it on my blog, Law Enforcement gave me the tip

I eagerly await your review of my "alleged" criminal career. What no comments on Peter Lance's findings against Santa Barbara Police,you make this feel almost personnel?

Larry "Magic Mendoza

P.S. review my work on the retroactive valuing of the SBCERS pension fund, many people are amazed at my findings and find them to be accurate as well. One of them being a State Agency!

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