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The Murders of Barbara Sharton and Daniel Lyons. New information shows Huge Discrepancy's between the testimonys given in the trial and the reports about the case found @ Vital Evidence seems to have been kept from the Jury and Public WHY?

Many of the public comments I have read about the three trials in this case all ask why the local law enforcements investigation was completed so poorly. The case presented by our Santa Barbara District Attorney's office left many dumbfounded as to how they were finally able to obtain a conviction with their third attempt.In my continuing attempt to understand the Corey Lyons double murder trial I came upon some startling new information on the Internet. Right now the only question I want to ask is why was this person Bryan R. Burnett retained to examine the evidence in this case, specifically the gunshot residue evidence.Then later the defense requested a scene reconstruction and Burnett was never called to the witness stand? He states on his web page @ that upon receiving the reports and images of the two homicides, it became apparent this double homicide was "the most complex of my career". Once again it appears that our Criminal Courts competence, both the prosecution and now the defense, has been called into question by me Larry Mendoza
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Here is the very interesting web site and reports I recently discovered concerning the Corey Lyons case.

Corey Lyons Case reports and discrepancies can be found @
The Murders of Barbara Sharton and Daniel Lyons (from Bryan Burnett's

On May 2, 2009 at approximately 1:30 in the morning, Barbara Scharton and Daniel Lyons, were murdered by multiple gunshots in their home on Aurora Street, Santa Barbara, California. Daniel Lyons' brother, Corey, was arrested the morning following the homicides and charge with their murders. The Probable Cause Narrative PROBABLE_CAUSE.pdf ( ) composed by one of the Santa Barbara detectives describes the case against Corey Lyons.

"I was retained to examine the evidence in this case, specifically the gunshot residue evidence and later asked to do a scene reconstruction. Upon receiving the reports and images of the two homicides, it became apparent this double homicide was the most complex of my career."

"The prosecution criminalists were extraordinary inept in not only the processing of the scene but also interpretation. The prosecution's key premise was that the two homicides were performed by one person, Corey Lyons. The evidence shows, however, there were two assailants that night, who were in no hurry to leave the scene after the murders. There is evidence of theft of at least one item and post-mortem manipulation of Daniel Lyon's body".

"There were three trials of Corey Lyons, the first ended in mistrial during the that trial, the second ended with a hung jury (seven jurors in favor of acquittal) and the final trial convicted after three hours deliberation. The defense attorney, Robert Sanger, presented a peculiar strategy in defense of Corey Lyons by only attacking the credibility of the prosecution criminalists, but not apparently presenting any expert opinion. In a telephone conversation with Mr. Sanger during the third trial, I offered to testify in the defense case essentially pro bono. In my opinion, Mr. Sanger elected to repeat the flawed strategy of the second trial with disastrous results for Corey Lyons."



2. Reconstruction of the homicide of Daniel Lyons (three parts):
 Gunshot residue analyses of Corey Lyons hands and possessions:
Lyons GS Rreport.pdf @

Below is my earlier posting dealing with just one tiny aspect of this case.
GSR on Lyons hands from an automatic Gun (murder weapon were 2 REVOLVERS OPPS!)
Date: 2012-01-10, 10:51PM PST
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Santa Barbara District Attorney Joyce Dudley and her office of falsicutors has fallen from new heights. It seems they have gone from "Ruse Affidavits" to "Ruse" Convictions like the recent Corey Lyons murder conviction. A ruse is an action or plan which is intended to deceive someone and the Jury in the recent Corey Lyons murder trial was their latest target. In prosecutor Zonen's closing arguments he clearly stated that" Scharton was shot with a shotgun and .22 caliber(REVOLVER) gun, Daniel with a shotgun and .38 caliber(REVOLVER) gun."

In the Gun Shot Residue report below (GSR) the author reports that "The presence of copper in most of the hand three-component GSR particles Indicates it was generated by the firing of jacketed bullet(s). Jacketed bullets were not used in these homicides.' So I went on line to translate what the author was telling us here. Within ten minutes after reading that passage here is what I found

Bullets The bullet in an automatic pistol cartridge contains a lead core that is covered with a full metal jacket of copper alloyed with 5 to 10% zinc. Revolver bullets are generally composed of lead, or lead plated with a thin layer of copper, or the lead is alloyed with antimony or tin, or with both. In some bullets, such as hollow-point and soft-point bullets, a copper jacket covers the base and cylindrical portion, leaving a soft metal at the tip. Here is what I came up with;BASED ON THE GSR REPORT USED FOR THE COREY LYONS MURDER TRIAL THE FINDINGS ON THE DEFENDANTS HANDS ARE 'CONSISTENT WITH THAT OF A PERSON HAVING FIRED AN AUTOMATIC WEAPON AND NOT A REVOLVER. THE MURDER WEAPONS WERE A SHOTGUN, A 38 REVOLVER AND A 22 REVOLVER. How is it possible the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office missed that fact.

Due to my poor health I have been unable to create a better posting but one will be complete over this upcoming weekend. Read the GSR report for yourself @

Location: murder weapon were 2 REVOLVERS OPPS!

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