Saturday, September 1, 2012

“Investigation Process and Environment”“ What is the Goal of the Criminal Investigator?" IT SHOULD BE TO DISCOVER THE TRUTH!”

This past week I was sought out by somebody new to help them review what happen in their friend’s trial and conviction. So I instructed them to Googled”Efren Cruz Sues Santa Barbara” and see if there were any similarities between their friends case and the Cruz case.
Any how the site at the bottom of this page came up in the middle of the first page of results and I thought it had value. I tried to down load the document but was unsuccessful, the document is titled;
 “Investigation Process and Environment”
Now I have taken a few selected quotes from the start of the document in an effort to peak your curiosity. What makes this document relevant to us here in Santa Barbara is that it uses the wrongful arrest and conviction of Efren Cruz by our criminal justice system as an example.  I just think it can have some value for all of us that are working to make sure our courts and convictions are just, I know mine was not.

It starts off asking
“What is the purpose of the Criminal Investigation?
What is the Goal of the Criminal Investigator?

“Not meet a legal standard such as “beyond a reasonable doubt”.
Not to please superiors!
Not to get the public off the agency’s back”

“Course Objectives
To be come informed about the method and practices used by the police
To conduct criminal investigations.”


Investigation process
File Format: Microsoft Powerpoint - Quick View
efren cruz.wmv 3:11 ... Driving into the parking structure you find Efren Cruz dazed and wandering around .... Santa Barbara News-Press, 11/2/04 ... Jewell sued several news organizations for defamation and received substantial settlements.

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